NobelBiz offers 10DLC number preregistration, campaign configuration, and opt-out compliance

Unlock the A2P 10DLC Messaging Standard Today

Thanks to its high-speed performance, reduced filtering, and cost-effectiveness, the new A2P 10DLC service is an effective tool for businesses to unlock mass SMS communication with their customers. Get on board with A2P 10DLC to ensure your messages are properly delivered to consumers while remaining compliant with all the rules and regulations.

What is A2P 10DLC?

In the last couple of years, telecom carriers have asked for higher standards in the industry due to widespread spam SMS, fraudulent text, and poor hygiene in online messaging and text-based campaigns.

The A2P 10DLC is a new messaging standard designed to allow US businesses to send A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS and MMS text messages using regular 10-digit phone numbers (10DLC).

A Three-Step Approach to A2P 10DLC Messaging

NobelBiz helps businesses harness the benefits of using the A2P 10DLC standard for SMS deliverability with a three-step approach:

Brand Registration

The business or organization details (including tax information) are used to generate the company Trust Score.


Number Registration

The ten-digit long code (10DLC) you use to send text messages is registered as A2P 10DLC compatible.
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Campaign Registration

We help businesses configure and deploy A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns to ensure they remain compliant with all the rules and regulations.


  • It is necessary to complete the registration and wait for the approval of your business.
  • Strict monitoring and control of your campaign content to ensure no rules are broken.
  • If you send over 3,000 messages daily, you may need to create individual campaigns.
  • Throughput may depend on your trust score.
  • The need to qualify (apply and wait for approval) for special use cases (ex., charity or political campaigns)

What numbers are compatible with A2P 10DLC?

The new messaging standard opens the doors of high-volume A2P communication for multiple types of numbers. Besides providing assistance for new numbers, NobelBiz will also help you register any A2P 10DLC pre-owned number.

Local area codes with 10-digit phone numbers
Existing business landlines
VoIP phone lines

The A2P 10DLC Registration

In order to continue sending A2P 10DLC messages, companies need to register their brand by providing a set of business information and delegating an authorized representative.

After the brand registration, companies must register all their campaigns based on their specific use case. NobelBiz can help with the brand and campaign registration processes.

Benefits of using A2P 10DLC messaging:

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