NobelBiz Releases New E-book On-Premise vs. Cloud Contact Center Solution

eBook on-premise vs cloud contact center

As software is increasingly handled remotely for a number of reasons, including financial, human, and time restrictions, businesses must examine a wide range of considerations when determining if staying with on-premise or choosing cloud architecture is the best option. In that regard, NobelBiz just launched its second e-book on the topic of On-premise vs. Cloud Contact Center Solution. And it answers a pivotal question, how do you select the best technology for your company?

The challenges of On-premise vs. Cloud

Other company structures, on the other hand, will not go all-in on the cloud and will instead rely on traditional on-premise apps and software to conduct their operations. To begin, it is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each technology in order to select the best technological solution for your business.

Choosing between on-premise and cloud technologies is a complicated process with numerous considerations. To begin, it is critical to accurately analyze company needs in order to tip the scales toward one solution or another. Once an agreement has been reached, a trustworthy technology provider must be selected, which can be challenging due to the large number of providers offering varying degrees of service.

The cloud is proving to be highly attractive for organizations wanting to accelerate their digital transformation, as its attraction and promise give unprecedented freedom to business professionals, from saving time and money to boosting agility and scalability. Whether a business decides to host its apps in the cloud or on-premises, data security must be prioritized. Knowing that your data is stored on your own servers and infrastructure might provide you with additional peace of mind, as On-premise offers its own set of benefits.

Both approaches offer advantages and may be tailored to different circumstances, whether it’s a company with great growth potential that requires little capital and maximum flexibility, or a well-established corporation with large investment resources and support teams in place. To get the greatest performance and cost, infrastructure must also be properly selected.

The best option for a company is totally dependent on its needs and what it is searching for in a solution. While the Cloud architecture has been widely adopted in recent years due to its ease of use and flexibility, On-premise is still not overlooked, especially for huge corporations that want to collaborate over an internal network.

And while they are fundamentally distinct, on-premise and cloud technologies share many commonalities. Making a choice on appropriateness for your company is a difficult one, and before making a decision, read our e-book to learn about:

  • The advantages and downsides of on-premise and cloud,
  • Cloud solution types,
  • Migration methods, and 5 things to think about before moving
  • Why Cloud technology is the way of the future?
  • Cloud migration strategies.

NobelBiz Omni+: The all-in-one solution for contact centers

NobelBiz has over 20 years of expertise in providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for contact centers all around the world. Our services and technological solutions are designed to satisfy the demands of all sorts of contact centers, regardless of size, industry, or activity, whether inbound, outbound, or mixed.

NobelBiz OMNI+ is a cloud contact center solution that is highly customizable and scalable. Our development and engineering teams are ready to construct the next integration depending on your unique needs, in addition to our outstanding list of integrations. Our technology blends perfectly: Phone calls, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email, and Webchat, while also providing:

  • CRM and API integrations: a high degree of customization and scalability. We have an extensive list of CRM and API integrations in our arsenal with support from our development and engineering teams.
  • Rapid migration: quick implementation. Data transition, actual installation, linkage, and integrations take 74 hours.
  • Precise metrics: Harness the power of data with NobelBiz OMNI+ through a powerful custom reporting engine.
  • Fair Workload Monitoring System: Enable managers and owners to implement a truly fair and equitable performance incentive system.
  • Omni-channel campaign setup: Creating and coordinating all these campaigns from a single dashboard is a whole new thing.
  • Agent experience: The interface is one of the most user-friendly in the market, seamlessly combining the simplicity of calls and operating interactions with the clear and accurate customer data feed.

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