Hassle-free TCPA Compliance Dialing Solutions

NobelBiz Omni+ Call Guard Ecosystem

The NobelBiz Omni+ Call Guard Ecosystem offers comprehensive dialing capabilities that help increase outbound call volumes in both consent and non-consent scenarios while mitigating TCPA compliance risk.

By offering various dialing methods, the Call Guard Ecosystem can be successfully deployed in multiple scenarios becoming increasingly popular (and even necessary) in Collections, Telemarketing, Lead generation, and so on.

Choose between different levels of risk tolerance and productivity

Separate Interfaces & Compliance Dialing Systems


DTMF Keypad Manual Dialing: The Agent is presented with a number that they need to manually input via a number pad and hit call, then handle the interaction.

Preview Click to Dial: The Agent is presented with a number, but instead of dialing it manually, they only need to hit call and handle the interaction.


Human Initiated Dialing: As an enhanced add-on to the Call Guard Interface, the Dragon Call Initiator features two separate Instances operated by three different team members: A Clicker Agent, a Supervisor, and an Outbound Agent, working in tandem to enhance productivity while remaining compliant in a non-consent environment.


Automated: Designed for consent lists, The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialing algorithm will automatically place outbound calls and transfer them to the agents when answered, enhancing agent experience, talk time and increasing productivity.

Dragon Call Initiator & the Call Guard System Working Together

Call Guard & Dragon Call Initiator TCPA Highlights

Manual systems have been proven permissible in court proceedings when they feature particular characteristics:
The Call Guard & Dragon Call Initiator system meets all these standards.

Dragon Call Initiator

The NobelBiz Dragon Call Initiator is a dialing system dedicated to improving the performance of non-consent outbound campaigns while remaining compliant with the TCPA regulations. Our Human Initiated Dialing Software is a non-ATDS system with no random number-generating capabilities or the capability to dial numbers from a list in sequential order.

How does it work?

The number of records displayed on the Clicker agent’s screen is determined by:

Dragon Call Initiator Built In Functionalities

A lead will be recycled if
Clicker Agent logs off without ever initiating a call to that number
No Answer
Answering Machine
When the Clicker Agent initiates a call, the system will perform a:
Time Zone Check
DNC Check
Hold time
Used to make sure calls are initiated in a timely manner
Default is set to 3 seconds
If hold time is greater than 3 seconds, calls are no longer initiated
A lead will be recalled if:
Time zone rules are followed
Maximum retries have not been exhausted
Scheduled Callback
When the Clicker Agent initiates a call, the system will perform a:
Designed to slow down or speed up time between clicks by Clicker Agents
Default is set to 2 seconds

Obfuscate Number

For security reasons, numbers to be called are displayed only partially to Clicker Agent

Outbound Compliance Filters

Time Zone Filters

Configure outbound calling at the system or carrier level

Call Frequency Filters
Set call attempts to a phone number by the hour, day, week, or month at the system of carrier level
Ring No Answer Time
Control the amount of time a call rings when making an outbound call at the system or carrier level
DNC Lists
Block phone numbers by uploading a DNC List at the system or carrier level

Recording Capabilities

The NobelBiz Omni+ Call Guard Ecosystem offers comprehensive recording capabilities, including:


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