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Who we are and what we're about

At NobelBiz, we are fully aware that our success goes hand in hand with the success of our clients. We also know that the quality and reliability of our services can have enormous consequences for our clients. Imagine how important the communication department is for the healthcare system or other emergency services. It can make the difference between life and death.

This is why our first and foremost mission is to keep our services up and running at any cost, with little to no downtime. As a safety net, we’ve developed an efficient troubleshooting system that achieved one of the industry’s highest first call resolutions.

We look at our customers’ problems as our own and treat them as our no. 1 priority. This is why at NobelBiz, we consciously decided to make this part of our company culture and give our best to become “The promise keepers of the industry.”

We Are the Promise Keepers!

Our team is proud to be part of the Contact Center industry; our cloud and carrier services combine innovation with creativity, commitment and consistency, so our clients thrive and grow. We are devoted, committed, accountable and trustworthy, because of our integrity and loyalty.

No matter what, we stand by our clients, our word, our team. To us, each promise is an engagement, and our support and help for the Contact Center industry is and will always be timeless.

The Team that Makes the Difference

We’ve been on this journey for over 20 years, bringing meaningful impact in the Contact Center Industry.

Our team is focused on authenticity and transparency. We are open-minded, dedicated and we believe in being more than partners. These beliefs inform everything we do, and nothing is impossible.

Our Customer-Centric Philosophy

We offer our resources and knowledge to support our clients to tackle large issues and stay ahead of the curve, gain the competitive edge. With over 1500 clients, we are proud of our ability to deliver exceptional customer support.

We acknowledge how big our goals are so we can raise the bar. This exemplifies our ability to provide scale, flexibility and cost-effective solutions to ensure a bigger and better future for our clients.

Leaders of our team and of your success

The ability to lead others is a unique quality in a person. Some say you’re born with it, others think it’s learned. We believe great leaders have a little of both—nature and nurture—and that they can tell the difference between the two.

The leadership at NobelBiz has demonstrated its abilities time after time. They have used their positions to provide perspective and direction to the people on our team who follow them. We contribute to our industry organizations as active members and as thought leaders.

Together, we have built a company well prepared to serve our clients in every capacity.

Steven Bederman

Throughout his career, Steven earned his reputation as an analytical, highly adaptable transformative leader with extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational development, innovative resolutions, and problem solving.

Mirela Otea

Director of Global Marketing
Mirela leads the global marketing programs of NobelBiz, shaping strategies and overseeing the planning, execution and developing of all marketing initiatives. She is a high-energy leader, who thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach

Colleen Guffey

Executive Vice President Business Operations

Colleen is responsible for the design and execution of the operations department processes and procedures, the creation and analysis of reporting that monitors and measures customer performance, profitability and growth, management of customer provisioning, and solution deployment.

Christian Montes

Executive Vice President Client Operations

As the head of sales he leads the sales organization to bring on new clients and oversees the Client Advocate group driving product optimization and implementing industry best practices to achieve better business performance. Host of First Contact Podcast and Nobelbiz Webinar Series.

A grassroots approach to servicing multiple industries

Cultivating strong relationships with some of the most prominent US associations has always been one of our top priorities. We like to develop connections and partnerships and keep a close eye on the new realities in the contact center space and beyond. Being active members in various associations across multiple verticals allows us to constantly adapt and improve our products and services to the specific needs of each niche. We are proud professional members of:

How is NobelBiz Different?

Most of our contact center clients switched to the NobelBiz solution because their former CCaaS provider constantly failed to deliver timely resolutions to their technical issues and outages. Nothing hurts more than having your business put on hold because of unreliable infrastructure and unprofessional and undedicated tech support.

Many things can go wrong in an industry with heavy and sustained communication. But the necessary support goes well beyond the common technical issues a Contact Center may encounter.

Innovative Support Flow

Optimized for fast and reliable resolutions

Flexible approach

The flow is here to aid, not delay and obstruct, the resolution

Empowered personnel

Personal and proactive approach

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

Request a free demo. We will help you create your contact center. Today!

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