Lead Management

NobelBiz OMNI+ features an advanced lead management tool with real-time capabilities to import, suppress and control entire call files and particular leads.

Provide a steady and customizable stream of quality leads to your dialers.

A campaign is only as good as its call file and the quality of the leads it stores. Monitoring and managing the leads and list entries in real-time will create an outbound calling environment set up for success.

Built-in Outbound Convenience

Real-time lead management translates into better results in a shorter period. The level of granularity/complexity enables fast reaction time. One gets everything one needs to take action and improve their results immediately. They can observe patterns and act instantly based on real-time info: modify the leads recycling strategy and ratio, add more leads in real time, and even work on agent scheduling.

Here are a few highlights:

  • You can recycle leads (Ex. not interested or the buy lines.)
  • You can see patterns for when you’re calling (Ex. in the morning, there is a low contact rate.)
  • You can see snapshots of your files and the results.
  • You can import records in real time while the agents are working.
  • You can import leads directly into the dialer with the option to add priorities. 
When we found NobelBiz OMNI+ we were very impressed with its flexibility, the fact that it is really easy to learn, and because we were able to deploy it probably faster than any software that I have ever seen.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

We Add Segments To the Mix

Besides offering the usual features for optimum lead management (real-time import, file suppression, associate timezones, etc.), NobelBiz OMNI+ takes a step further and adds segments into the mix. This will further enhance your control over the lists that you feed to the dialers.

For example, we can now easily target specific age groups or genders within a call file.

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Outbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Automatic Preview Dialing
Save precious time by having client information displayed to the agent while the system dials the contact number of the prospect.
Voice Message Broadcast
NobelBiz OMNI+ allows you to create highly customizable blasting campaigns with advanced IVR and TTS components to reach large numbers of people and drive solid outbound results.
Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
Build time-efficient outbound campaigns by filtering out answering machines with the built-in AMD tool from NobelBiz OMNI+.

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