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Business Intelligence for Contact Centers

VitalSigns® Turns Business Data into Real Decision-Making Intelligence.

With NobelBiz, high-volume contact centers can leverage the power of enterprise-class big-data business intelligence. With our proprietary platform, leadership and management can make the most informed business decisions, impacting customer service, contact rates, operation costs, revenue, and staffing. Add and aggregate external transaction data to create a single source of truth for the enterprise.

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“We don’t guess. We make decisions with data.”

Our leadership can get what they need to know, and managers get what they need to manage. – CEO, Customer Support Services

Informed Decisions in Real-Time

Use any data from any source.

Your contact center staff (managers, supervisors and agents) and business professionals (C-level, sales, marketing, product development, etc.) will be regularly armed with critical intelligence they can act on, from visual reports customized to their precise needs.

Go deeper into the “how” and “why” of what’s happening in your business than any other contact center solutions can.

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Technical Features of Business Intelligence

Data and Analytics Repository

Aggregate Contact and Enterprise Data2018-08-28T05:18:17-06:00

Aggregate and normalize any type of data from any source possible for the contact center. Combine your ACD, call recording, CRM, HR, ERP and other financial information to see the true picture of your operational performance.

Aggregate External Enterprise Transaction Data2018-08-28T05:16:54-06:00

As an upgrade option, any additional data can be added to the repository quickly and easily without the need of extensive programming. Once added this additional data is immediately available to understand the full picture of your performance.

Designed for High Volume Contact Centers2018-08-28T05:16:06-06:00

Aggregates and captures all Time Series CDR records from NobelBiz solution by default using a combination of SQL and Nosql technologies.

Contact Center Operational Statistics

Extend Standard Metrics2018-08-28T05:21:26-06:00

Each program or line of business has unique KPI required to measure performance. Now you have the power to customize our KPI to meet the needs of a particular program or project.

Includes Standard Metrics2018-08-28T05:19:14-06:00

A robust set of call center operational metrics are available. Designed by call center professionals with over a century of combined experience managing call centers. You have everything you need out of the box on day one.

Configurable Organizational Hierarchies

Represent Multiple Businesses Units2018-08-28T05:26:28-06:00

Organization can represent multiple businesses, departments, call center sites, or lines of business. Each organization has a unique way they they organize their operations. VitalSigns has the flexibility to model your organization as you need it.

Organize Report for Contact Center Organization2018-08-28T05:24:27-06:00

Organize how you want to report based on your contact center organization. Each organization has a unique way they they organize their operations. VitalSigns has the flexibility to model your organization as you need it.


Set Thresholds and Ranges Metrics2018-08-28T05:39:19-06:00

Set thresholds for your key metrics and then color code so you can easily identify outliers. Now you can manage by exception based on the configured thresholds.

Web-Based Reports2018-08-28T05:38:17-06:00

Web based solution which allows any business user to create reports without programming. Any business user can create reports on the fly without IT resources.


Create Graphs and Visualizations2018-08-28T05:40:21-06:00

Start with your report, select a graph type, and see the results. Try different graph types to achieve the best way to display your analysis and communicate your results.


Publish Dashboards Collaboration2018-08-28T05:43:29-06:00

Distribute relevant dashboards to your teams based on their organization role. Provide C-Suite executives and managers with instant analytics and reports including outlier reports, financial results, agent and program utilization analysis.

Access Trend, Line Area, Bar, and Stack Charts2018-08-28T05:42:31-06:00

Select from a library of graphic types including trend, line area, bar, and stack charts. Not all graph types will work based on your selected data sets. VitalsSigns understands what graphics works for the type of data selected. Now any user can be guided to create the graphics the need for the type fo data that need to be analyzed.

Data Governance

Create User Accounts Based on Roles2018-08-28T05:46:33-06:00

Each user automatically inherits what they can and cannot do based on the role assigned.

Create Functional User Roles2018-08-28T05:45:52-06:00

Create functional user roles to limit report creation or read only access. Configure a user for read only, create, update, and publish your reports and dashboards.

Create User Group Roles2018-08-28T05:44:54-06:00

Create user group roles and define what data, reports, visualization and access for each users. Not all user need access to all information. By creating role groups, dashboards, reports, and visualizations are distributed that are relevant to their area of responsibility.

Multi-Device Web-Based Interface

Secure Login2018-08-28T05:48:28-06:00

Secure login limits users to only the information you. Use your phone, tablet, or desktop. All you need is a browser.

Access from Any Device2018-08-28T05:47:34-06:00

Any user can access VitalSigns from any device anywhere. View secure online analytics and reports from any web enabled device. Get your performance insights no matter where you are or what device is available. Use your phone, tablet, or desktop. 

“NobelBiz helps us be a better contact center.”

Lower costs, higher contact rates, and all of the technology we need to make it happen every month. – SVP, National Contact Center Operations

NobelBiz is Better Business

NobelBiz offers a unique mix of inbound and outbound technologies that work together seamlessly to create better business for contact centers.

With NobelBiz, agents can make more calls, increasing the number of productive contacts-per-hour by each agent. With intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact key KPI’s. The resulting increase in contacts and reduction of costs helps leaders meet their goals.

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NobelBiz helps contact centers optimize their business for greater contact rates and higher profitability. We provide world-class voice services and a cloud contact center to impact  productivity and compliance solutions with business intelligence to help make informed decisions.

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