Reporting & Analytics

Call Center Quality Management

NobelBiz OMNI+ comes equipped with all the necessary Call Center Quality Management tools to monitor, measure, and assess agent performance and interaction quality.

Never lose track of your contact center quality markers.

The link between the quality of agent-client interactions and the overall company success is undeniable. Better interactions will always lead to growth in client satisfaction. The Call Center Quality Management tool will allow you to monitor and review calls, submit evaluations, define your quality standards, and uphold them.

The benefits of a well-oiled quality management system

Improving processes and operations is close to impossible without reliable quality management capabilities. NobelBiz OMNI+ makes it easy for call center managers and owners to define and monitor quality standards. Besides the accessible, hands-on agent and interaction scoring system, we introduce speech analytics and sentiment analysis to the equation for a more effective and streamlined quality management experience. 

Here are just a few benefits of a well-oiled quality management system:

  • Improved service quality across multiple channels
  • Optimized agent experience
  • Increased customer experience and retention
We use the on-demand reports built into the OMNI+ system to be able to pay our employees who work all over the county accurately and appropriately for the number of hours they’ve logged in and worked.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Reporting & Analytics features

Supervisor Dashboard
Supervisor Dashboard
Centralize all your Key Performance Indicators into a highly customizable supervisor dashboard to easily monitor the performance of your calls, agents, and campaigns.
Performance Analytics
NobelBiz OMNI+ collects, measures, tracks, and reports a wide range of KPIs & SLAs to suit the needs of any contact center business or department.
Reporting Engine
Get out-of-the-box access to 77 different reports (and the possibility to create new ones easily) that would fit the needs of most – if not all – reporting requirements of any contact center.

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