Lead Management

Incorporating a robust lead management tool, NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software empowers businesses with real-time capabilities. This advanced tool enables seamless importing, suppression, and control of entire call files, ensuring precision in outreach.

With the ability to target specific leads, organizations can optimize their communication strategy for maximum efficiency, streamlining the process of engaging with prospects and existing customers alike. NobelBiz OMNI+ transforms lead management into a dynamic and responsive aspect of your contact center operations.

Provide a steady and customizable stream of quality leads to your dialers.

In the pursuit of effective outbound campaigns, the quality of leads plays a pivotal role. NobelBiz OMNI+ ensures a continuous and customizable flow of high-quality leads to your dialers. Recognizing that a campaign’s success hinges on the caliber of its call file, the platform emphasizes real-time monitoring and management of leads. By prioritizing lead quality and dynamically adapting to list entries, NobelBiz OMNI+ establishes an outbound calling environment poised for success, ultimately enhancing the productivity and efficacy of your campaigns.

When we found NobelBiz OMNI+ we were very impressed with its flexibility, the fact that it is really easy to learn, and because we were able to deploy it probably faster than any software that I have ever seen.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

Built-in Outbound Convenience

Real-time lead management translates into better results in a shorter period. The level of granularity/complexity enables fast reaction time. One gets everything one needs to take action and improve their results immediately. They can observe patterns and act instantly based on real-time info: modify the leads recycling strategy and ratio, add more leads in real-time, and even work on agent scheduling. Here are a few highlights:

Recycle Leads

Effortlessly recycle leads based on criteria such as disinterest or lack of buying signals. This proactive approach ensures that your calling strategy remains dynamic and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of customer responses, maximizing the potential of each lead.

Pattern Observation

Gain valuable insights into calling patterns, such as identifying low contact rates during specific times of the day. Understanding these patterns allows for strategic decision-making, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently during peak contact times.

File and Result Snapshots

Instantly view snapshots of your files and their corresponding results. This feature provides a quick overview of the performance of your campaigns, facilitating quick assessments and enabling users to make informed decisions to enhance campaign efficacy.

Real-time Record Import

Seamlessly import records in real-time while agents are actively working on campaigns. This ensures that your database is continually updated, reflecting the latest information and maximizing the relevance of your outreach.

Direct Dialer Integration with Priorities

Import leads directly into the dialer with the added flexibility of assigning priorities. This feature streamlines the workflow, allowing users to prioritize specific leads and optimize agent scheduling for enhanced efficiency. Direct dialer integration with priorities provides a targeted approach, allowing users to focus on leads that align with current campaign goals and objectives, enhancing overall campaign performance.

Customizable Reporting

Leverage customizable reporting tools to generate insights tailored to your unique campaign requirements. This feature empowers users to adapt strategies based on comprehensive data analysis, enhancing overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness.


We Add Segments To the Mix

NobelBiz OMNI+ transforms lead management with advanced features like real-time import, file suppression, timezone association, and innovative segmentation. This dynamic addition revolutionizes control over dialer lists, providing unparalleled precision. Users effortlessly customize outreach by creating specific segments within call files, allowing for a targeted approach. For instance, easily pinpoint age groups or genders for more efficient and aligned outreach. Whether tailoring marketing campaigns or personalizing communication, NobelBiz OMNI+’s segmentation empowers seamless customization.
Precision Targeting

Easily target specific demographics within your call files, allowing for more personalized and effective outreach.

Enhanced Personalization

Tailor your communication strategy based on age groups, genders, or other customized segments to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience.

Efficient Campaign Optimization

Optimize your campaigns by refining your target audience, ensuring that your messages resonate with the right demographic groups.

Streamlined Customization

Integrate segmentation seamlessly into your lead management strategy, adding a layer of customization that aligns with your campaign goals.

Improved Response Rates

By honing in on specific segments, you increase the relevance of your messages, leading to improved response rates and overall campaign success.

Agent Productivity Enhancement

Unlock a new realm of productivity with NobelBiz OMNI+. Beyond lead management, our platform is a catalyst for efficient scheduling and streamlined workflows, prioritizing your agents’ success.

Discover intelligent scheduling features, ensuring optimal availability during peak hours. The platform’s workflow streamlining capabilities minimize manual tasks, maximizing efficiency for your agents. Additionally, task automation reduces the burden on agents, allowing them to focus on high-value activities.

Key Features:

  • Smart Scheduling: Optimize agent availability during peak calling hours.
  • Workflow Streamlining: Minimize manual tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Task Automation: Reduce the burden on agents with automated processes.

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Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Outbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Automatic Preview Dialing
Save precious time by having client information displayed to the agent while the system dials the contact number of the prospect.
Voice Message Broadcast
NobelBiz OMNI+ allows you to create highly customizable blasting campaigns with advanced IVR and TTS components to reach large numbers of people and drive solid outbound results.
Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
Build time-efficient outbound campaigns by filtering out answering machines with the built-in AMD tool from NobelBiz OMNI+.

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