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Worry-Free, Full-Featured
Cloud Contact Center Solution

NobelBiz OMNI+ is an all-in-one cloud contact center software solution designed to combine ease of use with a complete productivity set of tools and low IT overheads, topped with unique differentiators:

  • High server redundancy with almost 100% up-time
  • Built-in compliance toolset
  • Unique proprietary Voice Carrier Network with telco lines
  • Advanced omnichannel contact center software capabilities
  • Individual cloud architecture for each client
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Trusted by hundreds of contact centers in the US and all over the world.

What is a Cloud Contact Center Software Solution?

A cloud contact center solution is a web-based software platform that allows any company or department to operate its own contact center with little to no hardware and low maintenance costs, in a secure and reliable environment.

What is a complete Contact Center Solution?

A complete contact center solution refers to the entirety of the tools, software, and services combined to create the technological infrastructure needed for a contact center to run its operations and to fulfill its business goals. A cloud contact center solution is lean, flexible, and scalable, allowing contact center owners and managers to make better use of their time and financial resources in a smart and secure way.

To achieve the status of a complete contact center solution we’ve combined our two main products, with outstanding results, offering one of the most robust solutions on the market. The NobelBiz solution can be deployed in virtually any type of contact center environment with little to no need to buy and install third-party apps or providers.

NobelBiz OMNI+ Contact Center Software

NobelBiz OMNI+ has an impressive array of options and functions that can be tweaked, bent, customized, and optimized to find the perfect use case for ANY call center:

The NobelBiz Voice Network Telecom Solution

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is not your usual telecom provider, but one that was designed with the sole purpose of serving contact centers all over the world. You will find that every little aspect is optimized for the contact center activity:

The NobelBiz synergy between software
and the proprietary telecom solution

The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center solution is designed to complement our telecom solution, improving an already great carrier product and taking it to new heights of performance and usability. Our software solution is fully compatible with our Voice Carrier Network, working in sync to offer one of the most advanced, complete platforms on the market.

Proprietary one-of-a-kind network carrier

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is the only telecom network built from the ground up with the sole purpose of serving contact centers. Our carrier-of-carriers not only encourages contact center traffic but also protects and safeguards the interests of any type of contact center business. We own our network and we treat our clients as they deserve to be treated.

Choosing the wrong type of carrier has consequences

We know how big carriers are treating call center traffic, and call centers in general, as second-hand customers, downgrading their service quality and offering little to no technical support. Here are some common issues experienced when making outbound calls on a carrier not designed for contact center traffic:
  • Calls not connecting
  • Ringing on calls that were answered
  • Dead air on calls
  • Calls that seem to ring longer than they should

How can NobelBiz provide a high call completion rate for all types of traffic?

Service providers who have purpose-built networks explicitly designed for contact center traffic will handle more types of calls and volumes while also maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Our Purpose-built network is designed for call center traffic using secure top-notch data centers, backup power, diverse multi-data provider circuits in each facility, and clusters of redundant equipment
  • Active management of many high-quality routes in place to distribute calls among top carriers
  • Downstream carriers competing for your business delivering high uptime and excellent call quality
  • The ability to immediately remove a carrier from route to minimize your downtime
  • Maintain high-quality standards by firing providers who consistently don’t perform

The Nobelbiz Cloud Contact Center Solution
comes with built-in convenience

Convenience is probably one of the top three reasons why companies choose one provider over the other. At NobelBiz, we’ve placed convenience at the core of our value system. We want to create a worry-free environment for every single contact center we power.

Omnichannel communication system for a flawless CX

NobelBiz OMNI+ creates the ultimate communication system based on a complete synergy between voice and other communication channels. To achieve the omnichannel effect, every single channel is monitored and operated from the same unique dashboard, greatly improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

No hardware to worry about

Because everything is hosted in a secure cloud environment, our unified communication service offers worldwide easy work-from-home access. NobelBIZ OMNI+ grants all the functionality of an on-premise setup, without the nuisance of having to deal with hardware physical storage, maintenance or upgrade.

Rich selection of 3rd party integrations

NobelBiz OMNI+ allows its users to build their own custom contact center ecosystem via an impressive set of API integrations. OMNI+ is designed to integrate a wide range of third-party applications from popular CRM software and cloud computing to database management solutions, payment processing apps, real-time AI agent assistant tools, and so on…

Plug and play solution

Because we are talking about a hardware-free solution, NobelBiz OMNI+ can be deployed in a fast and secure manner. Opting for the full NobelBiz package will grant immediate access to the only telecom network built for contact centers and a 100% compatible cloud contact center software. Migrating from your old solution is a fast and clean process with little to no downtime.

Out-of-the-box compliance tool suite

NobelBiz OMNI+ is fully compliant and features many advanced security measures to protect customer information and sensitive data:

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • SOC2
  • TCPA
  • A2P 10DLC

New solutions such as NobelBiz OMNI+ can be set up to operate in an omnichannel ecosystem, combining classical communication channels such as voice or email with newer social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger.

Why Should your business choose
a Cloud-based Contact Center Solution?

The slim, low-risk solution offered by a cloud contact center software creates multiple business advantages,
regardless of how you choose to deploy it.

Complete contact center solution, out-of-the-box

The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software was designed to act as a complete solution with all the built-in tools needed to run any type of contact center activity without the need to buy and install other third-party tools such as an IVR system, Text to Speech, Answering Machine Detection and so on.

Minimum hardware requirements

Browser-based cloud contact center solutions such as NobelBiz OMNI+ require minimum hardware infrastructure on the part of the client. This is a completely web-enabled solution. All you need for full operability is a computer, an internet connection, and a headset; everything else is accessed and managed via the cloud connection.

Secure Dedicated AWS Infrastructure

As opposed to our competitors we use individual dedicated cloud architectures built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. We do not use multi-tenant environments; each customer has a dedicated architecture giving them full control of their data and integration requirements.
What we offer

The Unified Agent Desktop Solution

The Unified Agent Desktop is probably one of the most important elements of a performance-oriented cloud contact center software: the virtual office of your agents. Here is where all the hard work happens, where success is being recorded, and where failure can be analyzed.

This is one of the key elements of every omnichannel contact center solution platform. The impact of a unified agent desktop on the work quality of your agents is so great, that it can literally make the difference between winning or losing, at a business level.

The top priority for the NobelBiz OMNI+ Agent Interface is to find the perfect balance between agent experience, usability, ergonomics, and productivity.

Work-From-Home Ready

NobelBiz OMNI+ will work perfectly both in the on-premise and remote environments. Because we are using a 100% cloud infrastructure, clients are able to move entire teams of agents from the brick-and-mortar setup to a completely remote environment, and back, in a matter of hours with virtually no downtime.

Management of Operations:

The built-in activity tracking capabilities of NobelBiz OMNI+ allow managers and owners to put in place a truly equitable and fair performance bonus system to track, reword and promote agents based on their records. This will greatly incentivize the agents to do their best both in their own interest and for the interest of the company.

Increase agent satisfaction and retention

The unique agent interface makes it easy for your team to access client data without having to switch the app. The Agent Interface of NobelBiz OMNI+ was designed to simplify and better organize the agent workflow while maximizing performance. This will greatly improve the agent experience and performance, reducing frustration and minimizing employee turnover.

A cloud-based integrated communication solution

The NobelBiz OMNI+ software is a communication powerhouse tool that centralizes some of the most popular channels into one browser-based platform. We make it easy for you and your agents to simultaneously manage multiple interactions on multiple communication channels without having to change apps or use multiple windows.

Premium Voice Tools and Services

One of the most important differentiators between NobelBiz OMNI+ and our competitors is that we are using a proprietary Voice Carrier Network that was designed, built, and equipped to sustain and encourage contact center voice traffic. NobelBiz OMNI+ features an outstanding selection of tools to be deployed in every type of inbound and outbound campaign imaginable.

Outbound Voice Contact Center Solutions

Inbound Voice Contact Center Solutions

Interactive Channels

NobelBiz OMNI+ integrates a number of communication channels that were previously seen as separate entities, difficult to integrate within the automated workflow of a contact center. However, the evolving user behavior determined call centers all over the world to offer support for these types of text interactions.

Social Media Channels

A true omnichannel cloud contact center solution cannot afford to ignore the social media revolution and the host of communication apps it generated. NobelBiz OMNI+ supports integrations with some of the most popular social media chat apps.

Moving beyond the 24 / 7 / 360 support

With 20 years of experience in the Contact Center industry, both as a software and telecom solutions provider, NobelBiz learned a thing or two about how to best serve the interests of our clients by offering outstanding customer support.

The Client Advocate Model

Departing from the old way of client support, we adopted the client advocate model. Every Contact Center that we power has a dedicated representative that is constantly checking in to see if everything is running at an optimal pace. The concept behind the client advocate department is that we moved from the passive way of offering support (waiting for the client to call and signal a problem) to a more proactive stance (where the client advocate is constantly trying to prevent any issue that might come forth).

From technical support to business management and beyond

The thought of having someone you can rely on is an incredibly reassuring thought and makes running a Contact Center so much easier and carefree. With NobelBiz you can rest assured that our client advocates have your best interest at heart, regardless if you are dealing with technical difficulties or you want to get advice on how to scale your business.

The benefits of a cloud-based
contact center solution

Surprisingly enough the cloud-based model proved to be more than just a temporary fix, as people started to look beyond its WFH capabilities and discover a rather surprising number of benefits. Here is a quick comparison between the on-premise and cloud-based contact centers.

On-Premise Contact Center


Cloud-Based Contact Center

Contact Center


Contact Center

Set-Up Time


Having to build an on-premise contact center from scratch can take up to several months. To go live, you will need to find and lease the physical premise, purchase and install the hardware, find and customize the right software, and so on.

Cloud Based

Because we are dealing with an out-of-the-box product, the infrastructure is already up and running. The set-up process for a cloud product can take as little as 72 hours, for experienced providers such as NobelBiz.
Acquisition Costs


The on-premise model implies that you will own every piece of asset, from office space (can be rented) to hardware, software licenses, furniture, and everything in between. Also, consider the costs of providers, from electricity, telecom, internet and so on.

Cloud Based

The most important aspect you need to worry about when purchasing a cloud solution is having a reliable internet connection with solid bandwidth. The pay-per-seat model will allow you to pay just for the resources that you really need.
Long-Term Expenses & Maintenance


Besides the office and hardware maintenance costs, you will have to factor in payroll, all the monthly recurring bills (software, internet connection, electricity, insurance, etc.) Also, consider that the on-premise hardware needs to be updated every 5 to 10 years.

Cloud Based

Cloud expenses are limited to the monthly provider bill, the internet provider bill, and payroll. Yes, some cloud providers also include telecom services in their monthly fees.
Software Integrations


Because you own all the infrastructure, you virtually have all the liberty to customize your software as you see fit. However, take into account that everything takes time and resources to develop.

Cloud Based

Out of the box, cloud contact center solutions such as NobelBiz OMNI+ come with ready-to-use integrations for some of the most popular CRMs, payment processors, database solutions, and so on.


• Private Branch Exchange / Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PBX/PABX)
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR/VRU)
• Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
• Voice Logger
• Agent Workstations
• Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
• LAN Components
• Web & Mail Servers
• Application Server
• Mainframe & Data Warehouse

Cloud Based

• Computer
• Internet Connection
• Headsets

Everything else is accessed via the cloud connection.

Reliability & Downtime


The on-premise infrastructure is generally regarded as being superior for the simple fact that because everything is located in the same place call lag and quality are no issues.

However, the on-premise infrastructure is only as reliable as its technology and hardware components

Cloud Based

In general, for the cloud-powered contact centers, call quality and latency-related problems are only an issue of internet connection. A solid connection should eliminate these fears altogether as the leading cloud technologies are far superior to any premise-build infrastructure.

For example, the NobelBiz OMNI+ infrastructure is using Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering the best-in-class service availability and performance, with insane failover safety redundancies.

Future scaling


Virtual every single update you want to make will depend on the hardware and software you own. This means that contact center flexibility is basically nonexistent.

Scaling will always imply updating old hardware and buying/developing new software solutions.

Cloud Based

The pay-as-you-go model implies that resources can be allocated according to your needs. This can help contact centers tackle both seasonality and unpredicted spikes in activities with virtually no infrastructure update.

Both resource management and operations scaling (such as onboarding new agents) are taken off the shoulders of the management team.

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