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NobelBiz OMNI+ is a fully integrated communication system built to maximize efficiency, interactions, and pledges in the Charity and Fundraising space.

Discover a complete charity and fundraising platform optimized to boost contact rates across multiple communication channels, drive more interactions, and quickly collect pledges with the minimum effort from agents and donors.

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Stats and KPIs

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increase in the pickup rate using local numbers

Leverage contact center technology to reap more pledges and donations.

In today’s tech age, fundraising and charity campaigns need much more than just a noble cause to succeed. 

Charity-Specific Reporting Rules & Live Statistics

Advanced solutions such as the LocalTouch from NobeBiz allow call centers to operate with multiple "buckets" of numbers in various geographical areas

TCPA Compliance for Consent & Non-Consent Lists

Get more pledges without the risk of crossing the red line of compliance regulation. NobelBiz Omni+ offers comprehensive dialing capabilities, filters, and safety nets that help increase outbound call volumes in both consent and non-consent scenarios while mitigating TCPA compliance risk.

API Payment-Processor Connectors

Besides collecting payment information over the phone in a PCI-DSS-compliant environment, NobelBiz OMNI+ features a set of API Payment-Processor Connectors that allow the agent to send a payment link via SMS or Email instantly.

IVR Payment Solutions

NobelBiz OMNI+ comes with a complete IVR solution that can serve as a 24/7 payment solution allowing clients to enter their credit information using the touch tones. The IVR payment system can work autonomously or with an agent who sends the caller to the IVR to input their data and then takes them back to continue the call.

Advanced Call Labeling and Blocking Mitigation Strategy

No matter how just and moral of a cause you’re trying to fund, your efforts will be in vain if you constantly have to deal with blocked or labeled numbers. Here is how we can prevent that from happening.

Local Touch

Local Caller ID technology will display a number specific to the geographical area where the call is being placed – no matter where the call initiator is located in a completely different location.

Auto-Number Rotation

Based on what geographical areas you want to target, you can acquire “buckets” of local numbers, allowing your calls to be routed based on attempt count.

Easily switch DIDs that are labeled

Because we own our telecom carrier network, we can filter out and replace labeled numbers much faster, ensuring total number productivity 24/7.

Increased the Answering Machine Detection

The AMD system is connected to our dialers, routing the calls accordingly, filtering out answering machines, and transferring answered calls to the agent.

Level “A” STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

NobelBiz supports the initiative to comply with the TRACED act and have STIR/SHAKEN fully functional with our telecom network and CCaaS solutions.

The Power of Social Media


NobelBiz OMNI+ takes full advantage of the hashtag features of Twitter. It allows Charity and Fundraising agents to prospect donations and engage in direct messaging interactions or comments with all the people who used a particular hashtag. In addition, thanks to our API connectors, agents can easily send donation links via DMs.
WhatsApp & Telegram
Thanks to the encryption technologies of these two text messaging apps, more and more people tend to use them as primary communication methods. Because the accounts are always tied to phone numbers, integrating them into your multichannel approach will give your campaigns a more personal touch while eliminating all the costs associated with SMS interactions.

Collect More Money by Boosting the Dialing Efficiency

NobelBiz OMNI+ features excellent dialing options to boost charity and fundraising campaign productivity by saving precious time and creating more agency opportunities. Our dialers include:
The NobelBiz OMNI+ Preview Dialing pulls client records out of a list and displays them to the agent to be reviewed, one by one.
The NobelBiz OMNI+ Automatic Preview Dialing pulls client records and information and displays them to the agent to be reviewed while the system automatically dials and calls the prospect.

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Preview Dialing pulls client records out of a list and displays them to the agent to be reviewed, one by one.

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialing algorithm will automatically place outbound calls and transfer them to the agents when answered, enhancing agent experience and talk time and increasing predictability.

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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