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Integrated WebRTC

Out of the box, NobelBiz OMNI+ is WebRTC ready, meaning that you can immediately use digital telephony solutions via an internet browser. The integrated WebRTC protocol takes VoIP technology to new heights of usability, voice quality, and ease of access.


WebRTC is the evolution of SIP, opening a world of new possibilities for contact centers.

WebRTC is an open-source protocol developed by Google to serve as a bridge between web applications and VoIP communication technology. In short, WebRTC allows VoIP to be used in web browsers offering maximum flexibility and zero implementation costs.

VOiP Services; Contact Center Telephony

VoIP Without the Expense of a Softphone

While both SIP & WebRTC are VoIP technologies,  being a newer and hardware free-solution, the latter displays obvious advantages.

WebRTC allows access to the entire list of VoIP benefits without buying a softphone, IP phone, or any other software or hardware. This makes WebRTC a much more efficient solution requiring no initial investment and maintenance costs. 

NobelBiz knows that communication in itself is changing. We wanted something that holistically was going to be able to be used in a multi or omnichannel approach because the workplace itself is evolving: in three years from now, 75% of the workforce is going to be millennials.
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communication

The Power of WebRTC: VoIP from Anywhere

Probably one of the most impressive features of the WebRTC protocol is that it can grant access to VoIP technology to virtually anyone who has an internet connection and a headset. The WebRTC protocol is the foundation for the extraordinary work-from-home infrastructure of the NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software. 

WebRTC Offers a Better Overall VoIP Experience

Thanks to its out-of-the-box integrated WebRTC, NobelBiz OMNI+ uses the most advanced VoIP protocol.

  • Cost-effective when compared to SIP
  • Better quality with enhanced video and audio recording capabilities
  • Much more accessible: an internet connection and laptop is all an agent needs
  • Highly flexible: WebRTC needs no special devices or software while being compatible with any web browser

Other OMNI+ Unified Agent Desktop features

Completely Web Based
Internet and a browser window are everything your agents need to get complete access to all the complex features of NobelBiz OMNI+.
Virtual Environment for Agents
Work flexibility is crucial for contact center agents. With NobelBiz OMNI+ each agent has his own account for remote access, activity tracking, performance, and more…
Work From Home (WFH)
In today’s world, working from home is not a luxury anymore. This is probably the one feature that your agent will love the most.

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