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Get more people to pick up. NobelBiz OMNI+ helps lead-generation businesses increase their contact rate, remain compliant, and boost contact speed. Get out-of-the-box access to different advanced dialing modes algorithms, segmentation capabilities, real-time analytics, compliance filters, and so on.

Drive More Lead Generation Interactions

In the last couple of years, many contact centers saw a significant decrease in their Contact Rate due to a poor number management strategy or not using a local caller ID solution.
Local Caller ID Technology

Advanced solutions such as the LocalTouch from NobeBiz allow call centers to operate with multiple "buckets" of numbers in various geographical areas

Outbound Compliance Filters

NobelBiz OMNI+ helps you scale your outbound efficiency without crossing the red line of federal and state regulation: Time Zone Filters, Call Frequency Filters, TCPA Mobile Phone Filters, Ring No Answer Time, etc.

An Outbound Dialing Powerhouse

NobelBiz OMNI+ has various dialing options that can be deployed in any Lead Generation scenario with real-time leads and flat file dialing: Predictive, Preview, Automatic Preview, and Progressive.

Flowless CRM Integration

Our advanced CRM connectors will allow data to flow in real time between your contact lists and your dialers. Agents can use dispositions, have instant access to the client history and edit CRM data without leaving the agent interface.

Real-Time Analytics

Get immediate access to powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. NobelBiz OMNI+ can merge cross-channel data to offer the best monitoring experience in an omnichannel environment.

Advanced Call Labeling and Blocking Mitigation Strategy

The last thing you want is to call a highly qualified lead and trigger a spam alert. Here is how we can prevent that from happening.

Local Touch

Local Caller ID technology will display a number specific to the geographical area where the call is being placed – no matter where the call initiator is located in a completely different location.

Auto-Number Rotation

Based on what geographical areas you want to target, you can acquire “buckets” of local numbers, allowing your calls to be routed based on attempt count.

Easily switch DIDs that are labeled

Because we own our telecom carrier network, we can filter out and replace labeled numbers much faster, ensuring total number productivity 24/7.

Increased the Answering Machine Detection

The AMD system is connected to our dialers, routing the calls accordingly, filtering out answering machines, and transferring answered calls to the agent.

Level “A” STIR/SHAKEN Attestation

NobelBiz supports the initiative to comply with the TRACED act and have STIR/SHAKEN fully functional with our telecom network and CCaaS solutions.

Real-Time Leads

Speed, Accuracy, and Flawless Number Management
Automatically initiate the call as soon as a form is submitted
Once a form is submitted, the information is automatically fed via an API into the dialer, the fastest possible response and increasing the conversion rate.
Accurate CRM Data
NobelBiz OMNI+ features quick action buttons inside the Agent Interface, offering a hassle-free experience of updating CRM data and ensuring real-time lead accuracy.
Number Management Made Easy
The bulletproof NobelBiz OMNI+ contact center software helps outbound contact centers align their

Aged Leads

Dialing Efficiency, Complex Segmentation, and Dynamic Scripting Capabilities
Boosting Consent & Non-Consent Dialing Efficiency
The NobelBiz Omni+ Secure Call Ecosystem offers comprehensive dialing capabilities that help increase outbound call volumes in both consent and non-consent scenarios while mitigating TCPA compliance risk.
Complex List Segmentation Capabilities
NobelBiz OMNI+ lets you take full advantage of your list and the various customer information it carries. Set up campaigns to target specific data points in your list: state or zip code, age, date of birth, you name it.
Dynamic Scripting

Our highly dynamic scripting engine allows lead gen. agents to have unlimited fields with different dialogue boxes and efficiently capture data, start and stop recording, multiple triggers, and so on.

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