Automatic Preview Dialer

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Automatic Preview Dialer pulls client records and information and displays them to the agent to be reviewed while the system automatically dials and calls the prospect. 

The Automatic Preview Dialer harmonizes how an agent interacts with the dialing system.

Having quick information about the person you are about to interact with will not only save time but will also increase the chance to convert. The Automatic Preview Dialer will display client information to the agent while the system dials that contact’s number.

The middle ground between Preview Dialing and Predictive Dialing

Not all outbound campaigns are the same. This is why it is crucial to have the option to fine-tune your dialer according to your specific needs.

If Preview Dialing gives the agent the option to call or skip a proposed entry from the list, the Automatic Preview Dialer will display the client information and simultaneously dial that person’s number automatically.

Unlike Predictive Dialing, where the system dials more numbers at once and transfers the one that connects, Automatic Preview Dialing dials on a 1-to-1 ratio while displaying client data to the agent within the Agent Dashboard.

NobelBiz has the technology not only for today but for the next couple of years…
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communications

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Outbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Progressive Dialing
The Progressive Dialer’s algorithm looks at how many agents you have and starts dialing based on this first piece of information.
Lead Management
The Realtime Lead Management tool is the foundation for cost-effective outbound campaigns and an advanced lead filtering mechanism.
Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
Build time-efficient outbound campaigns by filtering out answering machines with the built-in AMD tool from NobelBiz OMNI+.

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