Voice Message Broadcasting

Using the Voice Message Broadcasting option, NobelBiz OMNI+ can quickly and accurately broadcast messages to multiple contacts in your list.

Broadcast your message to a large number of people quickly and productively.

Many businesses across many industries need to deliver quick messages to their client base for multiple reasons. Whether you are looking to launch an upsell, brand awareness campaign, or announce a power outage, the Voice Message Broadcast feature of NobelBiz OMNI+ makes it easy, quick, and highly customizable.

Pair the Integrated IVR with the Message Broadcast feature for Incredible Results

To use the Message Broadcasting Dialer you only need to import numbers into the system, record a message, and start dialing without the need to involve an agent. When the call is answered or upon detecting an answering machine, the system will play or leave a vocal message.

However, if you want the client to perform a task during the message blast, you can easily incorporate the advanced built-in IVR to create an interactive environment where they can opt out, speak to an agent, place an order, etc…

The flexibility, scalability, and the entire customer care experience provided by NobelBiz were the selling point for us, it wasn’t just the tech. It was everything that came along with the tech.
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communications

Highly Customizable Blasting Campaigns

The Message Blasting campaigns are usually pretty straightforward, with a simple pre-recorded message being played when someone picks up the phone. However, because NobelBiz OMNI+ features built-in TTS software, you can customize the message with the client’s personal information. 

Customize with TTS so the system can verbalize custom messages based on information stored in your database, such as First and Last Name, Company Name, Address, etc…

Agentless Automation Tool

The Voice Message Broadcasting feature is an easy-to-use, agentless automation tool: The system initiates calls that will be automatically answered by the system, preferably through a script. New calls start as the scripts finish processing the previous tasks (for example: transferring to an agent). This is ideal for using pre-recorded informational messages and surveying customers (e.g. gathering NPS/CSAT info).

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Outbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Predictive Dialing
Predictive Dialing works best in the B2C environment where large call files are used. The system automatically initiates a set number of calls and transfers them to the agent when prospects answer.
Progressive Dialing
The Progressive Dialer’s algorithm looks at how many agents you have and starts dialing based on this first piece of information.
Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
Build time-efficient outbound campaigns by filtering out answering machines with the built-in AMD tool from NobelBiz OMNI+.

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