Progressive Dialer

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Progressive Dialer revolutionizes outbound voice interactions by dynamically adapting its dial ratio in response to incoming data. This innovative approach optimizes resource utilization, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Whether managing a high-volume call center or engaging in targeted outreach, the Progressive Dialer seamlessly integrates data-driven insights to enhance the overall outbound communication strategy. Experience a new level of control and performance as the dialer intelligently adjusts to the demands of your campaign, maximizing results.

Improve outbound performance with the intelligent, data-driven Progressive Dialer.

Elevate outbound performance with the cutting-edge, data-driven Progressive Dialer. Unlike the Predictive model, this dynamic system doesn’t use a fixed ratio. Employing a proprietary algorithm, the Progressive Dialer intuitively adapts its dialing rate to precisely match the contact center’s requirements in real-time.

This ensures a tailored and responsive approach, optimizing efficiency and enhancing connectivity. Experience a new era of outbound communication where adaptability meets intelligence, empowering your contact center with unparalleled flexibility and performance.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

A progressive dialer is a telemarketing tool that automates outbound calling by sequentially dialing phone numbers and connecting agents to live contacts. Unlike predictive dialers, progressive dialers only initiate calls when an agent is available, ensuring a more personalized interaction. This technology enhances efficiency, minimizes idle time, and optimizes call center productivity by streamlining the outbound calling process and maximizing agent-client engagement.

  1. Agent Availability: The progressive dialer waits for an agent to become available.
  2. Sequential Dialing: It dials phone numbers one at a time, connecting agents to live contacts.
  3. Real-Time Synchronization: Ensures a personalized interaction by initiating calls only when agents are ready.
  4. Efficiency Optimization: Minimizes idle time, streamlining the outbound calling process.
  5. Productivity Enhancement: Maximizes agent-client engagement, contributing to a more efficient call center operation.
The flexibility, scalability, and the entire customer care experience provided by NobelBiz were the selling point for us. But it wasn’t just the tech. It was everything that came along with the tech.
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Progressive Dialer Factors in the Data in Real-Time

The Progressive Dialer employs an advanced algorithm that initiates dialing by considering the available number of agents as its initial parameter. As the dialing process unfolds, it dynamically adjusts the number of active lines based on real-time data. This adaptive strategy, informed by metrics such as answer rate, contact rate, abandon rate, and agent availability, ensures a responsive and optimized approach to outbound calling, enhancing efficiency and connection rates.

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Answer Rate

The Answer Rate is a crucial metric that measures the percentage of calls answered by the recipients. The Progressive Dialer constantly monitors this rate during its operation. If it observes a higher answer rate, it may increase the number of concurrent calls to capitalize on the likelihood of successful connections. On the other hand, if the answer rate is lower, the dialer may reduce the number of lines it is simultaneously dialing to prevent unnecessary idle time for agents.

Contact Rate

Contact Rate is another pivotal factor that the Progressive Dialer takes into account. It gauges the percentage of calls that result in successful contact with the intended recipient. The dialer intelligently adjusts its dialing pace based on fluctuations in the contact rate. A higher contact rate may prompt the system to accelerate the dialing process to maximize engagement, while a lower contact rate could lead to a more conservative approach with a slower dialing pace.

Abandon Rate

Abandon Rate refers to the percentage of calls that are abandoned or disconnected before reaching an agent or voicemail. The Progressive Dialer actively monitors this metric to fine-tune its strategy. A spike in abandon rates might trigger the dialer to optimize its dialing parameters, ensuring that the pace aligns with the capacity of available agents. This dynamic adjustment helps minimize abandoned calls and enhances overall campaign effectiveness.

Number of Available Agents

The Progressive Dialer is acutely aware of the workforce it has at its disposal. The number of available agents directly influences the dialer’s decision on how many lines to activate simultaneously. If there are more agents ready to handle calls, the dialer may increase the call volume to keep agents occupied efficiently. Conversely, if the agent pool is limited, the dialer may adjust its strategy to avoid overwhelming the available workforce, maintaining a balanced approach to optimize productivity.

The Use Cases of the NobelBiz OMNI+ Progressive Dialer

A Progressive Dialer, with its dynamic and adaptive features, finds application across various industries and scenarios, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The Progressive Dialer’s adaptability and real-time adjustments make it a versatile tool across industries where outbound calling is a crucial component of operations, providing a strategic advantage in managing communication and improving overall outcomes.
Sales Outreach

In sales, time is of the essence. A Progressive Dialer optimizes outbound calling by automatically dialing numbers and adjusting the dialing pace based on real-time metrics. This ensures sales representatives connect with more leads, maximize talk time, and increase the chances of closing deals.

Telemarketing Campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns benefit from the Progressive Dialer's ability to adapt to different call rates. It can accelerate dialing during peak hours, maximizing the chances of reaching potential customers. Additionally, it adjusts strategies based on response metrics to optimize campaign outcomes.

Fundraising and Nonprofit Outreach

Nonprofits often rely on phone campaigns for fundraising. The Progressive Dialer helps in managing these campaigns by adjusting dialing rates based on donor response rates. This ensures that fundraising efforts are targeted and effective, leading to higher engagement and contributions.

Lead Generation

For businesses focused on lead generation, the Progressive Dialer maximizes the efficiency of outbound calling. It adapts to the dynamics of lead databases, adjusting dialing strategies to increase the likelihood of connecting with potential customers.

Surveys and Market Research

Conducting surveys or market research via phone requires reaching a diverse set of respondents. The Progressive Dialer ensures a balanced approach by dynamically adjusting dialing rates based on response rates, making data collection more efficient and accurate.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns often involve reaching out to a large number of voters. A Progressive Dialer helps in optimizing campaign efforts by adjusting dialing strategies based on response metrics, ensuring that campaign messages reach the intended audience effectively.

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