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NobelBiz OMNI+ comes pre-equipped with WebRTC functionality, allowing users to seamlessly access digital telephony solutions directly through their web browser.

Gone are the days of intricate installations or the need for additional hardware, as the process has been streamlined for swift deployment. By integrating the cutting-edge WebRTC protocol, our VoIP technology sets a new standard in usability, ensuring unparalleled voice quality and effortless navigation through our comprehensive suite of communication features.

When combined with our proprietary NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network (tailored specifically to optimize call center traffic), the WebRTC feature elevates the telephony experience to new heights. Users can enjoy crystal-clear audio, enriched functionality, and uninterrupted connectivity, transforming how telephone calls are utilized and managed in today’s digital landscape.

With NobelBiz OMNI+’s WebRTC readiness, we empower businesses to embrace the future of telephony effortlessly and revolutionize their communication practices.

Embrace the Future: WebRTC Revolutionizes Contact Center Communication

WebRTC technology serves as a bridge between web applications and VoIP communication technology, bringing a myriad of opportunities to contact centers. Developed as an open-source protocol by Google, WebRTC enables the seamless integration of VoIP into web browsers, eliminating implementation costs while providing utmost flexibility.

With NobelBiz OMNI+’s WebRTC readiness, organizations can leverage this groundbreaking technology to unlock a world of new possibilities. By eliminating the need for dedicated phone systems or physical devices, businesses reduce costs, enhance flexibility, and simplify communication workflows.

Users benefit from an exceptional voice quality and a user-friendly interface accessible through their preferred internet browser. This cutting-edge solution opens up new horizons for remote work, collaboration, and customer engagement, empowering contact centers to embrace the full potential of digital telephony with ease and efficiency.

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VoIP Without the Expense of a Softphone: Unlocking New Possibilities

When it comes to VoIP technologies, both SIP and WebRTC offer their unique advantages. However, as a newer and hardware-free solution, WebRTC presents a clear edge in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here’s why:

No Need for Additional Hardware: With WebRTC, there’s no requirement to purchase a softphone, IP phone, or any other software or hardware. This eliminates the need for initial investments and ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional VoIP setups.

Accessibility at Your Fingertips: WebRTC enables seamless access to the entire array of VoIP benefits directly through web browsers. This means users can leverage VoIP capabilities without the hassle of installing additional software or configuring complex hardware systems.

Cost Savings and Scalability: By eliminating the expense of dedicated hardware, WebRTC drastically reduces the upfront costs typically associated with implementing VoIP solutions. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, providing scalability and flexibility without breaking the bank.

Streamlined Integration: WebRTC simplifies the integration process, allowing for easy deployment across various platforms and devices. Its open-source nature ensures compatibility with various applications and systems, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

In short, WebRTC empowers organizations to harness the power of VoIP without the financial burden of investing in softphones or other hardware. It offers a cost-effective, accessible, and scalable solution, revolutionizing how businesses communicate and collaborate.
NobelBiz knows that communication in itself is changing. We wanted something that holistically was going to be able to be used in a multi or omnichannel approach because the workplace itself is evolving: in three years from now, 75% of the workforce is going to be millennials.
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communication

The Power of WebRTC: VoIP from Anywhere

One of the standout features of the WebRTC protocol lies in its ability to democratize VoIP technology, providing access to virtually anyone with an internet connection and a headset. This remarkable capability is the cornerstone for the exceptional work-from-home infrastructure offered by NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software.

By leveraging WebRTC, users can tap into the power of VoIP communication regardless of their physical location. Whether working remotely, on the go, or in a traditional office setting, the WebRTC protocol ensures seamless connectivity and outstanding audio quality for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

With the robust infrastructure provided by NobelBiz OMNI+, businesses can truly embrace the freedom and flexibility of modern work environments. The WebRTC-powered VoIP solution empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences while enjoying the convenience and efficiency of remote work.

WebRTC Offers a Better Overall VoIP Experience

With its integrated WebRTC protocol, NobelBiz OMNI+ brings a superior VoIP experience, setting new standards for cost-effectiveness, quality, accessibility, and flexibility. Here’s why WebRTC offers a better overall VoIP experience:

Cost-effectiveness compared to SIP

By leveraging WebRTC, organizations can significantly reduce expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining traditional softphones or IP phones. Eliminating dedicated hardware and software translates into substantial cost savings, making WebRTC a highly economical solution.

Enhanced quality with advanced video and audio capabilities

WebRTC takes VoIP to the next level by offering enhanced video and audio recording capabilities. This results in superior call quality, enabling clear and crisp communication between agents and customers. The advanced capabilities of WebRTC ensure an immersive and seamless communication experience.

Unmatched accessibility

One of the key advantages of WebRTC is its unparalleled accessibility. Agents only require an internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer to leverage the power of VoIP. The simplicity and ease of access enable agents to work from anywhere, facilitating remote work arrangements and boosting productivity.

Remarkable flexibility

WebRTC eliminates the need for special devices or software, making it highly flexible. The protocol is compatible with any web browser, allowing agents to use their preferred browser without compatibility issues. This flexibility empowers agents to seamlessly integrate VoIP into existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

WebRTC: General benefits Contact Center Communication

WebRTC technology brings numerous benefits to contact centers, revolutionizing how customers and agents interact. Here are some key advantages that highlight the power of WebRTC:

Real-time communication for improved customer experience:

  • Enables instant and efficient communication between customers and agents.
  • Quick assistance enhances customer satisfaction and overall experience.

Scalability for adapting to evolving customer needs:

  • Easily integrates with web-based technologies and cloud services.
  • Enables contact centers to scale communication capabilities to meet changing customer demands.

Adaptability for seamless connectivity:

  • Accessible from any location and device, ensuring easy connection between customers and agents.
  • Enhances convenience and accessibility, fostering seamless communication experiences.

Optimization of IT operations and cost-efficiency:

  • Helps streamline IT operations by leveraging web-based technologies.
  • Improves agent productivity and reduces operational costs for enhanced efficiency.
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