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BizUncut: Business as it comes

Welcome to BizUncut Video Series. We will provide industry advice, knowledge and first-hand experience from trusted and respected voices in the Contact Center Industry. Short nuggets of wisdom, authentic stories and big ideas on different topics, designed to inspire and take your business to a higher place. Enjoy!

S10: Navigating the SMS Landscape: Compliance, Strategy, and Innovation.

This season, we’re peeling back the layers of SMS marketing to reveal the core strategies, compliance must-knows, and groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the contact center world.

With the guidance of the renowned SMS Queen, Holly Depies, we’ll arm you with the insights to transform your SMS campaigns into powerful tools of engagement and growth. Prepare for a journey into the heart of SMS marketing, where every episode promises to challenge the status quo and inspire your next big move

S9: The Art of Listening & Inquiry: Conversations are Opportunities for a Human Connection, with Christian Montes

In the world of business and relationships, the difference between success and missed opportunity often hinges on the art of: Listening and Inquiry. This season, we are thrilled to be joined by Christian Montes, Executive Vice President of Client Operations at NobelBiz. The journey to mastering the art of listening and inquiry starts before a conversation. It is about understanding, being genuine, and realizing the immense value both sides bring to an interaction.

S8: Understanding the Contact Center Compliance Standards, with Dan Greenwell

In this BizUncut season, we dive into the ever-changing contact center compliance landscape and explore how NobelBiz OMNI+ powered by Safe Select can help contact centers comply with TCPA and other federal & state regulations.

With Dan Greenwell from Customer Dynamics, we tackle hot topics such as human selection, ATDS, dialing systems, DNC list, omnichannel compliance, etc., and how NobelBiz’s Swiss Army Knife of Outbound Compliance offers the safest ecosystem for any contact center business.

S7: The Contact Center Industry: a 2022 Retrospective, with Bradley Butler

Bradley Butler from NobelBiz is sharing the ins and outs on the Contact Center Industry, in regards to the trends and highlights of 2022. From the era of self-service, cloud software and the innovations in call scripting and VOC, here’s a retrospective of the last year.
Brad Buttler: Contact Center Software Consultant

S6: The Great Resignation and A New Employment Construct, with Rachel Macklin

As we know, there was an unprecedented number of people leaving their jobs between April and September 2021. The pandemic had a direct impact on people’s mindsets regarding where and when they want to work, seeking out more flexible positions, and more happiness.
Together with Rachel Macklin from Parker Staffing, we analyze how are the employers keeping up with these changes while tending to their business’s needs, the impact of this on contact center industries, the definition of toxic culture, how it shows up, and what it costs individuals and companies.

S5: How to Upgrade Your Mindset and Train Your Mind for Success, with Jason Cutter

Is there a key for unlocking our true potential and upgrading our mindset for success? Jason Cutter, sales architect and CEO of Cutter Consulting Group joins BizUncut to discuss the impact of mindset and cultivating empowering and meaningful work. Jason continues on by diving into successful habits, goal-oriented vision boards and progress boards and everything in between – jump on in and get started on becoming legendary!

S4: Contact Center Best Practices and Coaching Techniques for 2022, with Ryan Peters

Running a contact center requires taking human, technological, and managerial facts into account in every operational element. As a business owner, leader and manager, measuring and taking remedial steps in order to improve poor performance, is crucial. In this season, Ryan Peters (Director of Contact Center Transformation at NobelBiz), opens up a whole new world of information on contact center best practices and coaching for maximizing the performance of your contact center.

S3: Leadership & The Importance of a Growth Mindset, with Steve Bederman

When you embrace a growth mindset, you open yourself to collaboration, innovation and learn how to pivot during changing times. With more than 40 years experience, Steve is sharing his unique leadership skills and talks about the power of transparency, trust and integrity as organisational goals. Dive deep into the insights of a visionary thinker and learn actionable practices for innovative leadership.

S2: The Future of Communication: Contact Center Strategy Moving Forward, with Michael McGuire

The basis of all communication is client experience and the call center is an amazing combination of communication technology. Past, present and future: what is the Contact Center Strategy moving forward? With more than 24 years of experience in the Contact Center space, Michael is bringing hands-on experience and knowledge and shares with us insights on the future.

S1: CX-Ray of Business World Today, with Steve Bederman

Watch Steve launching these series and taking the pulse of Customer Experience in today’s business world. He is well regarded as a renaissance and a transformative businessman globally with extensive experience in the Contact Center Industry. Through his experience, he is teaching leaders how to set realistic goals and expectations while also aiming high.

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