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NobelBiz OMNI+ is a complete CCaaS solution equipped with a complex toolbox of features, functions, and integrations carefully designed to manage the operations of every type of contact center. You are looking at a customizable powerhouse of productivity and probably the only piece of software you will ever need to run virtually any omnichannel contact center activity.

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Simplified and Optimized Omnichannel Contact Center Technology

At NobelBiz, we wanted to capitalize on our 20 + years of experience and bring to the market a unique cloud contact center solution that simplifies agent workflows and provides a seamless customer experience across all channels anywhere in the world.

NobelBiz OMNI+ is an advanced, full-featured solution designed to adapt to our customers’ complex requirements and ever-changing industry trends.

Discover an impressive stack of options and features that can be easily integrated, customized, and optimized to adapt to any omnichannel contact center use case.

An omnichannel contact center software solution provides many benefits, including:

Increased Efficiency:

reduces costs and lowers the time and effort needed to provide services.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
creates a seamless experience across multiple channels delivering a cross-channel unified experience.
Improved Insights:
provides access to valuable insights into customer behavior, anticipating the customer needs.
Improved Scalability
grants the possibility to quickly scale up or down depending on the contact center’s needs.
Automated Processes:
saves time and resources while providing customers with faster service.

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

In simple terms, omnichannel contact center software is a web-based platform that can act as a virtual hub. It integrates multiple communication channels within one centralized web-based dashboard, exponentially boosting the efficiency of contact center businesses and departments.
Having been first coined by the marketing industry, omnichannel was quickly imported and adapted to other industries as a highly successful concept. With the advent of the social media revolution, it soon became a vital component of contact centers worldwide.

One of the critical features of omnichannel is that you can manage multiple channels from a single dashboard. And this can be applied both in outbound and inbound campaigns. Overall, omnichannel communication transcends the limitations imposed by the media we use. Besides managing various channels, the omnichannel platform keeps track of customer intelligence and status updates.

A true omnichannel platform such as NobelBiz OMNI+ is able to create the so-called “immersive experience” (for agents and clients alike).

All Communication Channels, One Interface

Join the Omnichannel Revolution

NobelBiz OMNI+ can manage multiple interactions at the same time, combining voice calls, SMS, and email with social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Telegram. Everything is managed from a single dashboard that hosts all the necessary tools for running even the most complex outbound, inbound, and blend campaigns for any industry: eCommerce, customer service, technical support, and collections to healthcare or finance.
Omnichannel platforms are a must-have approach for contact centers preparing for the future of digital communications via a single, universal platform that fits diverse call center requirements, such as skill-based routing or customer care. In addition to increasing productivity, agents can also deliver a more personalized service.
Omnichannel contact centers are becoming an industry standard as more and more companies see the benefits of having a fully integrated solution for their communication department or business.

Omnichannel Contact Center Quality Management

Improving processes and operations is close to impossible without reliable omnichannel quality management capabilities. NobelBiz OMNI+ omnichannel contact center software makes it easy for call center managers and owners to define and monitor quality standards.

Besides the accessible, hands-on agent and interaction scoring system, we introduce speech analytics and sentiment analysis to the equation for a more effective and streamlined quality management experience.

The link between the quality of agent-client interactions and the overall company success is undeniable. Better interactions will always lead to growth in client satisfaction. The OMNI+ Contact Center Quality Management tool will allow you to monitor and review calls, submit evaluations, define your quality standards, and uphold them.

Here are just a few benefits of a well-oiled quality management system:

✅ Improved service quality across multiple channels
✅ Optimized agent experience
✅ Increased customer experience, retention, and overall satisfaction
✅ Reduced management costs

Trusted by hundreds of contact centers in the US and all over the world.


Omnichannel Contact Center Software Vs. Multichannel

Integration is the main differentiator between omnichannel and multichannel for the contact center industry. Multichannel means doing all the communication channels separately, while omnichannel means managing them together within a single comprehensive operation with a conscientious approach.

Generally speaking, you want to give your agents a piece of software that manages everything in one place, so they don’t have to switch from one app or communication channel to the next. Even though you might use different apps, you need to ensure they are fully integrated and in sync.

General advantages of running omnichannel vs. multichannel:

  • You can create an integrated approach to the way you do things
  • You can map customer journeys
  • You can juggle with your tactics so that everything you do goes out at the right time, on the right channel
  • You can control everything at all times

Inbound Omnichannel Advantages:
  • Qualify and prioritize client demands according to choices made in the IVR
  • Automate specific
  • Direct your clients to the most appropriate agent to deal with their demands
  • Collect all data in a single platform
  • Share information regardless of the type of Enrich the call frame with custom call scripts
Outbound Omnichannel Advantages:
  • Set up the dialing system that suits you best (Preview, Progressive or Predictive)
  • Exceptional and rich customer knowledge through CRM integration
  • Automate all your campaigns (phoning, emails, or SMS).
  • Click-to-dial
  • Setting up reminder rules and post-call workflows

Discover the Built-In Work-from-Home Capabilities

Our omnichannel contact center software is designed to be fully operational in both an on-premise environment and a work-from-home setup. In addition, NobelBiz OMNI+ grants you the ability to immediately move entire teams of agents to a remote setting and back to the office with no workflow interruption.

Take full control with the Supervisor Dashboard

Set up, monitor, and manage campaigns, assess agent performance and get access to a complete picture of the customer status, all from a single internet browser-based multifunctional dashboard.

  • Easy campaign setup
  • Modular frame
  • Customizable windows
  • Advanced supervisor-to-agent communication tools
  • Real-time KPI monitoring tools, alerts, and more…

Intuitive and fully customizable Agent Dashboard

NobelBiz OMNI+ is an agent-friendly solution, seamlessly combining the simplicity of managing calls and interactions with a crisp and precise client data feed. Agents will love the intuitive nature of the Agent Dashboard and its highly ergonomic interface. You only need a computer, a web browser, and an internet connection to get immediate access to the remote Agent Dashboard.

Complete Monitoring, One Dashboard

You can only improve what you measure

Leverage the power of data with the OMNI+ highly customizable Reports Engine. Get reliable data from various analytics and reporting tools that provide historical and real-time information. NobelBiz OMNI+ helps create comprehensive performance reports and generate actionable data sets to improve your KPIs from one campaign to another constantly.


See what customers think about us

There’s no better feeling than seeing our contact center partners express their gratitude for working with us. See what other people had to say about their experience with NobelBiz. All the reviews are authentic and submitted by our esteemed clients.
When it came to the professionalism, the communication and the reliability, NobelBiz was, hands down, the most helpful, informative and supportive group we came across. And it continued to be that way even we have begun our onboarding process…
Eric Sims
CEO & Founder
Leading Edge Connections
The technology aspect of NobelBiz stood out compared to the competition, and also the great team! All the way from onboarding to support to troubleshooting has been great throughout this journey!
Brayan Carpio
Senior Call Center Manager,
Call4You Marketing
The simplicity of the user interface. Agent and Manager portals. It's very easy for the agents to recognize the incoming, queued, abandoned calls. Helps the team maintain SLA.
Johans S.
Telecommunications Specialist
What we offer

The NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center Experience

NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center technology is based on the most advanced contact-center-grade voice network and is protected by a secure architecture. Any internet-enabled device can access a web-based portal that includes Operations Management, Quality Call Recordings, and Agent Experience.

Agent Experience:

Agent applications and scripting offer a better overall experience because of the easy-to-use interface.

Management of Operations:

User profiles, groups, monitoring, and break codes are all controlled via a web-based manager.

Infrastructure that works:

We use secure passwords, IP addresses, and FTP access to protect customer records.

High-quality call recording:

Configure inbound and outbound call recordings and search and retrieve them.

Inbound Phone Calls:

Add menus, prompts, tags, and routing to IVR scripts; Scripts can be linked and scheduled.

Outbound Calls:

TCPA press-to-dial, call detection, and campaign management; predictive, progressive, and preview dialers

Our Infrastructure

At NobelBiz, our efforts in the contact center industry for the last 20 years have focused on improving the all-around infrastructure metrics for our omnichannel contact center clients. We combine proprietary voice carrier and software solutions unified by Computer Telephony Integration Technology (CTI).

Infrastructure diagram

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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