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Latest Episode | May 13, 2024

#45: Transformative Leadership: Harnessing AI and EQ for Better Customer Interactions, with Thomas Paley

About the Podcast

First Contact Podcast it’s about a journey: in business, relationships and everyday life.

Because no one wakes up one morning and says: ‘I want to work in a call center!’, we wanted to share the compelling stories of tech leaders and entrepreneurs and how they found their way into the call center industry.

The multifarious topics, varying from technology to leadership, from recruitment to customer and agent experience are building our mission of bringing real conversations with the brightest thought leaders, and business owners.

Host Christian Montes poses questions about their life, their path, their struggles and successes, and most importantly – his conversational style is designed to help his guests open up and share their inspiring experiences and inspire thousands of loyal listeners.

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Season 4 | Episode 10

Empathy-Driven Contact Centers: From Complaints to Connections, with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

In today’s episode, we delve deep into the heart of business transformation, shedding light on the paramount importance of empathy in shaping both customer and employee experiences. Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, renowned business consultant and a guiding force behind some of the world’s most prominent brands like Salesforce, Hulu, General Motors, and Procter & Gamble, shares her insights on how genuine empathy doesn’t just resonate on a human level but can also significantly boost revenue while reducing costs.



Season 4 | Episode 9

The Role of Self-Service in Reducing Churn in Contact Centers, with Chris Robinson

Join us as we sit down with industry pioneer, Chris Robinson from Awaken, who has been at the forefront of customer communications for over 20 years. Dive deep into the evolution of self-service, the intricacies of onboarding in today’s digital landscape, and the strategies to tackle churn effectively.

Chris shares not only his vast expertise but also his passion for delivering exceptional experiences for clients, customers, and employees alike. Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights that can transform the way you approach contact center challenges.



Season 4 | Episode 8

From Nearshore to Global: Contact Center Outsourcing Excellence, with Neal Topf

In this insightful episode, we sit down with the dynamic Neal Topf, co-founder of Callzilla, the powerhouse behind some of the most outstanding outsourced contact center and business process services globally.

With its roots firmly planted in sunny Miramar, Florida, Callzilla has been a beacon of excellence, pushing the boundaries of customer care and acquisition services across various sectors. Neal shares his riveting journey, from the genesis of Callzilla to its evolution into a top-ranked outsourced contact center that has won admiration and awards in the industry.

Dr. Hui


Season 4 | Episode 7

From Customer to Leader: Bridging Gaps in Contact Center Operations, with Dr. Hui Wu-Curtis

Today, we’re joined by a renowned figure in the contact center space, Dr. Hui Wu-Curtis. Operations Geek, Disruptor, and an advocate for DEI, she’s also the recipient of numerous awards including the Silver Globee award for Executive Excellence. With over two decades of experience leading B2B and B2C contact centers across a range of industries and 65 countries, Dr. Hui is a powerhouse of knowledge and innovation.



Season 4 | Episode 6

Knowledge Management and AI Real-time Guidance for Contact Centers, with Micah Peterson

In the rapidly evolving world of contact centers, the convergence of knowledge management and artificial intelligence stands at the forefront of transformation. This latest episode welcomes Micah Peterson, a seasoned professional with over 15 years in the knowledge management sector.



Season 4 | Episode 5

Navigating Compliance Challenges in the Contact Center Industry, with Dan Greenwell

In this episode, we’re joined by none other than Dan Greenwell, the CEO of Customer Dynamics. With over three decades of business experience in executive roles, Dan has a wealth of insights and knowledge to share. His company, Customer Dynamics, is a leading force in creating innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly contact center solutions.



Season 4 | Episode 4

Master Call Center Customer Service in the Digital Age, with Jim Iyoob

Get ready to dive into the newest episode of our podcast, where we had an engaging and insightful conversation with the brilliant Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer at Etech Global Services. 🎙️

Jim is at the helm of a company that is known for its outstanding customer engagement solutions, including contact center services, customer support, sales, and technical support. With years of hands-on experience and strategic insights, he is a master navigator in the ever-evolving landscape of customer expectations and loyalty.



Season 4 | Episode 3

Contact Center Excellence, Brand Slaughtering and Remote Revolution, with Eric Sims

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exhilarating episode of our podcast! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of contact centers, brand protection, and the remote revolution with a true industry expert. Get ready to be blown away by the insights and knowledge of Eric Sims, Cofounder & CEO of Leading Edge Connections, America’s #1 fully remote outsourced contact center. Not only is Eric an outsourcing guru, but he’s also the host of the groundbreaking podcast Preventing Brand$laughter, where he dishes out invaluable advice to businesses looking to protect their brand from self-inflicted sabotage.



Season 4 | Episode 2

Empowering Your Customers Strategies for Success in Contact Centers, with Rob Bayer

Are you ready to learn the latest and greatest customer empowerment strategies from a seasoned industry expert? In this episode, we have a special guest who shares their secrets to success in contact center management and remote work optimization. Rob Bayer, president of Anomaly Squared, is an executive with more than 25 years of contact center experience. He is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Anomaly Squared, which provides call center services for 20+ mortgage groups with an emphasis on speed to lead and driving high contact rates.



Season 4 | Episode 1

Beyond Transactional: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level, with Brad Cleveland

In this episode, Brad will take us on a journey to uncover the value opportunity of customer experience, and guide us through the new era of CX, personalization, and the most essential metrics. His mission is to help organizations thrive in the ever-evolving customer experience landscape, and he’s here to share his expertise with us. So, prepare to be inspired and take notes as Brad Cleveland joins us on the show! Don’t miss this exciting episode. Tune in now!
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Shep Hyken
Juanita Coley
Harry Strausser III
Steve Bederman
Jason Cutter
Colin Shaw
Brad Cleveland
Michael Tamer
Gary Pudles
Bob Furniss
Michael Ferree
Jon Arnold

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With over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes, Christian has worked with some of the largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers in the world.

Host of the First Contact – Stories of the Call Center Podcast, where he interviews leaders from the contact center industry searching for new insights, tips, and stories. Also, host of the NobelBiz | Webinar Series, which brings top leaders in the industry together to discuss important topics and share best practices.

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