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Why do Numbers get labeled and blocked?

There are multiple reasons why numbers are getting labeled and blocked. Generally speaking, these reasons can be grouped into two big categories:

Illegal Activity

In today’s context, the first type of labeling reason involves the potentiality that you’re knowingly or unknowingly doing something illegal.

You need to know that many overlapping regulations (state, federal, or industry-specific) can negatively impact your numbers.

High Level of Nuisance

The other primary reason numbers are labeled and blocked is that a company engages in legal call behavior that its subscriber base doesn’t like.

The mechanism is simple. If enough people complain about your calling behavior, this will lead to one or more numbers being labeled and eventually blocked.

Understand the REAL Journey of a Call

Before tackling your call labeling and blocking challenges, you first need to understand the REAL journey of a call. Making outbound calls over a telecom network has become increasingly difficult in recent years. This is due to various factors such as Connectivity, Capacity & Throughput; Industry Challenges such as PDD and FAS, Standards such as STIR/SHAKEN; and lousy Number Management and Dialing Strategies.

Types of labels

The labels of your calls can be divided into two categories: warnings and intentions.
Warnings are designed to inform users of the possibility of being scammed or deceived, while intent labels inform consumers of the caller’s aim.

Intent Labels

Intent labels help inform users about a caller they might not know anything about.

• Unknown Number
• Charity/Nonprofit
• Political
• Customer Service

Warning Labels

Warning labels are meant to let the person receiving the call know how likely it is that the caller is trying to trick or scam them.

• Potential Fraud
• Potential Spam
• Fraud Risk
• High Risk

How can you know if your numbers are labeled or blocked?

Due to the clandestine nature of the labeling algorithms, it’s not easy to know when calls are labeled or blocked. To stay on top of this, there are a few solutions that call centers can consider.

Hiring a third-party company
Number testing
Feedback from complaints
Carrier SIP codes

(applies for certain types of blocking)

Monitoring number performance
within your dialing platform
Every item on this list has pluses and minuses, and we strongly recommend a multi-layered approach. NobelBiz can help you with defining a sound monitoring strategy.

A 360 Approach to Mitigating Call Labeling and Blocking

As a Contact Center Technology provider, NobelBiz can deliver your calls, provide you with phone numbers, register your numbers on our network, and certify your company, so your calls can connect with proper labeling.

Most companies don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to manage such a project. NobelBiz has all of this in one place and can do so cost-effectively, making this a straightforward decision for any company to consider.

Dialing Strategy

Because outbound call centers seek efficiency above everything else, advanced dialing mechanisms have become mainstream. However, hyper-aggressive and erratic automated calling behavior might trigger a few red flags and damage your number’s reputation. (Especially when it is not accompanied by sound number management.)

Number Management

Depending on what type of outbound calls you’re making, the NobelBiz team can design the perfect number management strategy for your business model by leveraging advanced technologies such as local number IDs, number buckets, or number rotation automation.

CNAM Branding

First, you need to ponder on your trust and branding strategy, not so much purely just because your calls are getting mislabeled and you want to fix it. Projecting trust and building a solid outreach via branded CNAMs is more of a proactive way to differentiate yourself from the noise in the marketplace.

STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

The STIR/SHAKEN legislation was designed to mitigate the impact of the so-called Robocaller ID Spoofing and other types used for nefarious reasons. STIR/SHAKEN represents an important data point in the labeling/blocking decision process that tries to help with the integrity of a phone number.

Essential Resources

New eBook on Call Labeling & Blocking

The NobelBiz Guide: Call Labeling & Blocking for Contact Centers

In this eBook, you will learn about the intricate mechanisms behind call labeling and blocking and what influences the classification of your calls. In the second part of the document, we will detail how to tackle this problem and create a mitigation strategy to fit your business model and call behavior.

Live Workshop Session and Q&A

Why Outbound Calls Don’t Always Connect?

Optimizing the delivery of high-quality outbound calls for contact centers.

Join our Webinar, where David Atkinson and Christian Montes will walk you through the main factors impacting the efficiency of your outbound calls and provide the tools & strategies to address these challenges for better results.

Topics Covered

‣ Connectivity & Capacity
‣ The nature of outbound traffic
‣ STIR/SHAKEN, Call Labeling & Blocking
‣ Remediation, Management & Dialing Strategies
‣ How to optimize the delivery of high-quality outbound calls


Decoding the Call Labeling and Blocking Process

Uncover the complexity behind call labeling and blocking with this infographic. Discover the intricate factors and entities that shape the fate of a call.

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