Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

The Answering Machine Detection (AMD) feature within NobelBiz OMNI+ is a pivotal tool that optimizes outbound calling campaigns. With precision and efficiency, it filters calls, discerning whether they reach voicemail inboxes or connect with live respondents.

This intelligent system adeptly manages call flow, ensuring that answering machines are handled separately, thereby saving valuable resources and enhancing the overall efficacy of your outreach. NobelBiz OMNI+’s AMD empowers your contact center with advanced capabilities, providing a seamless and targeted approach to handling diverse call scenarios.


Stop wasting valuable resources on answering machines.

Cease the wastage of precious resources on answering machines with NobelBiz OMNI+’s built-in Answering Machine Detection (AMD) system. Integrated seamlessly within our dialers, the AMD system discerns whether a call connects with an answering machine or a human recipient. This advanced feature dynamically routes calls, efficiently filtering out answering machines, and smoothly transferring answered calls directly to the designated agent.

By automating this process, NobelBiz OMNI+ optimizes your operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on meaningful interactions and increasing overall campaign productivity.

More than 90% AMD Accuracy

Within NobelBiz OMNI+, our built-in Answering Machine Detection (AMD) system achieves an exceptional 90% detection rate, setting a new standard for accuracy in outbound campaigns. This remarkable performance ensures that calls are intelligently routed, maximizing agent efficiency. When a call is identified as an answering machine, it seamlessly goes to the agent, who can easily disposition it as such.

Agents have the added convenience of leaving pre-recorded messages on answering machines with a simple click of a button. This sophisticated AMD capability not only enhances accuracy but also streamlines the entire outreach process, allowing agents to seamlessly navigate through their calls and optimize campaign results.

Benchmarked Accuracy

NobelBiz OMNI+ achieves an exceptional 90% detection rate, setting an industry standard for answering machine accuracy. This precision minimizes false positives or negatives, ensuring agents consistently handle precisely categorized calls. The benchmarked accuracy streamlines call handling, contributing to a more efficient and effective process.

Agent Disposition

Calls identified as answering machines seamlessly reach agents for efficient dispositioning within NobelBiz OMNI+. This feature saves valuable agent time and ensures a targeted approach to handling answering machine scenarios, streamlining workflows, and enhancing campaign reporting accuracy.

Effortless Pre-recorded Messages

NobelBiz OMNI+’s AMD enables agents to effortlessly leave pre-recorded messages on answering machines with a single click. This saves time and ensures consistent, professional messaging aligned with campaign objectives. Effortless pre-recorded messages contribute to a more efficient and standardized communication strategy.

Seamless Call Flow

NobelBiz OMNI+’s AMD optimizes call flow, allowing agents to focus on meaningful conversations instead of managing answering machine scenarios. Intelligently routing calls based on AMD detection increases agent productivity, reduces downtime, and boosts overall campaign effectiveness, ensuring a precise and streamlined contact center operation.

I would absolutely recommend NobelBiz OMNI+ because of how easy it is to install, how quickly it is to learn, and how good the reporting is straight out of the box.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

How Does Answering Machine Detection Work?

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a sophisticated system designed to identify whether a call has been answered by a human or an answering machine. In the process, advanced algorithms analyze key patterns in the call, distinguishing between live connections and automated voicemail responses. This real-time decision-making allows the system to intelligently route the call accordingly, optimizing agent workflows by directing answering machine calls for efficient dispositioning.

Integrated seamlessly into agent workflows, AMD ensures that calls flagged as answering machines are directed to agents for further handling. The system also offers customization options, allowing agents to leave pre-recorded messages with a simple click, maintaining a consistent and tailored communication approach. The continuous optimization of AMD algorithms ensures adaptability to evolving call patterns, maintaining a high level of accuracy in detecting answering machines. Overall, AMD streamlines call handling in contact centers, allowing agents to focus on live connections and improving the efficiency of outbound campaigns.

The Benefits of Answering Machine Detection from NobelBiz

Unlock the potential of your outbound campaigns with NobelBiz OMNI+’s Answering Machine Detection (AMD) feature. Our advanced AMD system provides a range of benefits that revolutionize your contact center operations. Experience these benefits firsthand with NobelBiz OMNI+’s Answering Machine Detection feature. Request a demo today and elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center campaigns.
Optimized Resource Allocation

NobelBiz OMNI+'s Answering Machine Detection (AMD) efficiently identifies and filters out answering machines, directing agents to prioritize live connections. This streamlined process optimizes resource allocation, maximizing agent productivity, and enhancing campaign efficiency. Agents invest their time where it matters most—engaging with potential customers—resulting in a more effective and agile contact center operation.

Enhanced Agent Efficiency

With a precision rate exceeding 90%, our AMD system empowers agents to seamlessly handle answering machine dispositions. This high accuracy ensures agents focus on meaningful conversations, saving time and streamlining workflows. The AMD system intelligently directs calls, contributing to heightened agent efficiency, a more responsive contact center, and increased overall effectiveness.

Increased Contact Rates

Eliminate wasted time on unanswered calls with AMD, leading to a substantial increase in contact rates. Focused attention on live connections ensures agents engage with potential leads and customers, maximizing the impact of outbound campaigns. This heightened contact rate directly contributes to overall campaign effectiveness, enhancing outreach efforts for positive responses.

Improved Campaign Results

NobelBiz OMNI+'s AMD feature not only identifies answering machines but also facilitates customizable messaging. Agents effortlessly leave pre-recorded messages with a click, ensuring a consistent communication approach. This streamlined process enhances the contact center's strategy, contributing to personalized and engaging interactions across campaigns.

Highly Customizable Campaigns

Accurate AMD detection contributes to improved campaign results by ensuring focused and targeted outreach. Aligning strategies with the most promising leads enhances precision and campaign effectiveness. Improved results translate to a more successful outreach effort, bringing positive outcomes and increased campaign success.

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