Web Callback

Web Callback is a feature complementary to the Live Webchat function, allowing clients to submit their phone numbers on a website to be called back by an agent later.

The Web Callback creates a convenient, friendly, and headache-free experience for your website’s visitors.

Convenience is the real currency of a memorable customer experience. The Web Callback makes it so convenient and easy to use that the client will most likely remember the interaction positively.

Next Level On-page Communication Experience

The webchat pop-up on a website can be paired with the Web Callback function to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. This allows the client to choose right then and there if they want to have a text conversation or input their phone number so that an agent can call them immediately.

Web callback is an optimal solution for being there for your website visitors even when no agents are available. Customers can simply fill in the form and receive a callback in a matter of minutes, from your next available agent.

When we found NobelBiz OMNI+ we were very impressed with its flexibility, the fact that it is really easy to learn, and because we were able to deploy it probably faster than any software that I have ever seen.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Omnichannel Customer Engagement features

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