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See What Real Call Center BPO Flexibility Looks Like

Service more clients with a more professional, nimble, and competitive BPO tech stack.

Everything we do at NobelBiz is built from the ground up to serve and boost the productivity of BPOs: flexible software with multiple connectors, proprietary telecom infrastructure, or dedicated BPO servicing procedures with one of the highest first call resolutions in the business.

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Wide Selection of Communication Channels

Because of its high degree of customizability, the NobelBiz OMNI+ dashboard can centralize, organize and operate with virtually any channel, from regular voice calls and emails to WhatsApp or Telegram messages. Agents will never again have to switch from one tab to another…

Join the Omnichannel Revolution

NobelBiz OMNI+ is the only software you will ever need to run virtually any type of contact center activity. Following all the omnichannel principles, this cloud contact center platform is built to accommodate and easily manage almost any communication channel.

Advanced Segmentation

NobelBiz OMNI+ can be easily segmented into different verticals without needing the agents to log in to various other campaigns.

Productive Agent Workflow

Agents can be in one service at the same time yet engaged in activities on multiple campaigns. This creates a very productive division between services, allowing BPOs to onboard multiple clients without any overflow.

Campaign Set Up Versatility

Mix and match service features within the same instance. Each service can have multiple functionalities, depending on the communication channel(s) it is set up to run on.

Skill-Based Routing

Every agent can be given a set of specific skills and have interactions attributed to them accordingly based on their proficiency (channels, payment or tech support, languages, etc.)

The Only CCaaS Solution that’s Also a Carrier

NobelBiz created a unique and dedicated telecom carrier network to serve and optimize call center traffic. We are the only company with this approach; we own our network and offer multiple worldwide redundancies for uninterrupted uptime, delivering the best possible voice quality at a fair price.

Because we focus solely on the contact center niche, the features and support processes were fine-tuned to maximize the call center traffic’s efficiency, quality, and demands, both inbound and outbound.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
inbound Calls
crystal-clear voice minutes

Advanced Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

Historical Interaction View

Get instant access to all the previous interactions of every client across a multitude of channels. The agent has immediate access to previous interactions with a particular client while also being able to update CRM information without having to leave the NobelBiz OMNI+ agent interface.

Reporting Engine

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Report Engine provides the capability to report on different contact center metrics from an omnichannel perspective using a set of 77 built-in rules and the ability to define new ones.

Performance Analytics

Collect, track, measure, and report on various contact center metrics for inbound and outbound campaigns. NobelBiz OMNI+ empowers BPO agents to collect the human-element data via highly intuitive SLAs and send critical information directly to your CRM in real-time.

Tech Support Designed to Service Contact Centers

We understand the meaning of urgency in the contact center space. NobelBiz has the most responsive, proactive, and reactive customer support in the contact center industry, with a first-call resolution of over 90%. Our client advocates always ensure that the right teams are working together and going that extra mile to keep everything running smoothly in the background for all our contact center clients.
Unlike many CCaaS vendors, NobelBiz offers premium 24/7 support without charging extra fees. Every contact center we power has a dedicated representative making sure everything runs as it should.

All production systems and data connections are monitored for performance, threshold limits, alerts, and faults. Automated reports indicating network and system performance are sent over e-mail for review to the engineering staff.

The Nobebiz Technical Support team is available 24/7/365, utilizing a shift system and a well-defined on-call system ensuring that personnel is always available to respond to any technical issues or inquiries received.

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