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Increasing Monthly Interactions, and Robust Analytics to Empower Business

BPOs / Outsourcing
Leading Edge Connections
No. of Employees
Product used:
NobelBiz Omni+
New Clients in Less than Two Years
Customer Interactions per Month
Customer Satisfaction Score
The NobelBiz technology is top-notch. The team is top-notch. They provided what is needed to be best in class today and are progressively chasing what is required to remain best in class tomorrow.

Eric Sims
CEO & Founder of Leading Edge Connections


Leading Edge Connections, LLC. is a specialty provider of outsourced contact center services and solutions for numerous industries and companies on the grow. They provide a full range of Sales, Customer Service, Back Office, and Technology Transformation services in a 24/7 virtual environment.

Leading Edge Connections was looking for a contact center software that could support its 100% remote business model and be scalable and adaptable to the different business types they were serving, from Financial Services to Medical & Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, and Retail. They also needed a solution equipped with robust analytics and reporting capabilities that could provide real-time access to customer data.


For quite some time, Leading Edge Connections faced suboptimal contact rates that caused severe financial strains for them and their clients. Also, their reporting and analytics were subpar and caused difficulties strategically and logistically. As a result, there was a lot of frustration and work dissatisfaction amongst the tech and reporting teams, and the company faced high attrition levels.


By implementing NobelBiz Omni+, Leading Edge Connections made strategic steps towards a top-performant tech solution with multiple capabilities able to support fully remote contact center businesses, robust analytics and reporting functionalities, and expert guidance in delivering exceptional agent and customer experiences.

This strategic decision led to more performant and satisfied teams, more quality interactions monthly, new clients in the company’s portfolio, and, most importantly, more happy clients!

Results and KPIs at a glance


Customer Interactions Per Month


Customer Interactions Per Month


Lower Customer Acquisition Cost


Customer Satisfaction Score

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