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Design Memorable Omnichannel Inbound Interactions

NobelBiz OMNI+ can be set up to host a premium customer service platform that will simplify the agent’s workflow while creating seamless memorable interactions for the customer.

Leverage a wide selection of tools and features to streamline your customer service operations, from omnichannel routing capabilities to built-in CTI, IVR, TTS, or ASR.

90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company and 58% of Americans will switch companies after a poor customer service experience.

Microsoft Research

Next Level Voice Inbound Routing

NobelBiz OMNI+ can anticipate users’ needs based on their number and interaction history. This allows for precise inbound routing, where every incoming call is routed to the person or department best qualified to offer a favorable resolution.

Skill-Based Routing

Every agent can be given a set of specific skills and have interactions attributed to them accordingly based on their proficiency (channels, payment or tech support, languages, etc.)

Smart Call Queue Management

Significantly improve the waiting experience of your clients by implementing a set of customizable rules and giving them the option to be called back while retaining their position in the queue.

Priority Rules

Supervisors can easily create priority rules for selected telephone numbers (ex., for high lifetime value clients) or raise the priority of regular clients if they call in more than X number of times.

Full Omnichannel Inbound Routing System

Because NobelBiz OMNI+ is designed to work as a fully functioning omnichannel CCaaS, we have redesigned our Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) to handle our entire array of communication channels. This means going from a single-interaction IVR to a multi-interaction Dynamic Business Interaction (DBR).

In short, the NobelBiz DBR system transfers all the capabilities of a regular IVR to virtually every single inbound channel, from email, SMS, or social media texting applications.

Through our DBR, NobelBiz OMNI+ ensures your routing, queues, and distribution are all in check. You can even prioritize internal tasks over incoming channels.

Supervisors and administrators can decide the order of omnichannel interactions based on what’s essential for them and their clients.

Join the Omnichannel Revolution

NobelBiz OMNI+ is the only software you will ever need to run virtually any type of contact center activity. Following all the omnichannel principles, this cloud contact center platform is built to accommodate and easily manage almost any communication channel.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
inbound Calls
crystal-clear voice minutes

Unlock Self-Service Convenience

Many customer service requests can quickly and successfully be transferred to a self-service system, reducing friction, saving agents time to prioritize more complex requests, and improving the overall customer experience.

From simple tasks such as checking the balance of an account or more complex requests such as booking a flight, NobelBiz OMNI+ offers a complete set of tools to make self-service as seamless as possible.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Unlike other contact center software solutions, NobelBiz OMNI+ comes with a full-featured IVR system that can adapt to any customer service operation, no matter how complex.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Text-to-Speech technology has so many use cases in the contact center space that we decided to integrate it within our contact center software solution out of the box.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

The built-in ASR is one of those features designed to future-proof your contact center operations. Paired with the TTS features and integrated with our IVR, it offers endless possibilities for customization.

Power Up Your Supervisors

Supervisors get their own Dashboards that they can customize according to their needs. With NobelBiz OMNI+, supervisors have a wide range of options to observe and offer real-time support to their teams.

They get complete access to every live omnichannel interaction from voice to text and have the chance to barge in, whisper, take over the conversation, and so on.

Dynamic Agent Scripting Tool

Our highly dynamic scripting engine allows customer service reps to quickly collect information using dialogue boxes, start and stop recording, multiple triggers, and so on.

NobelBiz OMNI+ also will enable agents to copulate numerous data points from multiple sources via APIs, lookup tables, or using various custom fields

Powerful Open APIs

The built-in flexibility of NobelBiz OMNI+ partly comes from the impressive integrations it can support.

Our product is designed to seamlessly interconnect with a series of third-party applications, from CRM software and cloud computing solutions to database management, payment processing apps, live agent assistance tools, workforce management systems, QA tools, and so on…


NobelBiz OMNI+ sports more than 80 pre-defined reports, offering the possibility to define new ones specific to your customer support operation.

Also, because we use single-tenant AWS setups, you get direct, raw, unaltered data for unparalleled on-point reporting.

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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