Voice Infrastructure

Dedicated Voice Infrastructure Optimized for Contact Center Performance

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is architected to sustain call-center-specific outbound and inbound traffic running at peak efficiency without adding additional infrastructure.

Everything is designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate the impact of call labeling and blocking and provide all-around compliance.

Why is a VoIP telecom system essential to contact centers?

Contact centers that use VoIP can convert voice to a real-time experience by enhancing agents’ self-service and support activities, increasing throughput, and reducing costs. A VoIP system can offer greater control and visibility over operations and hence better control over the customer experience while accommodating other productivity features such as real-time call monitoring or advanced call routing.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
inbound Calls
crystal-clear voice minutes

Common Carrier Issues

Many contact centers fall victim to these problems because their vendors have little to no control over their reselling of voice services.
  • Numbers getting labeled or blocked
  • Poor number management
  • Severe drops in the Contact Rate
  • Frequent network downtime due to lack of redundancy
  • Delayed resolutions for telecom-related technical issues

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network

The NobelBiz proprietary is designed from the ground up to serve the specific needs of the call center industry.
  • Pioneer Local Caller ID technology
  • Carrier-Level Auto-Number Rotation
  • Automatic Switch of the Labeled DIDs
  • 99,9% up-time, high-grade security, and easy setup
  • Level A STIR/SHAKEN Attestation
  • Premium support with no extra cost

The NobelBiz Outbound Infrastructure

What is a VoIP telecom system?

Unlike the old PBX systems, the NobelBiz VoIP solution requires minimal on-site hardware and provides an excellent, lean, and cost-effective way of handling voice calls, provided the contact center has an internet connection.

Dedicated AWS client architectures

Compared to other CCaaS solutions using multi-tenant environments, NobelBiz uses dedicated AWS client architectures, offering complete control over their data, and integration requirements, while granting the highest degree of flexibility.

Resilient & Redundant Data Centers

NobelBiz provides redundant data centers in Los Angeles, CA, and 60 Hudson, NY. These are the most resilient locations worldwide for working with the PSTN network. Our data centers feature both redundant PSTN carriers and data networks.

SBC Load Balancers

The Session Border Controllers Load Balancers provide an effective workaround for outages and congestions. This is the first layer of our network-based routing system focusing on priority and sending calls to one or more destinations to provide the highest degree of availability.

The NobelBiz Core Router

The Shield Platform Core Router is the backbone of the NobelBiz Network, focusing on optimizing performance and the dependability of long-distance communications. This is where clients can apply their TCPA Filters or configure their Local Caller ID Rotations, among many other self-service options.

SBC Clusters Nodes

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network features an advanced built-in routing engine for call processing featuring Local Caller ID capabilities, STIR/SHAKEN Authentication, Call Processing & Routing, Compliance Settings, and more.

Big-Capacity Interconnections

After all the processing, we are ready to determine the exact route each call will follow, choosing the right Carrier Network to send the call to the Public switched telephone network. With our nationwide, big-capacity interconnections, we can deliver and receive calls with high reliability and redundancy.

The NobelBiz Inbound Infrastructure

Advanced Self-Service Solutions

Perfected & Controlled Inbound Routes

The inbound interactions follow strategic “stops” along the way to ensure complete control over the interaction. When a customer calls your team using a DID or a Toll-Free Number, the call is first sent to the cloud, where it is processed and routed via the SBC Cluster.

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network Overview

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network excels at managing and optimizing call-center-specific traffic. All the features and support processes were fine-tuned to maximize voice traffic’s efficiency, quality, and demands, both inbound and outbound.

✅ A Self Service platform for acquiring, managing, and routing your numbers
✅ Global Multi-Region Architecture
✅ 650+ interconnected carrier partners worldwide
✅ Top Voice Quality based on the MOS call standard
✅ Multiple Safety Nets
✅ Compliance Tools and Filters
✅ Real-time scaling capabilities

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