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Boost recovery rates with the complete collections communications system from NobelBiz

Get a taste of what it means to boost your collection efforts with the dedicated communication system from NobelBiz. Boost your recovery rate by leveraging omnichannel capabilities, advanced dialing modes, integrated payment systems, open APIs, and so on. 

Stats and KPIs

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Accurate and detailed debtor history

NobelBiz OMNI+ empowers debt collectors to update accurate information in real-time. We cannot emphasize how important this aspect is and how big of a difference it can make in terms of Customer Experience and Recovery Rate.

Again, a proper Omnichannel solution should be able to offer an in-depth interaction history for every client. NobelBiz OMNI+ history tab provides, for every debtor, the following information:

✅ Number of interactions
✅ Type of interaction (Call, Voice Message, Email, SMS, etc.)
✅ Agents that the client interacted with in each instance
✅ Resolution for each interaction
✅ Content of the discussion (call recordings or message print screen)

The Benefits of Omnichannel as a Collections Communication System

Given the new FDCPA regulations, the omnichannel method will soon become priority #1 for every debt collection manager.
The door is now open, and the possibilities are endless. Besides managing various channels, the omnichannel platform keeps track of customer intelligence and status updates.

Let’s quickly look at what it means to deploy an omnichannel tactic as a debt collection agency using the NobelBiz OMNI+ system:

  • Better overall customer experience
  • Uninterrupted interaction
  • A transparent and immersive environment
  • Complete history of debtor interactions
  • Less unintentional errors
  • Better overall recovery rates

Increase Your Contact Rate With Advanced Number Management Tools

Having your calls answered is a direct indicator of success. NobelBiz is a pioneer in improving both Contact and Callback Rates. We’ve perfected two systems that work in sync to deliver the best possible results while mitigating the impact of labeled and blocked numbers. Our number management system allows debt collectors to operate with multiple “buckets” of numbers in various geographical regions, rotating between them to ensure every call will use a “fresh” number.

And this is game-changing, to say the least: Our clients saw an increase of up to 30% in Contact Rates and a staggering increase of up to 400% in the Callback Rate.

Dial Your Way to Better Recovery Rates

Thanks to our advanced Open APIs, we can easily connect our dialing systems to any collection package, increasing productivity while remaining FDCPA compliant

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Predictive Dialing algorithm will automatically place outbound calls and transfer them to the agents when answered, enhancing agent experience and talk time and increasing predictability.
The NobelBiz OMNI+ Preview Dialing pulls client records out of a list and displays them to the agent to be reviewed, one by one.
The NobelBiz OMNI+ Automatic Preview Dialing pulls client records and information and displays them to the agent to be reviewed while the system automatically dials and calls the prospect.

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Preview Dialing pulls client records out of a list and displays them to the agent to be reviewed, one by one.

Remain FDCPA Compliant

The 2020 FDCPA update represents a significant paradigm shift for the US debt collection industry and the 8 000+ nationwide firms. The debt collection industry is entering a new era where collecting via new digital communication channels becomes possible.

However, your collection communication system needs to meet a few technical requirements:

✅ Your debt collection communication system needs to capture, store and manage consumers’ consent and preferences.
✅ The ability to link and access web-based resources and self-service portals.
✅ The ability to allow your consumers to express or change their communication preferences (ideally in real-time).

NobelBiz OMNI+ can help with these requirements.

Dynamic Agent Scripting

In highly regulated industries such as the debt collection space, agents are bound to repeat specific formulas for the call or interaction to remain compliant.

Our Dynamic Agent Scripting Tool can easily aid agents in saying what they need to say when they need to, not only to stay compliant but also to boost the collection rate.

Self-Service Solutions

NobelBiz OMNI+ features multiple self-service methods that can be easily implemented within the debt collection space. The built-in IVR system can help clients to deal with their debt on their terms. Beyond serving as just a filter for inbound routing, our IVR system can also:

Live Webchat

NobelBiz OMNI+ can easily integrate the Live Webchat feature within its omnichannel ecosystem, creating a direct communication line between agents and website visitors.

Collection agents and clients can schedule future interactions, chat in real time, and even send share payment links. Website interactions can also easily be transferred to another communication channel, such as voice or email.

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