Predictive Dialer

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer redefines efficiency. By automatically placing outbound calls and seamlessly transferring them to available agents when answered, it significantly enhances agent experience. It’s not just about dialing speed; it’s about precision. This feature optimizes talk time by minimizing idle moments and increasing predictability in call handling.

But NobelBiz OMNI+ doesn’t stop at Predictive Dialing. Our solution offers an entire array of dialing options, ensuring that you have the flexibility to adapt to various campaign needs and client preferences. From Preview Dialing for a more personalized approach to Progressive Dialing for striking a balance between efficiency and personalization, you have it all.

Experience the difference with NobelBiz OMNI+ as we provide you with not just a single tool, but a comprehensive suite of dialing options. Maximize your contact center’s potential and create the ultimate customer experience by leveraging the right dialing method for each unique situation.

The Predictive Dialer is a sure, effective path toward efficiency and unprecedented results.

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer is your guaranteed route to unmatched efficiency and unprecedented results. If you’re focused on enhancing large-scale outbound campaigns, look no further. Our Predictive Dialer, integrated seamlessly into the platform, offers the ideal solution. It empowers your contact center to streamline operations, maximize agent productivity, and achieve remarkable outcomes, setting new standards for success in outbound customer engagement.

The Competitive Edge with NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer

NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer is your ultimate choice for elevating contact center performance. Our industry-leading predictive dialing technology is designed to maximize agent productivity while ensuring full compliance. With efficient campaign management, intelligent call pacing, and automatic filtering of unproductive numbers, you can expect substantial improvements in your outbound operations.

Choose NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer for a smarter, more streamlined approach to customer outreach.

  • Industry-leading predictive dialing technology
  • Maximized agent productivity
  • Full compliance assurance
  • Efficient campaign management
  • Intelligent call pacing
  • Automatic filtering of unproductive numbers
  • Substantial improvements in outbound operations
  • Smart and streamlined customer outreach approach

Built-in Outbound Convenience with NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer learns, paces, and adapts itself to specific campaign needs based on historical data and relevant business insights. The system dials automatically and filters out unproductive numbers. Its main goal is to send the agent the maximum quality talk time. The dialer filters out busy and disconnected lines,  wrong numbers, answering machines, etc.
Intelligent Call Learning

NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer employs intelligent algorithms, learning from historical campaign data and business insights. It adapts to campaign requirements, improving targeting and efficiency.

Automatic Dialing

The system takes charge of dialing numbers automatically, reducing manual effort and human error. This results in a more efficient workflow. Productive Call Filtering: This dialer is equipped to identify unproductive calls, such as busy lines, disconnected numbers, and answering machines. By filtering out these calls, agents focus on high-quality interactions, saving time and resources.

Optimized Talk Time

The primary objective is to provide agents with the maximum quality talk time. By filtering out irrelevant or unproductive calls, agents can spend more time engaging with potential leads and customers, improving overall efficiency.

Adaptive Campaign Tailoring

NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer constantly adjusts its approach based on campaign performance and feedback. It ensures that the dialing strategy remains aligned with campaign goals and evolving customer behaviors.

Efficient Resource Allocation

The dialer minimizes downtime between calls by routing answered calls directly to available agents. This efficient resource allocation enhances productivity by keeping agents engaged in live conversations, rather than waiting between calls.

When we found NobelBiz OMNI+, we were very impressed with its flexibility, the fact that it is really easy to learn, and because we were able to deploy it probably faster than any software that I have ever seen.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Our Predictive Dialer Shines In B2C Campaigns

NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer shines when it comes to B2C campaigns, offering high levels of customization to align with your specific business objectives. This predictive dialer constantly leverages available data to enhance calling performance, consistently surpassing expectations. Whether your focus is on lead generation, market research, or sales, it’s a valuable asset for any large-scale B2C outbound campaign.

One of its standout features is the built-in pacing and compliance tools, ensuring that your dialing activities remain time-zone-conscious and compliant. With NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialer at the helm, you’re poised for success in B2C campaigns, where efficiency, customization, and compliance are paramount. Here are some key benefits: 

  • High customization to align with B2C objectives
  • Consistent performance improvement through data utilization
  • Ideal for lead generation, market research, and sales
  • Built-in pacing and compliance tools
  • Time-zone-conscious dialing for B2C campaigns
  • Enhanced efficiency and compliance for improved campaign results

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Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Outbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Preview Dialing
Preview Dialing allows the agent to decide whether or not to make the call after reviewing the displayed information about the prospect.
Automatic Preview Dialing
Save precious time by having client information displayed to the agent while the system dials the contact number of the prospect.
Progressive Dialing
The Progressive Dialer’s algorithm looks at how many agents you have and starts dialing based on this first piece of information.

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