Call Queue

Waiting in line to connect with an agent is probably one of the most frustrating things a caller can experience. Fortunately, with the Call Queue Management tool, contact centers can now greatly improve this experience.

One tool to customize and significantly improve the waiting experience of your clients.

Waiting in a queue doesn’t have to be painful. Give your callers the option to retain their initial position, implement Returning Caller rules, set priorities based on profiles, and more.

"If you'd like us to call you back and keep your position in the queue, press 1..." 

NobelBiz OMNI+ allows clients to opt out and keep their initial queue priority by integrating a highly customizable IVR system with our advanced Call Queue Management system.

NobelBiz has the technology not only for today but for the next couple of years…
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communications

Returning Caller Bypass Rule

Lower the number of escalating calls with the NobelBiz OMNI+ Call Queue Management tool. Get your returning callers at the front of the queue with a straightforward rule. If one number calls in more than, let’s say, three times in a day, bypass that call and get it in front of the queue.

Profile-Based Queue Priority

NobelBiz OMNI+ makes it easy for contact centers to automatically give inbound queue priority to specific client profiles. So get the people who matter the most at the front of the queue based on their phone number or other unique identifiers you store in your CRM.

Other NobelBiz OMNI+ Inbound Voice Features & Capabilities

Text to Speech (TTS)
Text-to-Speech technology has so many use cases in the contact center space that we decided to integrate it within our contact center software solution out of the box.
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
You can connect every call to your most qualified agents using customizable filters and skill-based routing technology—a simple tool to maximize the quality of your customer experience out of the box.
Dynamic Routing
Imagine having an IVR’s capabilities transferred to virtually every single inbound channel, from email, SMS, or social media texting applications.

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