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Contact Center Compliance & Security

The contact center industry has a bad reputation for being highly disruptive and intrusive. Throughout time, our industry caught the headlines with many scandals involving scams, identity theft, leaked data, etc. This is why the contact center industry is subject to heavy regulation.

Any contact center business or department must comply with various federal, state, and industry regulations. Handling sensitive data such as credit card or health information comes with the obligation to follow strict procedures and guidelines.

The Call Guard TCPA Compliance Ecosystem

The NobelBiz Omni+ Call Guard Ecosystem offers comprehensive dialing capabilities that help increase outbound call volumes in both consent and non-consent scenarios while mitigating TCPA compliance risk.

By offering various dialing methods, the Call Guard Ecosystem can be successfully deployed in multiple scenarios becoming increasingly popular (and even necessary) in Collections, Telemarketing, Lead generation, and many other sensitive niches.

Separate Interfaces & Compliance Dialing Systems


DTMF Keypad Manual Dialing: The Agent is presented with a number that they need to manually input via a number pad and hit call, then handle the interaction.

Preview Click to Dial: The Agent is presented with a number, but instead of dialing it manually, they only need to hit call and handle the interaction.


Human Initiated Dialing: As an enhanced add-on to the Call Guard Interface, the Dragon Call Initiator features two separate Instances operated by three different team members: A Clicker Agent, a Supervisor, and an Outbound Agent, working in tandem to enhance productivity while remaining compliant in a non-consent environment.


Automated: Designed for consent lists, The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialing algorithm will automatically place outbound calls and transfer them to the agents when answered, enhancing agent experience, talk time and increasing productivity.

STIR/SHAKEN Level “A” Attestation

STIR/SHAKEN is a set of protocols and procedures designed to prevent Caller ID spoofing by helping carriers validate the authenticity and legitimacy of a caller using an identity token that carries trust-enabling information.

NobelBiz supports the initiative to comply with the TRACED act by offering full STIR/SHAKEN compliance with our telecom network and CCaaS solutions. We can provide the highest level of attestation possible for every one of our telecom clients.


If and when dealing with remote payment, call centers need to follow the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) regulations. This requires technology that is able to work with encrypted files, secure data storage, and mandatory deletion of sensitive data such as card security codes.

The technical and compliance teams from NobelBiz are fully dedicated to creating an exceptional contact center infrastructure, where payment processing is just another cog in a well-calibrated and highly efficient system.


The System and Organization Control (SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3) reports were developed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accounts) as a set of guidelines to enhance the auditing reporting process of a given company. The SOC2 level of security compliance generally applies to Contact Centers and other organizations that deal with and manage user data, especially in a cloud environment. The “Trust Service Criteria” of SOC2 look at five areas relevant to user data safety:

Do Not Call (DNC) lists and blacklists

In the United States, we have The National Do Not Call Registry. In this federally-owned database, people can submit their phone numbers so they will no longer receive telemarketing calls.

In addition, if anyone requests explicitly not to be called, you can’t call them again. Call centers that ignore this list can end up paying hefty fines.


Extensive Compliance Assistance across Multiple Industries

NobelBiz offers a wide range of controls, filters, and settings empowering contact centers to create specific compliance safety nets depending on their needs.

Coverage and Uptime Reliability

Our carrier-of-carriers network is one of the most advanced solutions on the market, offering worldwide coverage with built-in redundant servers guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime across the board.

Network Redundancy and Failover

Data accessibility is of paramount importance for contact centers. The OMNI+ platform is built to switch to a redundant or standby computer server, system, or network upon the failure or abnormal termination of the previously active application. In other words, OMNI+ has a built-in safety net to ensure a smooth and reliable workflow.

Dedicated AWS Client Architectures

Compared to other CCaaS solutions using multi-tenant environments, NobelBiz OMNI+ uses dedicated client architectures for all our customers, offering complete control over their data and integration requirements.

Resilient & Redundant Data Centers

NobelBiz provides redundant data centers in Los Angeles, CA, and 60 Hudson, NY. These are the most resilient locations worldwide for working with the PSTN network. Our data centers feature both redundant PSTN carriers and data networks.

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