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The Promise Keepers of the Contact Center Industry

At NobelBiz, we are fully aware that our success goes hand in hand with the success of our clients. We also know that the quality and reliability of our services can have enormous consequences for our clients. Just think of a healthcare communication system or other emergency services. It can make the difference between life and death.

This is why our first and foremost mission is to keep our services up and running at any cost, with little to no downtime. As a safety net, we’ve developed an efficient troubleshooting system that achieved one of the industry’s highest first call resolutions.

We treat our customers` pain points as if they were our own and act toward addressing them as our number one priority. This is part of our company culture, a choice that we consciously made when deciding to become “The promise keepers of the industry”.

What we offer

Why Nobelbiz?

At NobelBiz, we are determined to elevate simplicity and efficiency as industry standards while constantly updating the latest technological developments and keeping costs in check. We dream of a contact center world where reliable technology runs quietly in the background while agents and managers focus on what matters the most: delivering the best customer experience and growing the business.

Get better metrics management with the Reporting Engine

A proper omnichannel solution is a powerhouse for configuring and monitoring virtually any KPI: If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Defining smart KPIs will positively impact your overall costs and contribute to better decision-making, financially and otherwise.

Increase efficiency with a centralized omnichannel solution

Having agents move from one tab to another and putting together the missing pieces of previous client interactions is one of the most ineffective ways of handling inbound and outbound campaigns. An omnichannel solution will bring everything together, saving time and money.

Reduce attrition

The turnover rate is a thorn in every contact center's side: the more you complicate an agent's life, the more likely they will leave. This is why using an agent-friendly platform will have a noticeable impact on your workforce and overall attrition. Not to mention that the training is simplified and the process shortens.

Improve business opportunity

A real omnichannel platform such as NobelBiz OMNI+ offers the possibility to onboard and service virtually every type of business client. We create a contact center infrastructure capable of integrating almost any kind of communication channel, from calls to emails and SMS to WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram.


See what customers think about us

There’s no better feeling than seeing our contact center partners express their gratitude for working with us. See what other people had to say about their experience with NobelBiz.
All the reviews are authentic and submitted by our esteemed clients.
When it came to the professionalism, the communication and the reliability, NobelBiz was, hands down, the most helpful, informative and supportive group we came across. And it continued to be that way even we have begun our onboarding process…
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The technology aspect of NobelBiz stood out compared to the competition, and also the great team! All the way from onboarding to support to troubleshooting has been great throughout this journey!
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The simplicity of the user interface. Agent and Manager portals. It's very easy for the agents to recognize the incoming, queued, abandoned calls. Helps the team maintain SLA.
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Moving beyond the 24/7/365 support

With 20 years of experience in the Contact Center industry, both as a software and telecom provider, NobelBiz learned a thing or two about how to best serve the interests of our clients by offering outstanding customer support.

The Client Advocate Model

Departing from the old way of client support, we adopted the client advocate model. Every Contact Center we power has a dedicated representative constantly checking in to see if everything is running at an optimal pace.
The concept behind the client advocate department is that we moved from the passive way of offering support (waiting for the client to call and signal a problem) to a more proactive stance (where the client advocate is constantly trying to prevent any issue that might come forth).

From tech support to business management and beyond

The thought of having someone you can rely on is incredibly reassuring and makes running a Contact Center so much easier and carefree. With NobelBiz, you can rest assured that our client advocates have your best interest at heart, whether you are dealing with technical difficulties or want to get advice on scaling your business.

Complete Cloud Contact Center Solution

A complete cloud contact center solution refers to the entirety of the tools, software, and services combined to create the technological infrastructure needed for a contact center to run its operations and fulfill its business goals. A cloud contact center solution is lean, flexible, and scalable, allowing contact center owners and managers to use their time and financial resources smartly and securely.

To achieve the status of a complete contact center solution, we’ve combined our two primary products with outstanding results, offering one of the most robust solutions on the market. The NobelBiz solution can be deployed in virtually any contact center environment with little to no need to buy and install third-party apps or providers.

NobelBiz Omnichannel Contact Center Software

NobelBiz OMNI+ is a complete cloud contact center software equipped with a complex toolbox of features, functions, and integrations carefully designed to manage the operations of every type of contact center. You are looking at a customizable powerhouse of productivity and probably the only software you will ever need to run any contact center activity.

OMNI+ is a communication powerhouse tool that centralizes some of the most popular channels into one browser-based platform. We make it easy for you and your agents to simultaneously manage multiple interactions on multiple communication channels without changing apps or using multiple windows.


Agent Experience:

Agent applications and scripting offer a better overall experience because of the easy-to-use interface.


Management of Operations:

User profiles, groups, monitoring, and break codes are all controlled via a web-based manager.


Secure Infrastructure:

To protect customer records, use secure passwords, IP addresses, and FTP access.


High-quality call recording:

Configure inbound and outbound call recordings with the possibility to search and retrieve them.


Inbound Phone Calls:

Add menus, prompts, tags, and routing to IVR scripts; Scripts can be linked and scheduled.


Outbound Calls:

Human Selection System, Answering Machine Detection, campaign management, predictive, progressive, preview dialers, etc.

Customer Stories

See how our customers managed to use our tools to take their contact center to the next level.
Leading Edge Connections
Case Study: Increasing Monthly Interactions, and Robust Analytics to Empower Business
Call 4You Marketing
Case Study: Strong Competitive Edge in Technology and Increased Connection Rate

Why do agents love NobelBiz Omni+?

The call center agent will be the first one to notice the difference between the old way of doing things and an omnichannel workflow. This is because the agent operates the call center software for hours on end, day in and day out.

Saving time with a streamlined workflow

Having to switch from one channel to another, from one window to another, and from one app to another will chip away at the efficiency of your agents. A genuine Omnichannel software will eliminate all those inefficiencies, save time and create a much more pleasant working environment.

The correct information at the right time

A proper omnichannel solution can pull real-time data and display it for the agent’s benefit when interacting with a client, prospect, or lead. This means seamless integration between the communication software and the CRM. Most of our competitors like to advertise this, but very few are able to do it. NobelBiz Omni+ does it.

Remove the need for pen and paper

An Omnichannel software such as NobelBiz OMNI+ allows the agent to input and update the client’s data (any data) in real-time, without even having to exit the software’s dashboard. Also, the information is automatically sent into the CRM to be accessed at any time in the future.
Continuously Monitor and Improve Performance

Accurate and detailed client history

If information is power, empowering your agents means giving them access to updated information. We cannot emphasize how important this aspect is and how big of a difference it can make in terms of Customer Experience. A proper Omnichannel solution should be able to offer an in-depth interaction history for every client. NobelBiz OMNI+ history tab provides, for every client, the following information:

• Number of interactions
• Type of interaction (Call, Voice Message, email, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.)
• Agents that the client interacted with within each instance
• Resolution for each interaction
• Content of the discussion (recording if it was a call, or print screen with the discussion if it was a text interaction)

Omnichannel 360 Dashboard

Because of its high degree of customizability, the NobelBiz OMNI+ dashboard can centralize, organize and operate with virtually any channel, from regular voice calls and emails to WhatsApp or Telegram messages. Agents will never again have to switch from one tab to another...

Unparalleled Agent Interface

The NobelBiz OMNI+ interface is one of the most agent-friendly, seamlessly combining the simplicity of operating calls and interactions with the crisp and precise client data feed. This is a marvel of efficiency and ergonomics that agents love and get attached to.

meeting goals and objectives
Fair Workload Monitoring System

The built-in activity tracking technology of NobelBiz OMNI+ will allow managers and owners alike to implement a truly equitable and fair performance bonus system, further incentivizing the agents to do their best for their interest and the interest of the company.

Flexible Remote Work System:

With the advent of the new remote-work era we are facing right now, one of the most critical aspects for the home employee is having flexible working hours. The magic is that you don`t need to install anything. You give the agents a link, a username, a password and a worktop and they are ready to rumble.

Wide Selection of Communication Channels

Join the Omnichannel Revolution

NobelBiz OMNI+ is the only software you will ever need to run virtually any type of contact center activity. Following all the omnichannel principles, this cloud contact center platform is built to accommodate and easily manage almost any communication channel.

NobelBiz OMNI+ Highlights

What we offer

NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is one of the best VoIP Interconnected Providers in the industry, with multiple worldwide redundancies for uninterrupted uptime, delivering the best possible voice quality at a fair price.

Because we focus solely on the contact center niche, the features and support processes were fine-tuned to maximize the call center traffic’s efficiency, quality, and demands, both inbound and outbound.

Specially designed for contact centers

Unlike other carriers, our telecom network encourages call-center-specific traffic and offers specialized support for contact-center-related technical issues.

You go live in no time

The onboarding process at NobelBiz is much faster because all of our procedures are optimized and fine-tuned for setting-up contact centers, regardless of whether you bring your numbers or get them from us.

Reliable infrastructure

Nobelbiz provides redundant data centers in one Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA, and 60 Hudson, NY. These demarcation points are the most resilient locations on the planet for working with the PSTN network.

Worldwide Coverage

Our network features more than 650 interconnected carrier partners worldwide, with multiple redundancies, guaranteeing fair international long-distance rates.

Best quality-price ratio for telephony

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network offers attractive cost-per-minute rates paired with multiple productivity features that can be easily attached to your plan at any moment.

Smart set of productivity tools

Get access to one of the most versatile selections of intelligent tools designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate the impact of call labeling and blocking and provide all-around compliance.

Every day, our network accommodates

outbound calls
inbound Calls
crystal-clear voice minutes

Carrier-Level Enhancements

Compliance: SHIELD Safety Nets
Right Touch features time-of-day, time zone, and frequency filters.

Mobile Touch blocks any calls to mobile phones in your list so you can dial in a TCPA compliant environment.

Performance: Number Management

Local Touch: Based on the person you call, we can broadcast a local number and increase the caller’s probability of picking up.

Auto-Number Rotation: With the automatic rotation feature, you have multiple local phone numbers that can be rotated based on attempt count.

We have you covered

Equip your contact center with a complete set of built-in compliance tools

  • PCI Compliance
    Process credit card payments with ease
  • TCPA Compliance
    Improve performance while remaining compliant
  • SOC 2 Compliance
    Data security and 24/7 availability
    Signed outbound calls with the highest level of attestation

A grassroots approach to servicing multiple industries

Cultivating strong relationships with some of the most prominent US associations has always been one of our top priorities. We like to develop connections and partnerships and keep a close eye on the new realities in the contact center space and beyond. Being active members in various associations across multiple verticals allows us to constantly adapt and improve our products and services to the specific needs of each niche. We are proud professional members of:

Who can benefit from the NobelBiz products and services?

The NobelBiz CCaaS products and services are dedicated to every contact center business or department. Designed to power any inbound, outbound, or blended operations, our software and telecom products can be deployed for a broad spectrum of big and small contact centers across multiple industries. We know full well that every contact center is different, having specific needs that suit the industry it is operating in.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of industries that can benefit from our products and services:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Customer Service
Government & Education
Sales & Telemarketing
Fundraising & Charity
Retail &
Travel & Hospitality

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