LocalTouch® Gets You More Connections

Local Caller ID Management Solution with Auto-Number Rotation

Connecting contact center agents with customers is the primary mission of LocalTouch®, the patented local Caller ID management solution by Nobelbiz®.

When less attempts are needed to make voice connections, the consumer’s experience improves, agent productivity increases, as do all your KPIs.

Why choose NobelBiz LocalTouch?

Passionate about everything that makes a call center tick, the NobelBiz team developed one of the most advanced local Caller ID solutions on the market. We call it LocalTouch and it has all the built-in features that you could think of, to boost productivity and assure a steady KPI growth for every outbound campaign nationwide.

Fully compliant

We play by the rules. NobelBiz LocalTouch follows the “Truth in Caller ID Act” as a compliant way to display local Caller ID numbers.

Based on the feedback received from our clients that opted for the LocalTouch solution, the numbers are impressive, to say the least.

On average, we saw a substantial increase for two of the most important KPIs in the business: up to 30% increase in Contact Rate and a staggering increase of up to 400% in Callback Rate.

But this is not all. LocalTouch also comes with:

✅ Simplified campaign management
✅ Fully TCPA compliant
✅ Dedicated numbers and buckets
✅ Automatic geo-number assignment
✅ Local number routing
✅ Auto-bucket rotation

The calling destination analysis determines the geographically closest number to be displayed as caller ID on the receiving device. This greatly simplifies the outbound campaign management.

Callback made to a LocalTouch number will automatically route according to the customer’s requirements and TCPA compliant rules.

NobelBiz LocalTouch features dedicated “buckets” of local numbers representing most of the calling destinations. If you want to place a call in an area where you don’t own local numbers, the system will automatically use the closest Caller IDs from your buckets.

“LocalTouch® has improved our contact rates significantly.” LocalTouch® simplified the management of our local caller-ID for our outbound campaigns so we could focus on calling.
Director, National Collections Center

LocalTouch is in the “Truth in Caller ID Act” as the compliant way to present local Caller ID numbers.

With LocalTouch, connections are made to share important information or accomplish specific goals. Companies make more connections with consumers while making less attempts. Consumers get less phone calls because they are answering the phone or calling back. Customer satisfaction improves as needs are met. Agent morale improves due to more talk time and achieving goals.

Dedicated “buckets” of Numbers and Auto-Number Rotation

Based on what geographical areas you want to target; you are able to acquire local “buckets” of numbers. A bucket represents a list of numbers from the same geographical area. The reason why you want to have more than one number for each area is simple: you will benefit from the so-called Auto-Number Rotation that will allow your calls to be routed based on attempt count.
Simplifies Campaign Management

Simplifies management and presentation of local caller-ID for outbound campaigns.

Fully Compliant

NobelBiz plays by the rules: Our advanced Local Caller ID system LocalTouch is fully compatible with the “Truth in Caller ID Act”

Dedicated Numbers

Convenient and dedicated “buckets” of numbers that represent most of the geographical calling destinations.

Geo-Number Assignment

Calling destination analysis determines geographically closest number as caller-ID

Local Number Routing

Callbacks made to a LocalTouch number routed according to customer requirements

Auto-Bucket Rotation

Multiple buckets can utilize auto-rotation service to ensure productivity

Unlock your contact center potential

NobelBiz helps contact centers optimize their business for greater contact rates and higher profitability. We provide world-class voice carrier services over a custom-built network designed specifically for the demands of a contact center.

We integrate voice with a cloud contact center to impact inbound and outbound productivity and compliance solutions with advanced reporting features included. We provide business intelligence through a proprietary platform that helps make informed decisions.

Omnichannel Solution

The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud call center solution is our software product designed to complement our carrier solution, taking it to new heights of performance.

NobelBiz OMNI+ has an unique blend of capabilities: from Omnichannel, Impressive API integrations and fast implementation, to simple cross-channel campaign setup and remote work. NobelBiz OMNI+ is a true customizable powerhouse of productivity that can be deployed in less than 74 hours.

Voice Carrier Network

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is built from the ground up with the sole purpose of serving the contact center industry, having no rivals in terms of services, coverage and pricing. NobelBiz offers one of the most versatile selection of smart tools, designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate impacts of call labeling and blocking and provide all-round compliance. This is why we provide top of the line telecom services to some of the largest centers in the space.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
inbound Calls
crystal-clear voice minutes

NobelBiz LocalTouch® FAQ

The compliant way to present local Caller ID numbers

What is Local Caller ID?
Local Caller ID is a service that allows outbound callers to change their caller ID information depending on the geographical area where they place their calls. This service is offered by Voice Carrier Providers and dedicated to those companies that are involved in consistent performance outbound calls campaigns, i.e., call centers. Local Caller ID technology will display a number that is specific to the geographical area where the call is being placed – no matter where the call initiator is located in a completely different area.
What are the benefits of using Local Caller ID for Contact Centers?

The call center community is the main beneficiary of the Local phone Caller ID system because it can solve one of the most persistent problems for cross-region outbound campaigns: low contact rates and critical call-back rates.

But for a contact center, the benefits of using a Local Caller ID solution such as NobelBiz LocalTouch goes beyond improving the outbound contact and call-back rates:

» More connections with fewer attempts

» Increased agent productivity and morale

» Clients get fewer calls because they are answering the phone or calling back.

» Improved customer satisfaction

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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