From tech support to business advice and beyond at no extra cost

The thought of having someone you can rely on is incredibly reassuring and makes running a Contact Center so much easier and carefree.

With NobelBiz, you can rest assured that our support teams have your best interest at heart, regardless if you are dealing with technical difficulties or want to get advice on scaling your business.

If you, too, are fed up with poor and unreliable tech support, schedule an honest and laid-back discussion with a NobelBiz representative and see how we can help. For Free.

Moving beyond the 24/7/365 support

With 20 years of experience in the Contact Center industry, both as a software and telecom provider, NobelBiz learned a thing or two about how to best serve the interests of our clients by offering outstanding customer support.

Client Advocates

Departing from the old way of client support, we adopted the client advocate model. As a result, every Contact Center we power has a dedicated representative constantly checking in to see if everything is running optimally and advocating for their customers` needs within the organization.

The concept behind the client advocate department is that we moved from the passive way of offering support (waiting for the client to call and signal a problem) to a more proactive stance (where the client advocate is constantly trying to prevent any issue that might come forth). More than regular support and more than an account manager that other companies may have, an advocate will fight for the customer’s interests within the organization rather than just passing information along to other departments.

Optimization Manager

Business Strategy and Sustainable Development: Although this may be the least apparent type of support you might think of, having a professional opinion at the right time can be crucial for any Contact Center. You might also need reliable help when planning and designing a scalable and elastic infrastructure.

Your attributed optimization manager acts as a combination of a customer success engineer and a technical account manager, trying to find and communicate ways in which you can better streamline your operations.


The NobelBiz support team is responsible for providing technical support (incidents or service requests) for the following NobelBiz services:

World-Class Voice Services:
Cloud Contact Center Services:

Premium support with no extra cost

The NobeBiz Technical Support team is available 24/7/365, utilizing a shift system and a well-defined on-call system ensuring that personnel is always available to respond to any inquiries.

Unlike many CCaaS vendors, NobelBiz offers premium 24/7 support without charging extra fees. Every contact center that we power has a dedicated representative making sure everything runs as it should.

Customer Opinions & Satisfaction Score

After two decades of dedication to the contact center space, NobelBiz devised an effective support system that made us known as the promise keepers of the CCaaS industry.


‘Thank You – we still need to test, but y’all worked on turbo speed to get our request completed. Kudos to all!’ 😊


‘I am always amazed by the level of support from the NobelBiz team.’

How is NobelBiz Different?

Most of our contact center clients switched to the NobelBiz solution because their former CCaaS provider constantly failed to deliver timely resolutions to their technical issues and outages. Nothing hurts more than having your business put on hold because of unreliable infrastructure and unprofessional and undedicated tech support.

Many things can go wrong in an industry with heavy and sustained communication. But the necessary support goes well beyond the common technical issues a Contact Center may encounter.

Innovative Support Flow

Optimized for fast and reliable resolutions

Flexible approach

The flow is here to aid, not delay and obstruct, the resolution

Empowered personnel

Personal and proactive approach

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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