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Call Center Dialer Optimization:

Use-Cases, Common Mistakes, Strategies, and Solutions.


David Atkinson
Director Contact Center Digital Transformation, NobelBiz
An accomplished professional with experience driving high volume transactions within competitive markets and a leading producer within global and enterprise accounts. I have a proven record of success in business acquisition, creating strategic partnerships and forging strong lasting business relationships. Specialties: Cloud Services and Solutions – Managed Network Services and Network Security Services and Solutions. UCaaS – CCaaS -CPaaS – SaaS – CTI – Platform Integration – Cloud Services – Hosted VoIP – SD-WAN – SIP – Hosted Communications


Bradley Butler
Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

With more than 10 years of experience in the contact center space, Brad has worked in operations, business development/intelligence, and within the C-suite of executives that make decisions regarding workflows, platforms, and technology.

After years of working in sales, Brad began to inquire about the technology used by businesses and how it made work more accessible and efficient. He quickly learned the value of identifying and displaying data and information so that C-level administrators can make educated decisions that quickly guide a contact center toward its goals.

For the call center industry, the emergence of dialer technologies was probably one of the most disruptive events, radically changing the way we approach, run and optimize outbound voice campaigns.

However, although dialers are fairly popular in the call center space, few are those who understand their full potential. More often than not, there is a big gap between the call center software’s dialing capabilities and how people are using them.

Join our Call Center Dialer Optimization Workshop and learn how to set up and make the most out of your dialing capabilities. P.S.: Don’t forget to prepare your questions for the Q&A session.



🗸 What is a Dialer?

🗸 Four Types of Dialers

🗸 Use Cases

🗸 Common Mistakes

🗸 Dialer Set-Up and Optimization

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