Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Outbound & Conversational SMS

Outbound & Conversational SMS (or 2-Way SMS) is a feature that allows contact centers to engage in SMS interactions without the limitations of the old 1-Way systems.

Integrate SMS within the Omnichannel ecosystem.

The Conversational SMS function of NobelBiz OMNI+ transforms the simple SMS into a proper chat-like communication channel. We integrate SMS into the omnichannel experience for improved agent-usability and a superior customer experience.

2-Way Vs. 1-Way SMS

An agent would get a request from a client to send an SMS. If the client decides to reply to the same SMS, the message gets back to the same agent. Unlike the traditional 1-Way SMS option featured by most existing solutions, with the 2-Way SMS feature, the client and the agent can easily have a conversation-like back-and-forth interaction via SMS.

I would absolutely recommend NobelBiz OMNI+ because of how easy it is to install, how quickly it is to learn, and how good the reporting is straight out of the box.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Outbound SMS

Outbound SMS is great for sending informational SMS messages to customers one by one. For example, if a customer requests a payment link to be sent, it can be done while on the phone (using the Outbound SMS feature integrated within the agent script).

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Omnichannel Customer Engagement features

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Email Management Software
Get access to complete email management within the agent dashboard with smart integration and intelligent email routing.
Web Callback
The Web Callback allows the clients to submit their telephone numbers on your website so they can be called back later.

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