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NobelBiz Contact Center Solutions for outstanding performance

The NobelBiz team has spent two decades developing, improving, and perfecting contact center infrastructure tools and technologies. In an attempt to become the ultimate contact center provider, we’ve directed our efforts to build a complete solution that outperforms our competitors both from a technical and pricing perspective.

NobelBiz offers complete contact center solutions (telecom and software) designed to accommodate all the needs of a modern contact center by deploying a comprehensive set of tools and services to increase productivity, reduce call labeling and blocking, offer outstanding CX, and remain compliant, among other things.

Trusted by hundreds of contact centers in the US and all over the world.


Designed to adapt to any ecosystem

The fully-fledged contact center solution was designed to thrive in any situation, industry, or niche. Our solutions can power anything from small tech-support and e-commerce customer service departments to big BPOs with thousands of agents and complex infrastructures. Our complete contact center solution is equipped with all the features needed to perform in ANY business environment where there is a need for a contact center communication tool.

NobelBiz solutions for every company size

Small Business

If you are looking for a quick-to-deploy contact center solution with full self-service capabilities for your customer service, sales, or any other customer-facing team, look no further than NobelBiz. Our solution runs on the cloud and requires minimum hardware to run and maintain: a computer and an internet connection.


NobelBiz created a nimble contact center solution with a low maintenance cost, fast deployment, and many built-in features, topped off with flawless support. NobelBiz OMNI+ can be deployed as a complete solution with full operability out-of-the-box to take the communication load off the shoulders of medium-sized company owners and managers.


All big players in the contact center space have a specific need for an infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and customizable. The NobelBiz complete cloud contact center solution features robust dedicated AWS instances for each client and a one-of-a-kind voice carrier network built to encourage and optimize contact center traffic.

We see great benefits for enterprise clients of having data safely stored in a private cloud to comply with their specific internal security and IT requirements, and combining it all with the amazing benefits of having a cutting-edge cloud-native contact center platform — a key success factor in the intelligent experience center.

Brad Dashnaw, CEO of Shift Marketing

NobelBiz solutions for every industry

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Manage complex outsourcing contact centers with a feature-rich contact center solution. NobelBiz OMNI+ centralizes everything under one platform, streamlining every process in an omnichannel environment with built-in enterprise-grade features such as an IVR system adaptable to the most complex, time-saving scenarios, flexible and scalable routing capabilities, powerful and effective dialers, seamless CRM integrations, and so on.


NobelBiz OMNI+ can easily be deployed in any healthcare-related business (hospital, clinic, medical insurance company, etc.) Get a professional full-featured contact center solution with industry-leading uptime, built-in IVR system, compliance tools, and full CRM integrations to keep patient data safe and secure.

Banking & Financial Services

Flawless customer interactions directly impact the success of any business in the finance sector. Build trust, create an excellent customer experience, and increase engagement with a customer-oriented communication system. NobelBiz OMNI+ features a complete set of compliance tools, advanced self-service capabilities, and robust API integrations to pull client data from your CRM straight into the agent’s dashboard in real-time.

Customer Service

NobelBiz OMNI+ takes customer service departments to new levels of efficiency by leveraging a host of features and technical characteristics designed to unlock your contact center’s customer experience potential. Get out-of-the-box access to Self Service Solutions, Intelligent Queue Management, Historical Interaction View, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and many more. This can translate into an immediate boost for vital KPIs such as NPS or CSat.


The insurance industry stretches far and wide from home and property insurance to car, accidents, or health insurance. Regardless of the niche, communication is the bread and butter of every insurance agent. Get access to a feature-rich communication tool designed to improve every aspect of every interaction, both inbound and outbound, across multiple channels with smart routing capabilities, a Unified Agent Desktop, and more.

Government & Education

Meeting the public needs in a timely, safe, and compliant manner is paramount for call center departments funded by constituents’ taxes. The same is true for players in the private education sector. NobelBiz OMNI+ is a national and regional compliant contact center platform with advanced self-service solutions, secure infrastructure, and other automated features that streamline communication in the government and education sectors.


Get a taste of what it means to boost your recovery rates and collection efforts with the dedicated collections communication system, NobelBiz OMNI+, which can integrate various communication channels into one single platform with built-in work-from-home capabilities, online and over-the-phone payment processing, compliance tools (PCI DSS compliant) and many more.

Sales & Telemarketing

Cross-channel sales campaigns have never been easier to configure, manage and monitor. NobelBiz OMNI+ offers impressive outbound dialing capabilities and an advanced routing system that lets you get the most out of your team while boosting sales and contact rates. The Real-Time Reporting Engine makes it easy to monitor performance on multiple KPIs and customizes complex reports. We offer separate browser-based apps for agents and supervisors, packed with productivity features and built-in sales solutions.

Retail & E-commerce

Provide top-quality customer service across multiple inbound and outbound channels, including social media chat apps, webchat, SMS, email, and more. NobelBiz OMNI+ helps you streamline and automate the customer service department with the built-in easy-to-use IVR and Self-Service tools. Process payments over the phone in a compliant way and never lose track of any order or inquiry.

Travel & Hospitality

Automate the booking process with the advanced Self-Service, Text to Speech, and Speech Recognition tools. Create a pleasant experience for your guests from the very first interaction in the wake of the new online booking culture. Equip your client-relation departments with an all-encompassing omnichannel communication tool with advanced features such as Smart Routing, Smart API integrations, and more.

Fundraising & Charity

NobelBiz OMNI+ comes as a complete contact center solution with web-based omnichannel software and an advanced telecom network with impressive outbound characteristics and excellent pricing. Get quick access to an easy-to-use contact center platform with data management, simple dashboards with customizable reporting, low operations costs, work-from-home capabilities, and so on.

Lead Generation

Get more people to pick up. NobelBiz OMNI+ helps lead-generation businesses increase their contact rate, remain compliant, and boost contact speed. Get out-of-the-box access to various advanced dialers, segmentation capabilities, real-time analytics, compliance filters, and so on.


NobelBiz solution for every type of contact center environment


NobelBiz OMNI+ features an impressive array of tools designed to deliver excellence in any inbound scenario, improving the overall agent performance and promoting a flawless customer experience across multiple channels. Step up to the extending needs of your inbound customers with a great selection of built-in features such as IVR, CTI, TTS, or ASR, to name but a few.


Get out-of-the-box access to a true outbound dialing powerhouse with multiple options such as Predictive, Preview, Automatic Preview, and Progressive Dialing capabilities. By offering a complete list of outbound features, including compliance tools, Answering Machine Detection, or Message Broadcasting – to name but a few – NobelBiz OMNI+ can cover everything a contact center manager, or owner can throw at it.


A blend-interaction contact center is designed to equip its agents with the option to handle both inbound and outbound interactions within the same or different running campaigns. The built-in campaign setup tool allows blend campaigns to be easily implemented within an omnichannel ecosystem that supports both voice and text interactions.

blendedInteraction copy

The Complete NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center Solution

NobelBiz offers complete contact center infrastructure comprised of a future-proof omnichannel software called NobelBiz OMNI+ paired with a proprietary one-of-a-kind Voice Carrier Solution built with the sole purpose of serving the contact center space and providing crystal clear voice services with a high degree of redundancy at one of the best cost-per-minute in the industry.

Why Nobelbiz?

Reduce operation time with a centralized omnichannel solution

Having agents move from one tab to another and putting together the missing pieces of previous client interactions is one of the most ineffective ways of handling inbound and outbound campaigns. An omnichannel solution will bring everything together, saving time and money.

Get better metrics management with the Reporting Engine

A proper omnichannel solution is a powerhouse of configuring monitoring virtually any KPI: If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Defining smart KPIs will most definitely have a positive impact on your overall costs and contribute to better decision-making, financially and otherwise.

Increase business opportunity

A real omnichannel platform such as NobelBiz OMNI+ will offer you the possibility to onboard and service virtually every type of business client. This is because your contact center infrastructure will be capable of integrating almost any kind of communication channel, from calls to emails and SMS to WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram.

Mitigate agent attrition

The turnover rate is a thorn in every contact center's side: the more you complicate an agent's life, the more likely they will leave. This is why using an agent-friendly platform will have a noticeable impact on your workforce and overall attrition. Not to mention that the training is simplified and the process shortens.

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