Warmth Beyond Winter

Meet the Andersons

This is more than a single act of charity. This is a commitment to make a lasting impact beyond this winter season. Welcome to NobelBiz ‘Adopt a Family’ charity project, where we invite you to join us in a mission that embodies the true essence of giving and support.

Our Mission:
Hearts United
Fostering year-round compassion, we hope to provide more than just material assistance; we aim to offer a sense of security, belonging, and hope.
Our Purpose:
Commitment Beyond Initiative
A pledge to make a real difference, extending our support beyond the holiday season into 2024.
Our Goal
A Ripple Effect of Kindness
Our goal is to set in motion a ripple effect of kindness and generosity that reaches far beyond a single act of charity.

Meet the Anderson Family

At NobelBiz, we believe in the transformative power of connection and the enduring impact of kindness. This Christmas, we extend an invitation to join us in a heartwarming journey of hope and support for the Anderson family: Carmencita, a resilient single mother, actively seeking employment, and her six children, Alonnah (13), Harmonie (11), Nadarien (7), Natalia (6), Navier (5), and Niyanna (3).

Carmencita, together with her six children, embarked on a brave journey from Michigan to Cheyenne, seeking a better life. Their story is one of courage, hope, and the undying dream of a brighter future. As we welcome them into our community, we are dedicated to providing the support they need during this critical transition.

Our Commitment, Beyond Christmas

There are 10.98 million single-parent families in the US, out of which 80% are headed by single mothers.
Our pledge is to support Carmencita and her family throughout the next year. Our assistance includes a Thanksgiving voucher, fulfilling their Angel Tree wishes, a Christmas gift voucher, and continuous support into the next year.

Join Our Movement of
Sustained Support

We invite you to be a part of this life-changing initiative. Your contribution, whether small or significant, can help the Anderson family establish a stable, joyful, and prosperous life.


Why This Matters:
The Power of Continued Support

Support that extends beyond the holidays represents more than just seasonal charity; it symbolizes a commitment to lasting change and the nurturing of long-term dreams. It’s about creating a foundation on which the Anderson family can build a future filled with opportunities and joy.

Your Role in
This Story of Change

By joining us in this campaign, you become an integral part of a narrative that champions hope, resilience, and community support. Your donation is not just a gift; it’s a pledge of solidarity and a step towards a better tomorrow for the Anderson family.

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