What Are The Features of a Contact Center Software?

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Cloud Contact software will enable you to have the fastest, most effective ways to gather the clients and make them interact with you. With this, you will have the chance to make the right decision and achieve the required results. Contact center software is meant to provide clients with an exceptional customer service experience. They are designed to automate different operational tasks, help support clients with various problems and issues, and ensure that agents are always on the right track to deliver an efficient and friendly customer experience.

contact center software is more than just an operating system. It’s software that manages and enhances the customer experience, which is the most significant way of ensuring that your company succeeds.

However, with so much software available on the market, it is very difficult to tell the good from the bad. So what options should you have in contact center software?

The following are the features of a contact center software that you should be aware of:

Automatic call distribution

Automatic call distribution for the voice channel

In the digital context, where the attention of customers is increasingly shifting to social networks, voice is always at the forefront. This is why one of the most important options in contact center software is automatic call distribution or ACD. This is a key option for managing inbound calls as well as transferring calls to specific agents.

ACD processes call quickly using predefined criteria (caller’s number and database). This makes it possible to process outbound calls as well. This feature is highly recommended in the sense that it will reduce the cost of processing calls with outstanding efficiency. Especially if you manage a large volume of inbound and outbound calls.

Predictive dialer

When using voice communication channels, it is important to establish an effective prospecting strategy that allows you to collect good results without affecting the quality of services offered to customers. This is where predictive dialers come in handy.

Predictive Dialer functionality is typically used by contact centers that conduct outbound call campaigns. This feature uses complex algorithms to automatically dial customers’ phone numbers so that they can be called at the right time through direct and fast exchanges.

Furthermore, it can dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously and then record all calls in customer relationship management (CRM) software. In other words, a predictive dialer can save considerable time and is much more efficient than traditional automatic dialers.

Skill-based routing

Requests from customers tend to always similarities and it is easier for your contact to process if you can categorize them. In other words, you can assign similar “demands” to specific agents.

Skill-based routing involves assigning one or more requests to the right agent based on his or her area of expertise. So that each client call can be redirected to the most appropriate agents. The client will therefore be able to find a quick answer since he does not waste time contacting platforms that are unable to answer him properly.

In another sense, Skill-based routing is an improved version of automatic call distribution and it can further improve customer experience.

Call recording

There would be no teams without management and proper management in contact centers involves call recording. This option allows you to save conversations between your agents and your customer. But let’s not forget the law aspect and your call recording should allow you to be paused to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive customer data.

On the other hand, this feature in contact center software is a real tool for training your agents to guarantee the quality chart of your customer service and improve your sales scripts. Supervisors should always listen to calls and identify obstacles and reasons for dissatisfaction among clients.

Queue management system

Queue management system

One of the biggest issues in Contact Centers is the traffic and especially during sudden call peaks. Maintaining steady traffic is much easier if you have a Queue Management System within your software solutions. This feature allows you to prioritize calls so they are processed smoothly and efficiently. It is a very important option to maintain the morale of your agents during high-volume phone calls.

With the pandemic and the rise of the remote work model, Queue Management Solution is very interesting for contact centers. In the sense that there are no more superfluous queues because it makes it easier to quickly answer customers and connect them to qualified agents in a very brief time.

Even more, you can include automatic callbacks to a client who hangs up before the end of the queue. This way, you won’t lose his interest, you won’t miss any business opportunities and you won’t hurt your KPIs.

Interactive Voice Response

Another key feature in contact center software, IVR is an option that helps you improve the quality and efficiency of your support. By processing and qualifying calls in advance so that they can be directed to the right platform or agents.

Therefore your client will be able to obtain answers to their requests by themselves without needing to talk to agents. This is done through voice commands that can be executed when the caller presses a well-defined number on his telephone keypad.

IVR is to be recommended when your customer service department has to manage large volumes of incoming calls. It helps to stabilize your metrics while optimizing the customer experience.

Integration is the key feature in a contact center software

This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing Cloud Contact Center Solutions. Integrate phoning with business tools, especially CRM. In the case of contact centers, integration with support management software offers several possibilities. It doesn’t matter what type of CRM you use for your technology and for the management of your campaigns and customer relationship. All of them are affected by the integration. And the more technology integrated into the system, the better.

Why is integration so important?

One of the main benefits of a cloud contact center solution is to provide greater flexibility. Contacts are processed quickly and the business data is accessible at any time. On the other hand, the solution is not designed as a standalone product. That’s why there is a lot of potential in integrating other systems.

Improved product features

Another feature that is important for the success of a cloud contact center solution is the accessibility of the end-users. If they have the right training, they can rely on virtual assistance to answer the queries more quickly. When working together with other systems, such as the communication platforms, customer relationship management, and the project management tool, the productivity of your teams can improve drastically.

Effective use of systems

When one system plays a significant role in the functionality of the other, the interactions and the data are optimized. It means that the usability of the tools is improved. In the case of a cloud contact center solution, the issues identified are solved at the right time. If there are problems that can’t be solved easily, a team of developers can focus on solving them, according to the customers’ requirements.

Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Solutions

In the end, the key advantages of choosing a cloud contact center solution are the huge possibilities of integration. In the case of choosing a company-level solution, the advantages are obvious. An effective call management system integrated into a customer relationship management tool makes a huge difference to the customer’s experience.

NobelBiz Omni+ offers native integrations with the most popular tools on the market. Not to mention seamless navigation across multiple communication channels. Our software can integrate with all technologies to impact inbound and outbound productivity with advanced reporting features and detailed dashboards. We deliver a true omnichannel software built to work completely remote in a seamless, customer-driven platform.

Abdelmounim Benharouga has always had a strong passion for writing and digital marketing.  He started as a Digital Content Writer part of marketing department then moved to being Customer Success Manager for the African Region within the Nobelbiz team.

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