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Latest Episode | April 25, 2024

#43: Speed of Business, The ROI of Empathy and Innovation in CX, with Jay Baer

Celebrating Our TMCnet Tech Podcast Award Win

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that “First Contact” has been honored with the prestigious TMCnet Tech Podcast Award! This recognition is a testament to our commitment to shedding light on the captivating world of call centers, a sector often hidden in plain sight.

We’re immensely proud of this achievement and invite you to explore these compelling narratives that have captured the attention of the tech podcast community. Join us in celebrating this milestone and delve into the episodes that are making waves in the podcasting world.

About the Podcast

First Contact Podcast it’s about a journey: in business, relationships and everyday life.

Because no one wakes up one morning and says: ‘I want to work in a call center!’, we wanted to share the compelling stories of tech leaders and entrepreneurs and how they found their way into the call center industry.

The multifarious topics, varying from technology to leadership, from recruitment to customer and agent experience are building our mission of bringing real conversations with the brightest thought leaders, and business owners.

Host Christian Montes poses questions about their life, their path, their struggles and successes, and most importantly – his conversational style is designed to help his guests open up and share their inspiring experiences and inspire thousands of loyal listeners.

Season #5

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Season 5 | Episode 3

Speed of Business, The ROI of Empathy and Innovation in CX, with Jay Baer

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Jay Baer, a pioneer in customer experience and digital marketing, now turned tequila influencer. This episode explores pivotal themes that are shaping the future of customer service and business strategy.

Jay offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice on accelerating business responsiveness, leveraging empathy for deeper customer connections, and the strategic integration of AI to enhance the customer journey.



Season 5 | Episode 2

Feeling the Future: Emotion AI & Conversation in Call Centers, with Josh Feast

Welcome to our latest episode where we’re joined by Josh Feast, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Cogito, who is reshaping the landscape of human interaction through technology.

In this engaging conversation, we delve into how artificial intelligence and real-time guidance systems are enhancing the emotional intelligence of customer service agents, the critical role of leadership in the tech-driven world, and Josh’s personal journey through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of technology, human connection, and the power of innovative leadership.

Mona III

Season 5 | Episode 1

Transforming Contact Centers through Servant Leadership and Innovation, with Frank Mona III

In this episode, Frank takes us on a journey through the intricate world of contact centers, from the traditional voice-based models to the modern, omni-channel approach that caters to a diverse array of customer preferences.

He reflects on the cultural nuances and strategic considerations of operating onshore, nearshore, and offshore centers, providing a global perspective on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Some of the featured guests we had on the show
Shep Hyken
Juanita Coley
Harry Strausser III
Steve Bederman
Jason Cutter
Colin Shaw
Brad Cleveland
Michael Tamer
Gary Pudles
Bob Furniss
Michael Ferree
Jon Arnold

About our Podcast Host

With over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes, Christian has worked with some of the largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers in the world.

Host of the First Contact – Stories of the Call Center Podcast, where he interviews leaders from the contact center industry searching for new insights, tips, and stories. Also, host of the NobelBiz | Webinar Series, which brings top leaders in the industry together to discuss important topics and share best practices.

‘It’s really not about being only a call center. This business is driving outcomes for other companies and how they interact with people.’

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