Unified Agent Desktop

Dynamic Agent Scripting

NobelBiz OMNI+ features advanced and highly customizable dynamic agent scripting capabilities creating seamless agent-client interactions.

Agent script

Equip your agents with tools they love to interact with.

The agent experience often dictates the overall performance of a contact center. With NobelBiz OMNI+ Dynamic Agent Scripting, your agents get in control of the interactions and feel more confident. Working with scripts has never been so easy and enjoyable.

Hassle-Free Interactive Dynamic Scripts

The Dynamic Agent Scripting tool is much more than a simple digital script tool for agents. Its dynamic nature allows the programmed scripts to send/retrieve data from/into a CRM without leaving the Agent Dashboard window.

Being able to deploy a software that is very easy to learn and very easy to follow a script and a guide is really an amazing thing to offer to clients and have them up and running in literally 48 hours from the install to the full training and making calls…
Brad Dashnaw, CEO of Shift Marketing

Versatile Script Designer

NobelBiz OMNI+ is also equipped with a highly intuitive and versatile script designer app. This allows managers and supervisors to easily design dynamic scripts for virtually any type of campaign one can imagine:

  • Sales
  • Confirming orders
  • Surveys
  • Lead capture 
  • Credit Card Payments, and so on…

Other OMNI+ Unified Agent Desktop features

Virtual Environment for Agents
Work flexibility is crucial for contact center agents. With NobelBiz OMNI+ each agent has his own account for remote access, activity tracking, performance, and more…
Real-Time Monitoring in Call Centers
The Real Time Data capabilities of NobelBiz OMNI+ allow real-time reporting on running campaigns inbound, outbound or blended.
agentWorkspace designer
Agent Workspace Designer
Customize toolbars, shortcuts, and labels to create the perfect work environment and provide the agent experience your team will love.

Discover a new, hassle-free way of setting up your contact center for peak performance!

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