A CCaaS Pack Designed to Revolutionize Sales & Telemarketing Operations

NobelBiz OMNI+ is that one piece of software designed to improve all the metrics of your sales, SDRs, or telemarketing team by saving time, leveraging full omnichannel capabilities, and making automation the new industry standard.

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Given its high degree of customizability, the NobelBiz OMNI+ dashboard can centralize, organize and operate with virtually any channel, from regular voice calls, emails, and SMS to WhatsApp or Telegram messages. Everything is integrated within the Agent Interface so every single channel can be managed from one single place.

Live Chat & Web Callback

The Live Webchat feature became a standard in B2B and B2C by streamlining the communication between website visitors and sales agents.

  • Send files, and share links and videos in real time.
  • Automatically route interactions to the sales representatives using the client’s preferred communication channel.
  • Clients can be encouraged to leave their contact information and be called or texted at a preferred hour.
  • Efficiency can be gained by using customizable templates.

Social Media Pack

From a sales and marketing perspective, social media is the holy grail of outreach interactions. NobelBiz OMNI+ opens the doors to endless possibilities and billions of users across the globe.

Imagine running Facebook ads to generate Facebook Messenger interactions, leveraging WhatsApp DMs, or reaching your next customers using the Twitter hashtag system. The sky is the limit.

Dynamic Agent Scripting

The Dynamic Agent Scripting tool is much more than a simple digital script tool for agents. Its dynamic nature allows managers to set up the script using if/then statements to automatically pull/input data from/into a CRM.

The script can be set up to accommodate any type of agent scenario: whether it entails simple, flat verbiage or intricate conditional scenarios. You are looking at a one-time setup session rendering ongoing ease of use on the agent side and unfolding the right things to say and do depending on the conversation flow.

The use cases for sales and telemarketing campaigns are endless. From making sure your calls remain compliant to onboarding and training new agents, the Interactive Dynamic Scripting tool is a great tool to stay competitive and effective in the call center market.

Outbound Compliance Filters

Outbound Sales and Telemarketing is all about efficiency within legal compliance boundaries. You want to walk the fine line between deploying the best possible technical solutions and not crossing the red line of regulations. NobelBiz OMNI+ helps you set up Time Zone Filters, Call Frequency Filters, TCPA Mobile Phone Filters, Ring No Answer Time (Dial Timeout), and so on.

Built-In Set of Productivity Tools

NobelBiz OMNI+ features an impressive array of options and functions that can be tweaked, bent, customized, and optimized to find the perfect use case for ANY call center:

Full Client History

The NobelBiz OMNI+ system keeps records of all the interactions across multiple channels. The Historical Interactions View tab offers a full image of all the past agent-client interactions, including a host of valuable information such as the date and time, communication channel, purchases, dispositions, labels, issues, and so on.

Onboarding, Coaching, and Training New Sales Reps

NobelBiz OMNNI+ makes it easy to onboard, coach, and train new sales reps. Supervisors get access to a complete set of tools such as real-time monitoring, live KPIs updates, the whisper feature, direct chat, and so on.

In practice, these features can be game-changing for a sales department. Imagine how much more effective a team can be if a seasoned salesperson can assist them live on the call, giving essential advice on closing the deal.

CRM integration

NobelBiz OMNI+ is one of the few software solutions that can provide a smooth integration between your CRM and the call center platform. Data can flow in real time between the contact lists and the sales reps. Not to mention that your agents can use dispositions, have instant access to the client history and edit CRM data without leaving the agent interface.

Advanced Outbound Dialing Modes

The dialing capabilities of NobelBiz OMNI+ can enhance productivity and time efficiency both for B2B and B2C outbound campaigns.
Predictive Dialing
The predictive Dialing algorithm will automatically place outbound calls and transfer them to the agents when answered, enhancing agent experience and talk time and increasing predictability.
Preview Dialing
When using Preview Dialing, client information is displayed to the agent alongside the contact information. After reviewing the data, the agent decides if and when to make the call.
Automatic Preview Dialing
The Automatic Preview mode pulls client records and information and displays them to the agent for review while the system automatically dials and calls the prospect.
Progressive Dialing
The Progressive Dialer’s algorithm looks at the number of available agents and starts dialing based on this first piece of information. As it starts dialing, it will automatically change the number of lines it calls at a time based on all the data it gets, including the Answer Rate, Contact Rate, or Abandon Rate.

Voice Carrier Services Tailored for Contact Centers

NobelBiz offers a unique combination of inbound and outbound calling technologies that work together seamlessly to create better business opportunities for contact centers worldwide, with best-in-class 24x7x365 support and remote web-based administrator.

With the NobelBiz telephony solution, your agents can make more calls and increase the number of productive contacts per hour. In addition, by using intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact their Key Performance Indicators, increasing contacts and reducing costs.

Local Caller ID and Number Rotation

Simply put, as a call center, you will conduct outbound campaigns using numbers from the specific geographical area you are calling. Advanced solutions such as the LocalTouch from NobeBiz allow call centers to operate with multiple “buckets” of numbers in various geographical regions. In other words, this will connect your agents with customers using local numbers.

And this is game-changing, to say the least: Our clients saw an increase of up to 30% in Contact Rates and a staggering increase of up to 400% in the Callback Rate.

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