The Power of Local Caller ID Solutions for Contact Centers

Local Caller ID Solutions

Many elements contribute to the establishment of trust between your contact center and a client, including phone reception, treatment efficiency, speed, and correctness of replies. However, the fact that the number is familiar and immediately identifiable contributes significantly to that confidence.

Because of the link with a physical place, a phone number evokes not only confidence, but also a variety of value judgments in the mind of your customers.

However, our phones are no longer actually connected with permanent places, and a phone number only showcases anything about its origin at the country level. It’s considerably easier to take a geographic landline with you when you move, or to get a VoIP number for any place you choose.

So, why is a virtual local presence still so crucial? This article examines what this implies for virtual phone numbers in particular, as well as how you can utilize your virtual local phone presence to reassure and strengthen connections with your consumers and prospects.

Understanding Local Virtual Numbers

Local IDLocal Virtual Numbers does not entail misrepresenting or spoofing phone numbers, which is a risky road to follow. Rather, it is about providing call recipients with the assurance of a regional phone prefix that they know at a glance and that does not appear to be coming from halfway across the country or state. Think of it like opening a virtual branch in a new location.

Even if a brand is already well-known to the client, your physical presence in their neighborhood demonstrates a level of dedication and interest in their community, which instantly helps overcome the concept of distance. This is why real estate companies, for example, go to the effort of creating branches in every location where they wish to operate. Most individuals would be prepared to drive a little further to purchase such a valuable and unique property, but the actual presence of the real estate firm in the heart of the community it serves is more comforting.

When making sales and outbound calls from one region to another, virtual numbers creates a sense of connection and proximity that is important.

Internet users, consumers are roughly four times more likely to answer a call from a local number than from a foreign or toll-free number.

During a prospecting campaign, toll-free numbers are the least likely to be answered, that is, when they do not identify the incoming number. There is no simpler way to communicate that you are an unsolicited business with whom the receiver does not already have a connection, and that you are calling with an attempt to sell them something.

No one, understandably, wants that! Your sales force may take satisfaction in convincing customers to buy products or service they didn’t know they wanted, but it can only do so if the phone is answered in the first place. Unanswered calls not only have no economic value, but they also disrupt the agent’s workflow and productivity, which has a long-term influence on their prospecting outcomes and efficacy.

As a result, having virtual numbers opens up the top of your sales funnel and allows more calls to be handled with your telephony solution. This implies that, even with the assistance of autodialers, your salesmen spend more time on the phone than on wait, and they also sense a warmer welcome from the first few words.

Every lead has a cost if you are in a outbound. You can’t afford to “hope and pray,” and you only have one chance to create a positive first impression on a potential customer. It’s critical to begin with as much openness and intimacy as possible.

A call from another state in the United States yields different results than a call from the nation of origin. Prospective calls from out of state were far more likely to be answered than those from a foreign number, even if they were not as well received as calls from a local number. A recognized Texas or other large urban center number may have advantages over a neutral random code or another area code.

Is it deceptive to clients?

SpoofingWhen you use a virtual local number to make a potential call, you’re obviously not in the same city as the person whose phone is ringing.

It’s critical to remember that this is self-described conduct, not objectively observed behavior. Obviously, many individuals will terminate a sales call abruptly once they recognize it as such, but a great sales professional will position themselves with quickness and dignity, so that no one has to face the cognitive dissonance of hanging up on someone who is still talking. In any case, a lot depends on the general eligibility rate of your sales process and your expectations for success, so giving up additional possibilities to find out is definitely more beneficial than never getting your foot in the door in the first place. And while many individuals like talking about how they manage unwelcome calls, in reality, they may be less confident.

Again, the acceptability of local presence is likely connected to the growing separation between location and information/service – this would have necessitated spoofing software (hiding your identity), which was previously unaccepted but is now included as part of business telephony.

Remember that obtaining an answer to that call is simply the first step in developing a long-term connection with the client based on trust and satisfying their expectations; yet, you will never have a chance to create anything if they are unwilling to answer your call in the first place.

The significance of Local Caller ID Solution for Contact Centers

Local Caller ID Solution is a valuable tool for managing your contact center calls. You may use it to determine the origin of a phone call, allowing us to anticipate and respond appropriately.

The identification enables you to track down the caller’s phone number and collect information that may be relevant to the caller. This information can range from identifying the phone number that phoned you to knowing the keys they pressed in the settings menu, for example.

If your company receives a high volume of calls, the caller ID solution might be quite useful. As the higher the call volume, the more vital it is to save time and enhance call reception.

The major benefit is that it provides you is the ability to anticipate so that you don’t spend time sending calls. You will be able to make more efficient call distributions if you have information about each incoming call. And you won’t have to answer the phone before you know what to do.

  • Caller identification : This is the fundamental functionality of the identification, it helps you identify the name of the person
  • Identification of the call’s geographical origin: Local Caller ID solution can identify the country or state or region from which the call is coming. This will assist you in determining the proper routing to respond to the call in first. With this information, the call will be immediately routed to an agent who can answer it in the appropriate manner.
  • Creating a mask number: This function is quite beneficial if you do not want our agents to see the number that contacts the firm. It entails allocating the same phone number to all incoming calls. In this manner, the agents will always be aware of the call, but will not be aware of the exact number that dialed it.
  • Keeping track of caller information : You may use your Local Caller ID to keep track of all calls received during a certain time.

If you have a menu of possibilities, the Local Caller ID solution will tell you the numbers the caller selected. This way, you will know whether the caller is a client or not, what they’re looking for, and which agent they should talk with. With all of this information, you will be able to see a history of calls received as well as an overview when reading reports and statistics.

LocalTouch’s Local Caller ID Management Solution

The major goal of LocalTouch® from NobelBiz, local Caller ID management system, is to connect contact center personnel with customers. When fewer tries are required to create voice connections, the consumer experience improves, agent productivity rises, and all of your KPIs rise as well.

The NobelBiz team, who are passionate about everything that makes a contact center tick, created one of the most advanced and powerful local Caller ID systems on the market.

Productivity tools for your contact center

We call it LocalTouch, and it includes all of the built-in capabilities you might want to increase productivity and ensure consistent KPI growth for every outbound campaign across the country.

The figures are remarkable, to say the least, based on comments from our clients who chose the LocalTouch solution. On average, we noticed a significant rise in two of the most critical KPIs in the business: up to a 30% increase in Contact Rate and a startling 400% increase in Callback Rate.

However, this is not the end of the story. LocalTouch also includes:

  • Simplified Campaign administration.
  • Completely TCPA compliant
  • Specified numbers and buckets
  • Geo-numbering is assigned automatically.
  • Routing of local phone numbers
  • Bucket rotation on autopilot
  • Completely legal

NobelBiz LocalTouch complies with the “Truth in Caller ID Act” by displaying local Caller ID numbers. But it also includes features such as:

  • Dedicated Number “buckets” and Auto-Number Rotation: You may obtain local “buckets” of numbers based on the geographical regions you choose to target. A bucket is a collection of numbers from the same geographical location.
  • Campaign Management is made easier: For outbound calls, this simplifies the administration and presentation of local caller-ID.
  • Fully Compliant: Localtouch adheres to the following guidelines: LocalTouch, our sophisticated Local Caller ID technology, is completely compliant with the “Truth in Caller ID Act.”
  • Dedicated Numbers: Convenient and dedicated “buckets” of numbers representing the majority of geographical calling destinations.
  • Geo-Number Assignment: Based on the calling destination, the geographically nearest number is assigned as the caller-ID.
  • Local Number Routing: Callbacks to a LocalTouch number are routed based on the needs of the consumer.
  • Auto-Bucket Rotation: To ensure productivity, several buckets can use the auto-rotation service.
  • The calling destination analysis selects the number that is geographically nearest to the receiving device and will be shown as caller ID on the receiving device. This substantially simplifies the management of outbound campaigns.
  • A callback to a LocalTouch number will be routed automatically based on the customer’s requirements and TCPA compliance criteria.

NobelBiz LocalTouch has designated “buckets” of local numbers that reflect the majority of calling destinations. If you wish to contact someone in an area where you don’t have local numbers, the system will utilize the closest Caller IDs from your buckets.

LocalTouch connects people in order to exchange essential information or achieve specific goals. Companies interact with customers more effectively while making fewer tries. Consumers receive fewer phone calls because they answer the phone or call back. As demands are satisfied, customer satisfaction rises. Agent morale improves as a result of increased conversation time and achievement of goals.

Here’s how it works:


NobelBiz assists contact centers in optimizing their operations in order to increase contact rates and profitability. We offer world-class voice carrier services via a network developed particularly for the needs of a contact center. We combine voice with a cloud contact center to improve incoming and outbound efficiency and compliance solutions, which include comprehensive reporting tools. We deliver business intelligence via a proprietary platform, which assists in making educated decisions.

The NobelBiz cloud call center solution is a software package developed to supplement our carrier solution and push it to new levels of performance. NobelBiz OMNI+ offers a unique combination of features, ranging from Omnichannel, Impressive API connections, and quick deployment to simple cross-channel campaign creation and remote work. NobelBiz OMNI+ is a genuine customized productivity powerhouse that can be installed in less than 74 hours.

NobelBiz is the promise keeper in contact center solutions in both telephony solutions and software-based. We offer a high-quality carrier-of-carriers network that connects the whole planet. Aside from that, our effective omnichannel contact center software expands on our already broad array of services, ensuring that our clients receive a full contact center solution tailored to their specific requirements.

Abdelmounim Benharouga has always had a strong passion for writing and digital marketing.  He started as a Digital Content Writer part of marketing department then moved to being Customer Success Manager for the African Region within the Nobelbiz team.

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