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World-Class Voice, Cloud Contact Center and Business Intelligence Solutions

NobelBiz is the leading innovator in the Contact Center Technology industry. Based in Carlsbad, CA, NobelBiz has grown to serve Contact Centers globally providing World-Class Voice Services, Cloud Contact Center and Business Intelligence solutions.

NobelBiz transforms Contact Centers into higher-performing Intelligent Contact Centers. We help take companies from isolated cost center to company-wide intelligence generator for customer service, sales, marketing, product development, and more.

Contact centers getting more complex – multi-site, at-home agents, BPOs, inbound & outbound; need for complex 3rd party integration. Experienced professionals can see are entering the era of the Intelligent Contact Center, and NobelBiz can help you stay in the game.

World-Class Voice Services

Carrier-grade network, high-volume termination, and origination with capabilities.

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Cloud Contact Center

Modular Inbound and Outbound Solutions with an Advanced Reporting Platform.

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Business Intelligence

Turn Business Data into Real Decision-Making Intelligence.

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Part of the Nobel Family of Companies

Innovation, technology and value is the common thread in this global company.

Nobel, LTD is a global leader in connecting calls and funds by providing global services to accommodate a complete palette of global needs. Founded in 1998 by Thomas C. Knobel, the company has grown rapidly. Being the first brand to tackle the online prepaid phone cards market with NobelCom.com, Nobel is now offering a variety of telecommunication services, including the online selling of prepaid virtual phone cards worldwide, physical distribution of phone cards in the US, postpaid and superior carrier services through its PoPs in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Bucharest, as well as financial services and more. Through the international network of Nobel offices and designed to offer to offer a variety of complementary products, the company is currently setting up the entry in the financial market by obtaining regulated status in the US and Europe for money remittance services.

Competitive Advantages

A key advantage of Nobel is a network that allows us to offer highly competitive rates for every service. Nobel’s TDM/VoIP network includes a powerful, fully integrated billing system that enables customers to bundle multiple components under a single billing platform. This makes the tracking and customization of the product simple, yet incredibly effective for its customers. In addition, all products are supported by Nobel’s own 24/7 call center (for Retail Customers) and NOC (for Carriers).

NobelOne, launched in December 2013, is an advanced business-to-business sales portal featuring premier services with the highest quality and value for the customer. The portal currently accommodates a variety of services from telecom, medical services to food remittance, and more.

Other strong business-to-business divisions include NobelBiz, a unified cloud contact center solution. With its patented LocalTouch® service designed to increase the effectiveness of outbound campaigns for tele-services and collections organizations, NobelBiz is a powerful and innovative player in the market.

Nobel Express is a business-to-consumer program dedicated to offer support through delivering food to needing communities across the world. Currently operating in the US and targeting the Liberian community, the service is rapidly expanding online on NobelCom.com and NobelOne, as well as offline with a dedicated office based in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

Going by the inspiring slogan “Global Leader in Connecting Calls and Funds”, Nobel Financial stems from the experience gained by the company and is currently under way.

Today, Nobel is based in Bermuda, with its main office in Bucharest, Romania.

Present & Future

Nobel is constantly growing and developing new products and services, at the same time adapting the existing ones to the new requirements of the telecom market and beyond. To this regard, the consumer division has developed new technologies to accommodate the consumer, including social and communication mobile applications, such as NobelApp. Allowing customers to make international calls directly from their smartphone, through the same network that guarantees low rates and excellent connectivity, the app enables them at the same time to seamlessly perform financial operations.

With experienced leadership, entrepreneurial focus and the power of its global network, the NOBEL LTD. family of products is positioned to project the company strongly into the future.

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NobelBiz helps contact centers optimize their business for greater contact rates and higher profitability. We provide world-class voice services and a cloud contact center to impact  productivity and compliance solutions with business intelligence to help make informed decisions.

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