Make a Phone Call From Any Webpage With Click2Call by Nobelbiz!

Efficiency is one of the most important KPIs in any business, and contact centers are no exception! Being efficient usually means being capable of producing desired results with little or no waste of resources (such as time or materials).

Time efficiency in contact centers is crucial, especially when your business consists of outbound calling. Unfortunately, agents having vast lists of phone numbers they need to dial is still a reality of our days.

Here is where Click2Call by NobelBiz comes into play!

We developed a tool that works with our technology and helps contact center agents make phone calls quickly, directly from any webpage they’re on at a specific moment:

With Click2Call, your call is one click away from any webpage or CRM system!

Click2Call is a browser extension that scans any text phone number on a webpage and turns it into a callable number. No more copy-paste and switching between multiple browsers and tabs! Improve your agents’ time management and enhance your productivity with Click2Call by NobelBiz!

This browser extension works only for Contact Centers using NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center Software, OMNI+, and it’s available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

How to use Click2Call by NobelBiz:

To use Click2Call is as simple as following these three steps:

  1. Install the extension. You can find it on the Google store.
  2. Enter your token and username.
  3. Start clicking (and calling).

For more details, questions, and support on how to use Click2Call with Omni+, reach out to our experts using this form.

NobelBiz provides technology for performance-oriented Contact Centers

Having the right contact center technology is the first step in your journey to performance, and NobelBiz is your trustful business companion in this journey.

NobelBiz OMNI+ is a complete cloud contact center software equipped with a complex toolbox of features, functions, and integrations carefully designed to manage the operations of any contact center.

NobelBiz Omni+ comes with vital benefits for everybody in your business:

  • Agents: will benefit from a simplified workflow, a user-friendly interface, and overall work satisfaction.
  • Supervisors: will be empowered with tools that leverage team performance and efficiency.
  • Customers: will have a seamless experience no matter the channel they use at a specific moment in their customer journey.
  • Business owners: can make data-based decisions, having an accurate image of the overall business performance.

Check out this page to learn more about OMNI+ features, benefits, and use cases.

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