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The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is one of the best VoIP Interconnected Providers in the industry, with multiple worldwide redundancies for uninterrupted uptime, delivering the best possible voice quality at a fair price. In addition, all the features and support processes were fine-tuned to maximize the efficiency, quality, and demands of voice traffic, both inbound and outbound.

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What is a VoIP telecom system?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecom system allows contact centers to connect inbound and outbound calls over an internet connection. Unlike the old PBX systems, a VoIP solution requires minimal on-site hardware and provides an excellent, lean, and cost-effective way of handling voice calls, provided the contact center has an internet connection.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
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crystal-clear voice minutes

Why is a VoIP telecom system essential to contact centers?

With the advent of the Internet, the call center industry has adopted VoIP as the preferred telecommunications protocol because of the low-maintenance costs, easy implementation, and high flexibility compared to the old, hardware-heavy PBX systems.

Contact centers that use VoIP can convert voice to a real-time experience by enhancing agents’ self-service and support activities, increasing throughput, and reducing costs.

A VoIP system can offer greater control and visibility over operations and hence better control over the customer experience while accommodating other productivity features such as real-time call monitoring or advanced call routing.

Call Center System Requirements for Agents

The feature-rich VoIP solution from NobelBiz

A VoIP phone service such as the NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network usually comes with powerful features and capabilities such as built-in IVR tools, routing capabilities, compliance tools, and many more. Because everything is handled via the cloud, calls can also be taken from anywhere worldwide, being a 100% work-from-home-friendly solution. Here are some benefits of using a VoIP system:

  • Lower cost-per-minute
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • An advanced set of features
  • Work-from-home ready
  • Worldwide coverage

Benefits and Key Features of the NobelBiz Voice Services

Our proprietary network stands out regarding service quality, coverage, and pricing.

Specially designed to serve the specific needs of contact centers

We know full well that contact centers have specific telecom needs. So NobelBiz created a unique and dedicated telecom carrier network to serve and optimize call center traffic. We are the only company with this approach; we own our network and treat our clients as they deserve to be treated.

You go live in no time

Compared with other carriers, the onboarding process at NobelBiz is much faster because all of our procedures are optimized and fine-tuned for setting-up contact centers. So whether you bring your own numbers or decide to get them from us, you will be able to place calls on the network in no time.  

Worldwide Coverage

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network, or the carrier-of-carriers as we call it, features 650+ interconnected carrier partners worldwide and low international long-distance rates. In addition, we’ve connected multiple carriers for the same geographical areas so that your calls can always find a route to connect and assure a high level of network redundancy.

Reliable infrastructure with multiple redundancies

Because our goal is to become the ultimate provider for the contact center industry, service quality is on top of our priority list. We guarantee clear voice quality with 99,999% up-time, high-grade security, and easy setup. In addition, we provide the most advanced network carrier services for contact centers with the highest rate of network redundancy: no more interruptions and no more dropped calls.

The best possible quality-price ratio for contact center telephony

At NobelBiz, we confidently affirm that our telephony network features the best quality-price ratio in the entire contact center industry. The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network offers attractive cost-per-minute rates paired with multiple productivity features that can be easily attached to your plan at any moment, with no downtime or other issues whatsoever.

The service just works. We can now rotate our Caller IDs and increase the contact ratio for our outbound programs without developing costly in-house solutions. We were also able to increase our contacts and sales, increasing revenue.

Carlos B, Telephony Manager

Smart set of productivity tools

Our call center-specific carrier services offer one of the most versatile selections of intelligent tools designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate the impact of call labeling and blocking and provide all-around compliance.

Voice Carrier Services Tailored for Contact Centers

NobelBiz offers a unique combination of inbound and outbound calling technologies that work together seamlessly to create better business opportunities for contact centers worldwide, with best-in-class 24x7x365 support and remote web-based administrator.

With the NobelBiz telephony solution, your agents can make more calls and increase the number of productive contacts per hour. In addition, by using intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact their Key Performance Indicators, increasing contacts and reducing costs.

Leading Support

NobelBiz has the most responsive, proactive, and reactive customer support in the contact center industry, with a first-call resolution of over 90%. Our client advocates always ensure that the right teams are working together and going that extra mile to keep everything running smoothly in the background for all our contact center clients.

Designed for the Call Center Industry

NobelBiz is not your usual telecom provider, but one that was designed with the sole purpose of serving enterprises and contact centers all over the world. Therefore, you will find that every little technical detail is optimized for the contact center activity: usability, compliance, pricing, etc.

No contractual strings attached

NobelBiz has its client's best interests at heart, and we value trust more than anything else. This is why we are among the few telecom providers for contact centers that do not impose long-term contracts on our clients. But wait, there's more. Our business model requires no minimum spending and no significant early termination penalties.

Legal support and compliance tools

Security-enhanced technology processes allow you to maintain and expand a rich set of third-party certifications. In addition, our network features built-in capabilities to help you restrict and limit calls in certain conditions based on geography or time, for example. This means you can quickly achieve compliance across multiple services: PCI DSS, SOC2 Type II, STIR/SHAKEN, and TCPA.

Voice Services for Contact Centers

Technical aspects on how our network works:

Facilities-Based Carrier-Grade Network

The NobelBiz telephony network is purpose-built for the high-volume calls required by contact centers. It is architected to provide unparalleled voice quality and call reliability so you can keep more calls running at peak efficiency without having to add additional infrastructure.

High Volume Call Termination and Origination

NobelBiz telephony network is designed and engineered for high volume outbound call termination required by predictive dialers.

Redundant Infrastructure

NobelBiz provides redundant data centers in Los Angeles, CA, and 60 Hudson, NY. These are the most resilient locations for working with the PSTN network. Our data centers feature both redundant PSTN carriers and data networks.

High-Quality Voice

Using the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) of call standard, we can maximize the quality of voice interactions. Voice quality is paramount in achieving a great customer experience. Our network provides the highest quality of voice when speaking with your customers.

SMRT Inbound Tools

The NobelBiz SMRT Inbound Tools will help your contact center reduce costs, improve customer experience, and reduce downtime through an easy-to-use web-based self-service platform. Our tried-and-tested approach is less disruptive to the business and provides a better experience while mitigating potential risks of extended downtime.

Easy Number Provisioning

Purchase, manage and retire DID and Toll-Free numbers online via the NobelBiz Web-Based Administrator Portal. Access toll-free and local numbers on-demand to launch inbound programs. Assign RespOrg and porting numbers to improve efficiency.

DID and Toll-Free Numbers

With the NobelBiz web-based portal, you can easily purchase, manage and retire your DID and Toll-Free numbers. In addition, you can instantly configure and use the numbers for one or multiple inbound campaigns. The SMRT web-based portal allows users to allocate and route numbers to various contact center locations.

RespOrg and Porting Numbers

If you own toll-free or local numbers, you can optionally ask your carrier to make NobelBiz the responsible organization for those numbers. Alternatively, you can arrange with your carrier to forward calls to a DID number provided by NobelBiz, allowing calls to that toll-free number to be answered via the NobelBiz platform.

See how our end-to-end cloud contact center solution provides a better experience. Request Demo

Web-Based Administrator Portal

The Web-Based Administrator Portal is the simplest way to control all your inbound and outbound voice operations fully. Get complete access to all your telecom capabilities centralized in one place. Once you log in with your username and password, you have instant remote control over your numbers, routes, trunk groups, etc. The admin account will be able to set up separate sub-accounts and assign special privileges and permissions based on the company’s specific needs. The web portal allows its users to:

• Route Calls with the Drag and Drop Designer

• Order and Manage Phone Numbers

• Manage Trunk Groups

• Manage User Master and Sub Accounts

Inbound Routing Capabilities

NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network features an impressive list of inbound routing capabilities designed to serve and service contact-center-specific traffic. Regarding destination, you can easily route calls to PSTN phone numbers and SIP addresses for any call routing project. You can choose between various rules to route your calls for maximum flexibility. For example, depending on your needs, you can route calls based on the time and day of the week, priority rules, caller ID, or ratio defined by weights. The routing capabilities of the NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network are further enhanced by the possibility to assign DID or toll-free numbers to specific groups, capture voicemails, and answer/queue calls at the carrier level.

Auto-Attendant IVR

One of the most convenient features of the Web-Based Admin Portal is that you can configure, manage and deploy IVR systems based on your specific needs. All you need is an internet connection, and you get access to one of the most powerful and intuitive IVR tools on the market.

The auto-attendant IVR tool-set was designed to bring together all the necessary features and tools to create and deploy any IVR system in any calling environment. You get instant access to various options to play with, such as Call Tags and Variable Routing, menus and prompts, integration to external systems, in-queue announcements, and so on.

The highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface will allow users to quickly link scripts together, schedule different IVR scenarios based on time, or create a library of reusable IVR subscripts, among many other things.

  • Menus and Prompts
  • Call Tags and Variable Routing
  • Integration to External Systems
  • IVR Script Linking
  • IVR Script Scheduling
  • IVR Scripting Designer
  • In-Queue Announcements

Outbound Tools

Contact-Center-focused providers such as NobelBiz act as an extension of your company in alignment with the essential parts of how their service is critical to your ability to conduct business. Service providers with purpose-built networks explicitly designed for Contact Center traffic will handle more outbound calls and volumes while maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Better uptime
  • Connection rates
  • Higher quality calls
  • Better service and support

LocalTouch: The Local Caller ID management solution from NobelBiz

In the last couple of years, many contact centers saw a significant decrease in their Contact Rate. With LocalTouch from NobelBiz, you can increase the chances of your calls being answered and drastically improve your Contact Rate and the overall performance of your contact center.

• Fully TCPA compliant
• Dedicated numbers and buckets
• Automatic geo-number assignment
• Local number routing
• Auto-bucket rotation

Local Number Feature

Based on the person you call, display a local number from your bucket and increase the answer-seizure ratio with fewer attempts. In addition, the system can automatically route the phone number to your call center if they return your call. Our Local Number Broadcasting solution is fully compliant with all US regulations.

Auto-Number LocalTouch Rotation

With the automatic rotation feature, multiple LocalTouch number buckets can be configured for increased productivity.

SHIELD: Compliance Tools from NobelBiz

A carrier-level outbound productivity and compliance safety net.

SHIELD: Compliance Tools from NobelBiz

Carrier-level outbound productivity and compliance safety net.

The NobelBiz SHIELD Compliance Tools allow contact centers to add dialer-level filters for outbound compliance and to have more variability to their phone number management system in an automated fashion.
Make sure your outbound calls remain compliant at all times while retaining a high proficiency and productivity level. The SHIELD rules can be easily configured and assigned to various campaigns from the Web-Based Administrator Portal. Get easy access to:

• Time Zone Filters
• Call Frequency Filters
• TCPA – Mobile Phone Filters
• Ring No Answer Time


Toll-Free Numbers: Advantages and Hurdles for Contact Centers

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Dive into a transformative journey where these numbers become the linchpin of your customer engagement and communication strategies, effortlessly surmounting any challenges in their path.

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