Case study

Strong Competitive Edge in Technology and Increased Connection Rate

Hearing Healthcare
Call4You Marketing
Product used:
NobelBiz Omni+
Increased Connection Rate:
from 15% to 25%
Strong Analytical Data
to share with clients
Strong Competitive Edge
from a technology standpoint

The technology aspect of NobelBiz stood out compared to the competition, and also the great team! All the way from onboarding to support to troubleshooting has been great throughout this journey!

Brayan Carpio
Senior Call Center Manager, Call4You Marketing


Call4You Marketing is a company focused on supporting different verticals in the hearing healthcare industry, providing businesses direct mail follow-up, new customer calls, customer satisfaction surveys, existing/past customer calls, special project calls, and special event project calls.

The core of the Call4You Marketing business is outbound calling and having meaningful conversations with patients from the hearing healthcare space.


Call4You Marketing struggled with low connection rates and the inability to change caller IDs or DIDs as often as their business required. This situation directly impacted the number of patients and clients they could talk to, affecting their overall productivity and business performance.

They were also facing a lot of rigidity and poor support from their past tech providers, often being asked to change their current business processes to adapt to the solutions they were paying a lot of money for.


Call4You Marketing implemented NobelBiz Omni+, an advanced, full-featured cloud contact center solution equipped with an impressive stack of options and features that can be easily integrated, customized, and optimized to any contact center use case.

After implementing NobelBiz Omni+ right off the bat, Call4You Marketing saw a quick improvement in their connection rate and the number of clients they spoke with during their campaigns.

Results and outcomes at a glance

Connection Rate

from 15% to 25%

Desired Competitive Edge

from a technology standpoint

Genuinely Dedicated Support

throughout the journey

Reporting Accessibility

and custom reports

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