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Contact Center Trends for 2021

For many businesses out there, 2020 will remain a defining year of radical transformation.

Contact Centers had to adopt the right tools and even shift their models completely in order to achieve business continuity and customer demands.

Going into 2021, we can foresee a few things that will remain in plain focus: a seamless customer journey, personalized customer experiences, relationship and agent empowerment.

What will 2021 look like for Contact Centers? Read our article to find Steve’s 2021 predictions of emerging new trends in the Call Center industry for 2021 or listen to our discussion here!

Steve Bederman on the First Contact: Stories of the Call Center Podcast.

Christian Montes, sat once again with Steve Bederman, an industry leader, visionary, author and talked about lessons from decades-long career in the contact center space, reviews on what worked and what not in the face of pandemic challenges and much more. 

The remote work trend will only grow

The Covid-19 breakout has compelled businesses to sprint into a ‘remote culture’ and forced them to find stronger technologies and cloud based solutions, focusing on security and a coherent customer journey.

Adoption of technologies that enable external workforce

The companies have become more and more motivated in leveraging solutions to share knowledge by enabling external workforce. Technology plays a key part in adopting strategies for employee engagement and a seamless employee – agent experience.

Resources and investments are focused on the latest and most innovative tools that ensure efficient onboarding, compliance and HR leadership.

AI gamification

From a business perspective, the idea of gamification can be a crucial part in the light of recent AI challenges.

By retaining their engagement and attention, software and apps are proven to be a powerful instrument in the general ability of learning and working.

Smaller groups with smaller accounts vs large groups with single accounts

The technology in which everybody is learning with an Omni+ type experience allows people to have a wide range of communications, all reported on and contained in a manageable way.

At the same time, it allows you to really use your workforce differently. You’re not forced to move all this mass of soldiers over here and there, you can now break up your people each way you want, to a wider range of projects and campaigns that are BPOs.

BPOs will start servicing the small to medium and enterprise sector

Although it requires change in workflow, management and operations, the adoption of BPOs in more business sectors will have a great outcome: from global expansion, a higher efficiency and lower costs.

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