What Are The Benefits of Choosing Cloud Contact Center Solutions?

Contact center workers in the cloud

We used to think of call centers as workplaces gathering all agents in one place. They were considered the most logical model in the business aspect and especially from a technical point of view. Today, not only is this centralization no longer necessary but also the implementation of cloud contact center solutions is becoming more prevalent and accessible to all call centers wishing to develop remote work.

Hence the question, what are the advantages of Cloud Contact Center Solutions?


Cloud Contact Center Solutions Takes Your Performance To The Next Level

From your customers’ point of view, creating a virtual call center allows you to organize a virtually centralized organization. But also one that relies on geographically dispersed agents. In other words, it is possible to optimize your capacity to process requests and improve the quality of your services, independently of physical constraints and in a totally transparent way for your clients. This is the main key point difference between Omnichannel contact centers and multichannel contact centers.


Better Management of Peak Activity

No matter what dialing system you use, all call centers are confronted with call peaks that turn team sizing into a real headache for supervisors.

With cloud contact center solutions, you get true intelligent call management software. In other words, all call flows are centralized, but the load is automatically distributed among your different parties based on the agents available at any given time. This way, you avoid oversizing the teams at each site while minimizing the waiting time for your customers.


Enhancing Your Agents Skills

Imagine being able to organize your agents by skills and without having to worry about the physical position of each of them. This is a huge advantage of contact center virtualization. This way, you can offer a high level of service and customer experience to your customers by:

• Setting up teams with different expertise by brand, service categories, types of requests, type of campaign (customer service, retention, collection, etc.).

• Intelligent call management via IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Once the call is received it is automatically directed to the available agent best able to take care of the customer.

• Easily evolve your organization without having to recruit experts, move senior agents or worry about training logistics.


Ensuring the prosperity of your business

Your contact center must be able to function under all circumstances. Even if your agents are physically unable to get to the office. There was a time when, in order to prepare for the worst eventualities such as fire, flooding or other events, call centers had to plan secondary sites, equip them from top to bottom, and regularly test their operability.

Today, you can move your entire staff and infrastructure to telecommute in no time at all. Without compromising the organization of your teams or your routing plans. Cloud Contact Center Solutions allow you to operate regardless of geographic and infrastructure constraints. What’s more, call center virtualization allows you to:

  • Reduce your bill with a rationalization of costs and tools

Cloud-based call center software allows you to free yourself from the constraints of an on-premise solution. By eliminating your dependency on physical hardware you can reduce your costs.

  • Simplified maintenance and accessibility to information

Thanks to the flexibility of cloud solutions, everyone can work wherever they are. Agents and supervisors access the same information, wherever they are, from any type of device and operating system.

  • Scalability produced according to needs

With scalable cloud software, you can evolve your tools according to your needs, resources, and campaigns.

This is possible through :

  • Native integration with business tools, such as CRMs
  • The addition of functionalities in a few clicks
  • Customized agent, supervisor, and report interfaces
  • Simplified supervision and information sharing
  • Video assistance with webRTC options

Remote call center agentsConclusion: Be operational even from home

We used to think of call centers as huge office platforms with agents equipped with headsets, a microphone, and less than a meter apart. But everything has changed since the pandemic and the rise of digital technologies. Today, all you need is a good internet connection and powerful cloud-based call center software like NobelBiz OMNI+ contact center technology.

This is a powerful, high-performing software specifically designed for remote work, easy to integrate, and simple to deploy.

Abdelmounim Benharouga has always had a strong passion for writing and digital marketing.  He started as a Digital Content Writer part of marketing department then moved to being Customer Success Manager for the African Region within the Nobelbiz team.

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