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Business is about living life on life’s terms and just keep taking steps forward

Jason: One of the challenges with trying to scale, especially in this realm, let’s say sales in particular, but any telephone inside sales of any size, somebody trying to scale to the next level.

What have you found from your experience that gets in the way or people resist?

Steve: One of the things that gets in the way is the cost and investing ahead of time for what you make plan to do. It either gets in the way in terms of not wanting that cost until you’re sure you can. Turn an ROI on it, or being willing to invest in not knowing when to stop investing when you’ve overdone it and the ROI isn’t there.

So it comes from two different areas, but I would tell you this. Scaling a business, it’s a plan and it’s a model, especially a contact center, because there are so many relational issues and moving parts. But at the same time, there is an iterative factor to it.

Steve Bederman on the Scalable Call Center Sales Podcast.

This time, Steve sat down with Jason Cutter from Call Center Sales Podcast to talk about what makes a successful company, his experience in the Contact Center world, on making better decisions to resolve sales drawbacks and how to scale the inside sales in the contact center realm.

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So my advice is always the same, which is build the plan C project yourself as ‘I’m this side, I’m 50 agents, I’m down 200 agents, What do I look like? What do I feel like, how do I manage that? What’s the process and infrastructure I need and what am I at 500 and a thousand agents? And what do I look like? What am I with hard sites versus virtual or a hybrid?’ And in other words, go through the process and build a model. Now recognize that I call that model the back pocket model.

That’s like in the worst case of nobody else has any better ideas, I can pull that out and do something with that. But don’t get stuck in that because business is about living life on life’s terms and just, keep taking steps forward. And often those steps are not what you were anticipating.

You’ve done thinking that’s great. You have some structure to that thinking, you know why you want to do it and the way you want to do it, you may be a process manager or gamification. A thinker, you might prefer virtual to hard site type of thinking, but at the same time, go with it. And I know I’m I’m running on here, but I have a client today.

Omnichannel’s Approach to Sales

Jason: So I want to ask you something on a tactical kind of practically situation. So one of the big things, it’s been a trend for a few years, however, there’s still a lot of people who fight it. And it’s, I feel like it’s a hot topic depending on who you talk to and something avoided by others, which is omni-channel approach for talking about sales in particular. It’s this various ways.

If people aren’t familiar that somebody can reach out or get in touch with. The call center contact center, the sales team, right? So the classic was just the phone, but now it’s maybe chat it’s SMS. Maybe an online form has all these different things and so omni-channel is great because you’re theoretically meeting the prospective customer where they want to be met with.

But then there’s the challenge: how do you manage that from an agent standpoint where now they have to be like amazingly talented. Add using these duels and then converting people to move forward with these tools. What are you seeing and or what are you telling your clients to to be mindful of?

Steve: We get to see it every day because, we manufacture and sell OMNI+, which is our version of an Omni communications for contact centers. So we haven’t had really many clients that already are using an Omni channel that now convert to our Omni channel.

That’s not what we’re seeing. We’re mainly seeing people that are doing voice. They have their voice tools, or maybe a chat with it or something. And our multichannel where they’re segregated medias. And we’re seeing them say, okay, I want to know how many channel. Here’s the key that you want to start out with that person and ask them why they need it.

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