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Voicemail Queue Distribution

The Voicemail Queue Distribution is a feature designed to simplify and streamline the Voicemail handling process for contact centers.

Handle Voicemail Like Never Before.

NobelBiz OMNI+ takes the voicemail and automatically sends it to an agent as a media recording. When the agent logs-in in the morning, he will get a pop-up and be able to listen to the message and call back, email, or text the client.

Voicemail Becomes a Fully Integrated Media

NobelBiz OMNI+ uses voicemails as just another media, fully integrated and treated like all the other channels, not as an appendix to voice calls. As a result, they can be organized as any other interaction, and the agents can immediately reply with a voice call, SMS, email, or via social media.

Another key feature that helped us a lot with our clients was the ability of the software to record the conversations from beginning to end, to start and stop, and to have those functions available both automatically and in manual mode.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO – Shift Marketing

The Next Level of Voicemail Management

Treating Voicemail as any other interaction channel equips contact centers with unprecedented control. With NobelBiz OMNI+, agents can organize voicemails in customizable queues and set up priorities over other interaction mediums, such as voice calls. 

In addition, thanks to intelligent skill-based routing, voicemails can also be directed to specific agents based on certain skill sets and profiles.

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Inbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
The built-in ASR is one of those features designed to future-proof your contact center operations. Paired with the TTS features and integrated with our IVR, it offers endless possibilities for customization.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Unlike other contact center software solutions, NobelBiz OMNI+ comes with a full-featured IVR system that can adapt to any inbound operation.
Dynamic Routing
Imagine having an IVR’s capabilities transferred to virtually every single inbound channel, from email, SMS, or social media texting applications.

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