Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

With NobelBiz OMNI+, seamless communication meets unmatched efficiency. Our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) bridges the gap between your telephone system and database, synchronizing client information with incoming calls.

With CTI, your agents gain real-time access to caller details, allowing for personalized interactions from the moment the phone rings. Say goodbye to manual data retrieval and hello to streamlined workflows, empowering your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Discover the power of CTI and revolutionize your contact center operations. Experience a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction with NobelBiz OMNI+ CTI.

Save time and resources while offering the best Customer Experience.

CTI allows real-time merging between customer data and phone calls. Data is pulled and automatically displayed based on a telephone number for the agent to work with. In addition, data can be edited in real-time, updating the client’s profile during the call.

CTI’s real-time merging of customer data and phone calls saves valuable time and resources. When the phone rings, your agents instantly access relevant customer information, allowing for personalized interactions from the get-go. No more searching through databases—data is automatically displayed based on the caller’s telephone number, streamlining your team’s workflow.

But that’s not all—CTI empowers your agents to edit customer data in real-time, keeping client profiles up-to-date during the call. Say hello to elevated efficiency and a new level of customer satisfaction with NobelBiz OMNI+ CTI.

Computer Media Interaction

CTI evolved beyond connecting data with just telephone calls. With NobelBiz OMNI+, every inbound interaction is eligible for the same experience, allowing client data to be pulled for virtually ANY type of inbound interaction: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on. We call this Computer Media Interaction.

At NobelBiz, we’re committed to revolutionizing your contact center’s capabilities. With Computer Media Interaction, your agents gain the power to effortlessly access client data in real-time, regardless of the communication channel. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or social media message, your team will have all the relevant information they need at their fingertips. Say goodbye to fragmented data and hello to a unified approach that sets the stage for unparalleled customer experiences.

Embrace the future of CTI with NobelBiz OMNI+ Computer Media Interaction. Elevate your contact center to new heights of efficiency and customer delight

The NobelBiz team was very flexible in working with us and understanding that our business was very unique and very specific in terms of reporting and integration with other platforms.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Enhanced Agent Productivity with CTI

At NobelBiz, we believe that your contact center’s success starts with empowered agents. Our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) feature goes beyond the basics to boost agent productivity and elevate customer experiences. Elevate your contact center to new heights with NobelBiz OMNI+ CTI. Empower your agents, enhance customer satisfaction, and unlock a world of efficiency-driven success.

Seamless Workflows

With CTI, your agents no longer waste valuable time manually searching for customer data. A seamless integration with your CRM system provides instant access to caller information, enabling agents to focus on meaningful conversations rather than data retrieval.

Intelligent Call Routing

Say goodbye to misdials and wrong connections. CTI intelligently routes incoming calls to the most suitable agents based on customer history and preferences. Every interaction is optimized for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automated Call Logging

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure accurate call records. CTI automatically logs call details, including call duration, notes, and outcomes, making it easier for agents to stay organized and track customer interactions effortlessly.

Personalized Customer Interactions

CTI equips your agents with comprehensive customer profiles on their screens, enabling personalized interactions from the very first "hello." The result? Delighted customers and strengthened customer loyalty.

Unified Customer Data

Unify customer data from various sources under one platform. CTI streamlines customer information from emails, chats, social media, and phone calls, providing agents with a complete view of every customer interaction.

Real-Time Call Analytics

With CTI, you gain valuable insights into call metrics and agent performance in real-time. Accessing call analytics and performance reports helps you optimize your contact center operations and enhance agent training.

CTI Analytics and Reporting: Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Insights

Transform your contact center with NobelBiz OMNI+ CTI’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering your team with data-driven insights for unparalleled success. Unlock the true potential of your contact center with CTI Analytics and elevate your customer experience to new heights. Schedule a demo and fuel your success today.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

Gain clarity with in-depth call metrics, tracking call volume, handle time, wait times, and more. Analyze trends and identify areas for optimization to enhance operational efficiency. Stay ahead with real-time performance tracking, empowering proactive decision-making.

Empowering Agent Performance Evaluation

Access detailed data on call resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores, agent activity, and response times. Identify top performers, provide personalized coaching, and boost agent morale. With targeted insights, optimize workforce management and elevate overall productivity.

Uncover Customer Interaction Gems

Use advanced conversation analysis to extract valuable insights from customer interactions. Identify sentiment, pain points, and opportunities to deliver exceptional customer experiences and foster loyalty. Tailor engagement strategies based on customer preferences and feedback, driving customer retention and loyalty.

Learn More about Computer Telephony Integration

Learn more about Computer Telephony Integrations work, the benefits, and what to look for when choosing the best one for your company.
CTI for Contact Centers

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