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NobelBiz Omni+ Supervisor Interface Demo

The Supervisor Interface of NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software is one of the most advanced and ergonomic dashboards on the market, with an easy setup, modular frame, customizable windows, advanced supervisor-to-agent communication options, real-time KPI monitoring, and more…

Access your Services, set up and manage Campaigns, monitor Agents and see the Customer status, all from a single multifunctional dashboard.

The NobelBiz Omni+ Supervisor Interface offers real control in a simple and efficient web-based environment.

NobelBiz Omni+ Agent Interface Demo

The Agent Interface is probably one of the most important elements of a performance-oriented contact center.

And if this is true in a regular brick and mortar environment, the agent interface is twice as important in a remote work setup.

The top priority for the NobelBiz OMNI+ Agent Interface is to find the perfect balance between agent usability, ergonomics and productivity.

We wanted it to be easy to use, without losing any of the productivity options that make the NobelBiz OMNI+ such an amazing product.

NobelBiz Omni+ Realtime Campaign Management & Monitoring

Transform your contact center to a superior experience creator with the Omni+ supervision dashboard!

With real time campaign management and monitoring, turn insights into results and understand more about omnichannel customer support, expand channel support to your customer bases and enhance CX.

Watch this demo to see how NobelBiz OMNI+ Omnichannel helps enhance supervision operations and provides a unified campaign strategy for inbound, outbound, webchat and social. And with tools for routing, reporting and administration, you can easily monitor your campaigns with the help of general view, advanced settings, detailed customer records, key KPIs and much more…

NobelBiz Omni+ | In-depth Demo Video

Get a deeper understanding of all the capabilities NobelBiz Omni+ brings to the table!

Watch this full demo video and learn how our all-in-one cloud contact center solution helps agents, supervisors, and contact center owners improve contact rates, customer experience, and overall performance using:

✓ Cutting-edge technology
✓ Multiple channels integrated (Voice, SMS, email, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.) in one single omnichannel platform
✓ Intuitive interface and easy-to-use dashboards
✓ Real-time reliable data & transactions history

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