Steve Bederman

From call center agent to CEO: piloting a journey to sustained success

Who is Steve?

Steve Bederman is the CEO of NobelBiz and a true leader and influencer within the contact center space. He started as a call agent some 40 years ago, and soon enough he had his own sales team. Among other things, Steve’s an Amazon Bestselling Author of 4 corporate thrillers and he wrote and spoke for many leading contact center space publications. He guides his life by this motto: “Make a promise, keep a promise.”

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Lessons I’ve Learned (in no particular order), with Steve Bederman

About this collection of episodes:

In this live series, Steve is sharing with you something that he’s been working on for his lifetime. a glimpse into what its like behind the scenes of being a CEO. A collection of lessons learned in the pursuit of the true purpose in business and courageous leadership.
Years of experience in business, brought him today to discuss life experiences, lessons learned, tipping points, and everything it takes to become and continue to be a great entrepreneur and crush it with your business!


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Podcast Episodes

About this collection of podcasts:

Steve Bederman, our beloved CEO is not only a seasoned and experienced contact center professional, but also a great and passionate speaker.
This page features all the podcast he was invited on and is a great source of both practical and theoretical knowledge on how to run and manage a contact center.